The new product is already available for pre order and the actual sales will begin. This fall. The device is equipped with an amoled display with touch support. The screen has a brightness of 450 candelas per meter square. The equipment includes a gps satellite navigation system receiver. The gadget is able to track a large number of indicators, in particular blur oxygen levels and heart rate are monitored. Data on the quality and duration of sleep also can be collected. Silver strips in the sides of the body serve as sensors for taking electrocardiogram ecg and assessing skin electrical activity. The second indicator allows you to measure the level of stress. Of course, such values as the number of steps taken and calories burned are also counted. There are two dozen training boards available due to its sealed design. The device can be used for diving underwater up to a depth of 50 meters. Music redefine your routine daily readiness is a personalized score included with a six month premium subscription which can help you improve your routine daily readiness analysis. Your exercises, sleep and heart rate variability data to determine whether youre ready for a workout or should focus on recovery, find your calm with a daily stress management score and an on risk. Eda scan app. You can learn how your body reacts to stress and evaluate your bodies in the movement, physical response. With the six month premium subscription. You will also get extended mindfulness tools and a thorough assessment of your stress management score focus on your heart health with a compatible ecg app.

You can keep an eye on the muscle that moves you by assessing your heart for atrial, fibrillation and irregular heart rhythm, as well as receiving heart rate notifications that tell you, when youre, above or below your threshold track trends in your wellness with health measures like spo2. The level of oxygen in your blood, heart rate, variability breathing rate and more, you can see significant changes in your wellness with a six month premium subscription. You will also get to your specific range and trends for each measure for the previous month find the freedom to row with real time pace. Distance driven by built in gps, go phone free on outdoor, runs hikes and rides in the fitbit app create a workout intensity map to view your pace and heart rate zones throughout your path and width of 6 month premium subscription. You can boost the ante on your runs or walks with guided audio workouts level up your health and fitness with the six month premium subscription turn your insights into actions and find inspiration with the new exercises. Mindfulness sessions, fun challenges and, more also for a more full picture of your well being acquire health insights relevant to your body and mind. Lets look at some of the detailed features of fitbit charge. 5 health fitbit ecg app keep track of your hard health with a compatible ecg app that checks for atrial fibrillation a type of abnormal heartbeat and sends the data to your doctor.

Eda scan app to detect electrodermal activity, tiny variations in your skins, sweat level that may reflect your bodys response to stress, use the on rest, eda scan app stress management score, get a daily score. That shows how your body reacts to stress. You can see how exercising practicizing mindfulness and getting enough sleep might help you control your stress levels. Reflections easily track your mood from very stressed to very calm in the ab and see how it evolves over time. Oxygen saturation, spo2 monitoring, track your spo to the amount of oxygen in your blood to see if there are any signs of significant changes in your overall health heart rate, variability based on your past months patterns and the fluctuation of time between each heartbeat, known as heart Rate variability determine if your body is showing probable indicators of stress illness or exhaustion breathing rate with a look at your breathing rate trends over the last month, get to know your average breaths per minute and discover if there are any abrupt rises. That could signal a shift in your well being skin temperature tracking keep track of your skin temperature at night. So you can be aware of any changes in your body, such as fever or ovulation, sleep score and sleep stages with a daily sleep, score and graphs of your time. In light deep and red sleep, you can have a better knowledge of your sleep quality, menstrual cycle tracking, with the fitbit app to track your periods, symptoms and patterns in your cycle to get a deeper understanding of your body, health and wellness reminders activate optional, customized reminders For important sure that can be difficult to remember, such as staying hydrated sticking to a sleep schedule and finding time to exercise, among other things, fitness daily readiness score with a daily readiness score.

That reveals whether youre ready to work out or should focus on recovery. You can do whats best for your body. Active zone minutes obtain the desired outcomes from each workout. Your heart rate is used to lead you to the ideal intensity level in active zone minutes 24, 7 heart rate tracking, with pure pulse, with pure pulse, continuous heart rate tracking. You can track calorie burn and optimize exercises then see your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness levels in the fitbit app built in gps during outdoor activity, observe your real time pace and distance without utilizing your phones built in gps. Then look at a map of your workout path on the fitbit app smart track. Have you forgotten to begin tracking its no problem? Smart track recognizes and tracks, elliptical run swim and other workouts automatically workout intensity map check your workout intensity map in the fitbit app after an outdoor workout with gps to see your pace and heart rate zones along your trip, 20 exercise modes set personal objectives for runs Rides and other activities and then get real time metrics to help you stay on track or stay in your target heart rate zone all day, activity, tracking steps, distance and active zone are all things to keep track of minutes and calories. Burned are used to highlight how each aspect of your day contributes to your overall goals. Cardio fitness level learn about your vo2 max, which is a measurement of how well your body uses oxygen when you are working hard and track your progress over time, swim.

Proof, fitbit, charge 5. Has a 50 meter water resistance rating, so you may wear it in the swimming pool in the rain at the beach and anywhere else. Smart notifications receive notifications for phone calls, text, calendar events and smartphone apps like gmail, whatsapp and facebook, as well as make rapid replies. All from the palm of your hand, only android users will receive prompt responses. Google fast pair android users can use google fast pair to speed up the setup process and get started on their goals, sleep mode, to silence, smartphone notifications and prevent your screen from going on. At night use sleep mode, set a timer on your wrist to automatically activate sleep mode, smart wake, the smart wake alarm goes off during your ideal period of sleep, less than 30 minutes before its scheduled time. Leaving you feeling refreshed, do not disturb mode. Do not disturb mode mutes call text, calendar and app notifications during the day up to seven day battery life with a lengthy battery life, you can track your movements for up to seven days without having to stop for a charge. Fitbit pay fitbit charge 5 can be used to make contactless payments on the go, such as coffee shops, grocery stores and for transport. There is no need to bring your phone or your wallet design and more bring your stats to life with new color touchscreen thats two times brighter in daytime than the charge 4 along with corning gorilla, glass, 3 protection, always on display mode.

When you turn on the always on display mode, you can see real time exercise numbers and check the time with just a glance. Even in the middle of a plank infinity bands, infinity bands are lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for workouts and all day wear its also easier than ever. To switch. Looks thanks to a quick release mechanism accessories with accessories that include a revolutionary quick release mechanism. You can easily change up your style.