Presumably the GTA trilogy remake is also the most anticipated remake for many GTA players. According to a large number of foreign media, the latest news he is finally coming. The GTA trilogy reset will be officially launched in October and November this year. What is the possibility of that? No nonsense., In fact, the new compass News of a remake of the GTA trilogy has been circulating since the beginning of 2021, and I talked about it. Finally, to wait for a lonely and let it go, But recently the foreign press has reignited the enthusiasm for a remake of the GTA trilogy. All of a sudden, the top gaming press is reporting that the gTA trilogy reboot is in the final stages of development and will be released. This fall. They claim to have heard from kotuka sources that R Star may be reworking all three OF the PS II GTAS. Over the past year. There has been more and more news about the so called GTA trilogy, reboot. K, otuka confirmed with three reliable sources that the gTA trilogy reboot is currently in the final stages of development. These sources have kotukas track record of delivering reliable information weeks or even months in advance, and the top up version is unreal Engine Its going to be a mixture of old and new graphics. Because sources who claim to have seen the games – graphics say it reminds them of a heavily modified version of the classic JK and the user interface is being updated, But in the same classic style they didnt share any gameplay details.

However, Kotuka has been told that these games have been remade in an attempt to achieve as much as possible. The cult of the PS II era Sources confirmed that, while the new latest work, less r star Dundee will be responsible for developing a reset version of the game. Another source explained The studio is not only actively involved in resetting teau to help develop an enhanced version that will be released on November 11, this year, consiste nt with the message Kotuka heard last year. At that time, new Dundee had just bought R Star Before it became The new Dundee. The studio was called Rfing GMS and was involved in the development of War ii and III and helped to develop the Halo Chiefs collection Plans to reset the ladder have changed. A lot in the last year, because of the outbreak And before the official announcement, Their plans are still likely to be modified.. Initially, these resets of games seem to be packaged together for players who have purchased the upcoming Collectives Expansion to enhance and collectives Online standalone. So a new kind of reward or thank you gift, and then the plan changed and the remastered version of the GTA trilogy was scheduled to come out earlier this year and the plan changed again Now. The gTA trilogy reboot is scheduled for late October or early November. Suitable for ps, 4 ps, five xbox, one xbox series x, five generations and mobile phones. However, the new company is more focused on developing n ew themed platforms, so CPC and mobile seem likely to be delayed until next year.

The gt3Gtvcgtass three games will be bundled and sold digitally only For those who are looking forward to the new reversion sources say. The new game also plans to reconfigure other games, such as wilderness for old food, But the future of remade games depends on how well the GTA trilogy remakes sell. For now. However, R Star is focused on bringing the GTA trilogy reboot, along with the GT 5 expansion and enhancement R Star Dundee is leading. The opening And many other studios around the world are also working on both projects According to one source. The fact that everyone is moving to support the resetting of these games is one of the reasons why the wilderness represents fewer and fewer ports to update. Finally, he emphasized that aijian and gamespots games. Industry press had covered the story and were confident Consider the large number of top tier gaming media sent to you at the same time and be so sure th at this is probably an official marketing ploy. Of course, 13 consecutive periods without resets are not just about these stories, but also about 2016. The PS II era of GTA has always been a classic and a series of gTA generations that have been thoroughly acclaimed around the world, so resetting childhood is something that many gTA veterans look forward to The CEO who signed on at an investor conference. The new company launched in 2016 responded to the reset of the PS 2 patch. Their first consideration is whether the customer is satisfied or whether they want to reset and the overall IP, including the companys revenue, will be well represented.

This is where the reset story of the GTA trilogy officially begins. First of all, stories have protagonists. This is the latest acquisition of r star Dundee, formerly known as roughingjames. What are they? The main work of the GTA series that e star North must have heard of His original name was Dmadesign. After developing GTA1 2, it was eventually acqui red by Cheksu and renamed R Star. In the north was Arr Fing GS, a studio formed by former dmadesign members. Although the separation of the family but has always helped R star development game works, have a myriad of ties. Ruffian Gams has worked on Microsofts Exterminator series and the Halo Mastermind collection. Their main job in the latter was porting and resetting and the engine they were good. At was the unreal engine From the beginning of the female three is all unreal. Four engine development official time on the harmony, menu, UI and player customization is also Unreal. Four And one of their hidden skills is familiarity with Wills motion sensing game development Until September 2019. When they started Posting job openings and one of them was an engineer at Youai, A UI engineer with experience, developing multiplayer action games for PCX Box, One PS and future platforms is needed Responsible for creating new front end UI gameplay and resetting classic traditional UI systems across Multi ple platforms to effectively design and implement new UI features And to maintain and expand the original love system, and this is the first time that the resetting theory has been introduced, Its not clear whether its the Yoshida V expansion and enhancement or the Yoshida 13 remake Rfinggames The official announcement came about a month after the talk of this generation of platforms and multiplayer action games.

They had to recruit new staff to work on an unspecified project for their new project, and it was a month before the wild 92 was to land on the PC. Still remember. Last month introduced son, star power capital studio. One of their main jobs in recent years has been transplantation, Including the 92PC version of the migration of The White Dove and The Wild two star acquisition studios generally see the potential of smaller studios through projects and make acquisitions. For example, the new one was a joint project in which Max was used for mobile and demonstrated their expertise in port. A nd console game development before being acquired by Two Star, Then RoughingMs was acquired for a simple reason. The son Star saw their outstanding heritage and resetting ability, so their joint project must be resetting works. Welcome to the old 12PC version of the cap means that the new funding will be free to help develop the next remastered game and Im not saying this for nothing. In January 2021, a beautiful senior designer in the shade wrote on her resume that she was working on undisclosed projects, But now he keeps his page hidden from view and, on the other hand, inspires me to expand and enhance the full upgrade. Crivinggms just came in unfamiliar and self conscious with some engines and a very limited number of people with less than 40 people who simply couldnt afford to develop gay extensions and enhancements. So there seems to be only one thing: they can do Seven days 13 steps to resetting the edition and the former editor of The media cotachi who was involved in the revelation with Unreal Engine 4.

He also heard about developing a remastered VERSION of GT using Unreal Engine in 2019 And at the time, dove 92 was also planning to release a Switch version, presumably using streaming. It was also around this time in the second half of 2019 that the Australian governments, Department of Communications and Arts launched a new classification of a product called GDE III. I got back 28 ratings and you said it was just too bad By October 2020, when RefingGames was officially announced and the new acquisition was renamed New Dundee. The studio had only about 40 employees And new founder and former director Color Three says Rvinggams is a talented studio, looking forward to working together on future projects. Another turning point came in January 2021, when staff and sources at the worlds largest community collective forum, began to mention the re release of the 13 series, Because the forum manager threw up a picture of a physical shark card on his Twitter account, which is nothing but The numbers mean something: 2001200220042013B46 Ive explained this before The 2001 was the Gere III and the 2002 was the Gere VC and the 2004 was the Gere. Si 2013 corresponds to j post five sale and B. Four is actually Yin wing ratio complex, which is the previous meaning of the last six is J post six, The translation is three V C S and five will come out the day after six. So this refers to the reworks where the Extended and enhanced Version of The Jilin V has been confirmed to be released on November 11th of this year, so the others will come before that Another staff member Markoneboat also kept the news out.

He wrote in the current Jillian Do C iron that was soon followed by other violent people That he sent the wrong topic, but its obvious that he did it on purpose, because it would have been obvious at the right topic. Subsequently, the forum management added three tags to this post, three VC s and their meaning was officially accumulated and a reset version was comin g soon. He later said that the trailer was released less than 90 days ago and that he was looking forward to the new trailer. I wanted to see how it would perform on this engine and, of course, when I saw it, I thought it was a brand new Egyptian engine and I never thought about Unreal Engine. The result has not been revealed until now, So everyone agreed that it was a hoax. The latest release from Kectaku does mention that the seven day 13 door reset was originally scheduled to be released earlier today, but the plans have changed so it has been pushed back to October and November, And this reporter has been depressed for a while, after the slap In the face this year, tickto February earnings conference jack as CEO was once again warm today, 13, not to reset the version of the view. This time we got a different answer. The answer to the question is: What do you think of the new edition, because you havent played the previous game since its over 140 million copies today? This is a great and lonely qu estion, and he tends to treat it more as a statement than a question and the timing of their release shows that any updates come from the heart itself.

When asked what the role of the new Dundee would be. Ticktos CEO replied that there would be more announcements in due course, Theres, actually a sense here that the Checker Rabbit is in favor of the reset and theyre launching the Mafia Reset trilogy. Today, the day before the May earnings report, The next generation of Accumulation, Enhancements and Expansions has been announced for the PS 5 X Box, Three and XS on November 11, 2021. At the same time, in order to commemorate the 1320th anniversary of Jilin, there will be more surprises, including some chicken soup, which is very vague, but we know that there are surprises in the 1320th anniversary of Jilin If he changed it to say, the trilogy had a Surprise it was too obvious and then, in the next days financial report players noticed The company will release six resets this fiscal year until April 1 next year. According to the latest financial presentation on August, 2nd three of the two titles have been confirmed In the last few days. A separate version of the space Program has been cut down and the other three are unannounced games which has once again caught the attention of players. Oddly enough, he mistyped the word unannounced by one.. Well, I dont know if that was temporary or intentional., And this is also very interesting in terms of earnings projections. For the last few years You can tell if he has a big book coming out. Their net income for March 2018 is estimated to be between 1.

62 billion and 1.72 billion Net revenue. For the recent year to March 2019 is expected to increase to 2.5 billion to 2.6 billion due to the release of Wildernesss White Brother in 12 months, Todays hot net revenue is expected to grow again to 28.3 2.93 billion by 2020. Due to the release of the 12pc version in exchange for the becco By March 2021, net income is expected to be 2.8 billion to 2.9 billion Net income through March 2022 is expected to rise again to between 3.34 billion and 3.34 billion, And Huang Am white as Seoul landing PC rise, So between now and next March, at least new will definitely bring new titles, but the ones that have been confirmed are Group 5, enhanced and expanded and Group Online. So its hard to say whether the 13 resets in a row are also responsible for the increase. Of course, there is more news in August.. First of all, in early August, the remake of 13 songs became a hot topic in the forum of The day one and brought new content. Markoneboat said that all three will be reset and even said that many classic vehicles have been added to the airframe Online Erxiao Erxing will assign these relocations to multiple studios. The new Dundee will be leading the charge and he doesnt think the new Dundee will be able to make a remake of the game with the IG engine any time soon So theres the possibility of using Unreal Engine, which we talked abo ut this morning and new Dundee is really familiar with Unreal Engine.

A closer look at the report, which was released at the end of October on the occasion of this years, 1320th anniversary shows that it is almost the same Ttwo and 2295 two of our most familiar and trusted informants. Besides the forum staff have repeatedly mentioned that something classic is coming. They should also be aware that 13 movies are being reset today. In fact, one thing that happened in August was that TakeTwo was dropping their hats in large numbers. He focused on the map of the older generation collective For gt3G VCGTS, so many years you are not good at this time to delete. Taketos response is that if some dreams affect the companys earnings or engage in bad behavior, they will immediately drop That makes sense.. In 2017, a group of players used Jilin V to make a map representing the old wilderness.. It was just released, but chekker took it down. Reasons and details of Wilderness Rep 92 will be available. Nex t year, Gt 5 also removed the key mode tool Open Four, Because they thought it would change the content of the group and it would affect their regular income, but it didnt and the community was so upset that they finally lifted the restrictions. Its very simple, if theres anything thats going to affect Twitters revenue hes going to sell. Finally, the message from the Cutcose package, so thats the end of the story, and now the official inference First of all, jilin 13 does not go to the redo plate.

In the end does not exist, In fact, both media sources and officials have hinted that the 7013 is in the works or is not a reset. Then whos in charge. First choice: Kenlin junior New Dundee: Why else would they have acquired them and even said they should have received the project in early 2019, The October hiring may have been focused on the development of the two star, of course, will also help with other work, especially the Transplant of the heart of the studio, what is the engine? The IG engine wo uld, certainly be the ace in the hole, but unreal Engine is not out of the question. You should know that todays 13 is using an older commercial engine called Randware Compass, which has been described in detail So either IG or Unreal. Engine games are almost always remade. Theres. No doubt that unreal IV has a commercial engine thats going to be more efficient than THE IG engine when it comes back to class, as you can see, And if baby Dundees in charge theyre gon na be looking at phantom Eyes. First, When is the last launch time so, the best time to not reset the jILin 13 version should be the 20th anniversary of jilin 13. Even if the new Dundee was developed from October 2019 to the end of this year, thats two years or so, The development of a game in simple terms is from project approval to conceptualization of gameplay script, to formal development, including procedural action voice, acting and so on.

And finally, its going to be a lot of polishing and the resetting saves the early stages. If you order the base material, you can develop it directly and the games of 20 years ago were much less voicing than the games of today, both in terms of size and content. After all, the voice actors in the trilogy werent, particularly close to Ne shin and were mostly in motion capture As of October 2020, there will be only 40 people in your group, But New has other studios around the world that can help. So I think the odds are good, that it will come out in October and so soon and new will have a big surprise for us.. No, I dont think its out of the question that the three strike systems will only have a mouth socket and then the 13 version will be released in the next month or so or in a few days. The launch time is likely to be October to November. So, in addition to today lets go to eat again. There is another work that I believe you will be very interested in Its the wilderness. Thats been saved, but thats going to have to wait for another time because of the fact that last October, a new patent was filed on the game environment, New upgrades for ai And just last month they reapplied for the patent. The only difference is that he added the word grand, which is the full name of today.

It can be confirmed that it was actually built for seven days and this time period. Application is obviously for seven days to expand and enhance slowly. At the same time, Erxin also gave a speech at Geely C2021 and told the story of the horses in The Begur which they developed in the wilderness and had the opportunity to introduce them to you. This information collection is also very complicated to dig some details that people have not noticed If you want to learn more about organizing and analyzing events in the game Festival be sure to pay attention to the Game Compass, The stronger.