Gaming and some great deals are available right now, including a ea, publisher, sale and a bunch of other deals and right off the top. I know a lot of you guys are excited for battlefield 2042.. Well, do you want to get the game a little bit cheaper because you can right now its 15 off for the standard edition of the game? It is down to 51. So i know a lot of you. Guys are already super excited for the game and the ability to get it a little bit cheaper is definitely nice. The gold edition is on sale as well 15 off for 76.49, that is down from 89.99 and then the ultimate edition is on sale for 93.49, 15 off as well from 110 nice discount here for a game that a lot of us were planning on spending 60. On anyway, so if you want it a little bit cheaper, um nine dollars off, i mean these days with all these deals running even on gmg right now, as of this recording, nine dollars can get you a couple great games right about at least one great game. So take advantage of that discount its a great deal. The game is shaping up to be one of the best of the year, and i know a lot of people are super hyped for it so check that out link in the description box below speaking of battlefield. There is an ea publisher sale going on right now with some pretty good deals: battlefield 4, premium, editions on sale for four dollars and eighty cents battlefield five, four dollars and eighty cents as well need for speed heats at 15 star wars, jedi falling orders at 20; Great game there a way out if youre, looking for a great co, op game, thats down to nine dollars, knockout city down to ten dollars.

It takes to another great co, op game made by the same developers of a way out that is down to 29.99 from 40. Relatively recent release there dead space 2 is 5. Bucks need for speed. Hot pursuit. Remastered is 1949 burnout, paradise, remastered 8 and dragon age. 2 is 10 as well. So a link to the ea publisher sale will be in the description box as well. Some great deals as a part of that also battlefield 2042, one of the most anticipated games of the year, another hotly anticipated game thats coming out very soon tales of arise, a brand new jrpg that is looking to do a facelift on the tails of franchise 16 Off this one – and it is down to 50 and ‘ cents, another game – a lot of people are planning to pick up day, one. Why not get it a little bit cheaper, 50 and ‘ cents on that game is shaping up to be really good. Ive talked very highly about a lot of the tales of titles, but its nice to see the game get a little bit of a refresh, and i think this is going to be a really solid game 50 and ‘ cents on that also want to. Let you guys know about some great deals on resident evil. Titles resident, evil 7 is down to nine dollars and 90 cents for the standard edition. Gold edition is 59 off for 24.68. I know the attention is now on a lot of the other resident evil titles, but resident evil 7 really brought resident evil back to the forefront and showcased how great of a franchise it is go and give that a look.

I think a lot of you guys will enjoy it resident. Evil. 2. On the other hand, 66 off for 13.44 cents great deal on that excellent remake of resident, evil, 2 and really does the original game justice. And if you want to check out resident evil. 3. 72 off for 1663, while i dont think the game is as good as resident: evil 2, its a decent remake as well – and this is one of the cheapest prices, weve seen it for and lastly, a game that has been getting a lot of buzz in the Last really couple of years as its been getting better and better, no mans sky is seeing a steep discount 56 off for 26.40. Typically, if you see this on sale on steam, its not going below 29.99, so youre saving a couple bucks here, which is really nice to see. The game obviously has made a remarkable and outstanding comeback. Even and i dont think, a lot of people were expecting the game to become as good as it has and constantly gets free updates. The game is getting better and better and, while i wouldnt say its perfect, it is a very, very good experience at this point. Im really akin to what people were expecting back in 2016 still has room to improve, but it seems like hello. Games is gon na stay committed to it, and its gon na continue to get better over the coming months and years for a very long time.