. This is the latest update to their advanced tracker line and it will replace the now discontinued fitbit charge 4., just like the charge 4. The new charge 5 is swim proof and has 24 7 heart rate tracking best in class sleep tracking, built in gps, blood, oxygen, saturation monitoring, contactless payments with fitbit pay and, more all, with the same battery life of up to seven days. Depending on your personal usage. Two major features that still differentiate the charge 5 from fitbits line of smart watches are that the charge 5 cannot store any music and it does not have any voice assistant capabilities with that said here are 10 new things to know about the fitbit charge. 5. number. One color display fitbit charge 5 is the first of the charge series of trackers to have a color display. This has certainly been a long overdue design feature and finally gives the charge series a more modern look, its an amoled display. That is said to be two times brighter than the fitbit charge 4s display. So it should be easier to see outdoors in bright, sunlight number, two always on display fitbit charge. 5 is fibbits. First, fitness tracker to have an always on display option. Finally, considering there are only 20 clock faces to choose from, however, it is not yet known what the display will look like in the always on state or how customizable it will be, but do know that it will decrease the stated battery life number three size and Materials fitbit charge 5 is similar in size to the charge 4, with the major change being that it is 10 percent thinner.

It may be slightly heavier, however, because the charge 5 tracker housing is made with a combination of aluminum and stainless steel materials. The noticeable stainless steel panels on either side of the display enable the next two features. Number four eda scan app like fitbit sense charge 5 will have an eda scan app that can measure your bodys response to stress through tiny changes in the sweat glands on your fingers. This is not a background measurement, but instead requires you to open the app and place and hold your thumb and finger on either side of the display to start a measurement session. Number five ecg app, also like fitbit sense, fitbit charge 5 will have an ecg app that can be used on demand to analyze your heartbeat and let you know if you show signs of afib. Unfortunately, this feature is listed as coming soon, which means it wont be available when the charge 5 is initially released to the public. Also note that the ecg app is not intended for use by people under 22 years old and it is not available in all countries, see fitbit.com ecg for more information and a list of available countries. Number: six high and low heart rate notifications like fitbit sense and versa, 3 charge 5, will be the first of fitbits fitness trackers to be able to send you a notification on your device if it detects your heart rate to be outside of your customizable thresholds.

When you appear to be inactive number, seven daily readiness score along with the charge 5 fitbit announced a new daily readiness score feature using data from your recent activity, sleep and heart rate variability. This score aims to help. You decide each day whether to work out or to prioritize recovery, note that this feature is noted as coming soon, so it may not initially be available when charge 5 is released to the public. Also, this feature is not exclusive to the charge 5.. It will also be available to sense versa, 3, versa, 2, lux and inspire 2 users. However, the daily readiness score does require a fitbit premium subscription, but you do get six months of fitbit premium for free for both new and returning fitbit premium users. If you purchase the charge five, so you can at least try it out and see if you think the feature is worth it number, eight, no altimeter! This one is surprising, because fitbit charge 5 will be the first of the charge series of trackers to not have an altimeter. This means you wont, be able to track your daily floors. Climbed number 9 accessory bands fitbit charge 5 – has some accessory bands to choose from? Should you want to upgrade from the silicon infinity band that it comes with? Unfortunately, the charge 5 bands are not compatible with the charge 3 and charge 4 bands, and there are no metal band options to currently choose from.

There are currently 5 perforated sport band options. 2 nylon hook and loop band options and two leather band options: number 10 colors pricing and release date, fitbit charge 5 has three colors to choose from. First is a graphite case with a black silicon band. Second is a soft gold case with a lunar white silicon band and third is a platinum case with a steel blue silicon band. The fitbit charge 5 is priced at 179.95 in the united states and is estimated to ship in late september. If youre still interested, you can pre order the fitbit charge 5 now, and if you found my video helpful, you could use one of the links in the description below as a way to show your appreciation, as using my link below, will provide me with a small Affiliate commission at no extra cost to you ive already pre ordered my fitbit charge 5 and as soon as its delivered ill, be posting videos of my unboxing setup and review as well as tutorials to help you use all of the fitbit charge. 5 features. So if you want to see more charge, 5 videos be sure to subscribe for free. So you dont miss out thanks.