I know a lot of people will argue siege of shanghai. You know et cetera, thats them up right here for me, honestly, its the most fun mod, because you know at the time i was back in 2014. Let me give you a little bit of a history lesson back in 2014 for 14. 14. Sorry, i was really more of a uh call of duty player. So for me likes of a map like this, where it wasnt, you know vehicles. You know it was a lot more user friendly for me, so it was, you know, just to jump straight in and be able to actually play the game now. I know a lot of people be saying you know what battlefield is not meant to be called duty, etc, but its nice to be able to actually jump on to the game and be able to play it. Someone went hiding, i got him come charlie on the beauty of this game is that you can honestly pretty much its just so full of modernism, its a game that, like i said anything gon na happen. Anything could happen boom, leave that little number in there. Okay – and i just lost my money – the only downfall about this map is that it pretty much becomes a stronghold, so it does for certain areas. For instance, if i go down here, i will take help grab. It wait for it im going to get kelp in here i mean i didnt say i would have got help.

We got killed a little sooner than what a forward, but you know i got my grenade launcher back, but no, like i said i mean its really one of those maps. Thats, you know very congested. A lot of you know fates happen for the areas that are empty, but thats a good thing, seeing him because okay heart can we get a little something i dont know im gon na die here again you know im just gon na replenish, my house in this Corner someones gon na come in on top of me at some point: wait for it! No, maybe not im not like yeah im, good thats, the fun bit ill. Save you again theyre being completely congested so im, just gon na you know, take a little walk around here. You know just just get a little bit of a view on this im gon na. Let those guys see what theyre gon na do im gon na wait here and just show it a few moments later. Oh, come on. Yes, you are new of a rank of 137. That was meaningful. Lets be honest, im not dead. He got in this way. So i know teamwork, fellas teamwork, ill be honest with you im starting to die a lot in this game because, like i said its, probably its not exactly that much kind of scheme – okay, we got one again its, not bad, like you say, im expecting to die A lot in this because battlefield you never end up and thats gon na say bad call of duty.

You generally end up down, maybe if youre good at you, maybe at most five six times it doesnt matter. How good you are this game? You will die a lot. You know i mean its just its a bigger scale, especially conquest. More so if this happens to say maybe a tdm or a you know, domination or something and pro i didnt know, the game has left me spawning. But here you know what make it make the most of it. Oh, i really didnt think it would have. Let me spawn like that now, but can i try to kill, lets try and do it no im not going to challenge him right here, wait for them. So im literally developed, oh team. It right there must be clear. I would be really pissed off. Like i mean im, not gon na lie, i mean the game. Let me let me spawn behind him twice and then a scenario like this theres. Only one thing to do forms away like i said i would be really really pissed off. Oh, no, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! Okay! You guys wan na die or not! Oh now i can see. I cant see im blamed someone who clearly wants us dead. Oh no, oh! No! No! No! No! Spray! Spray spray for your life. How did my teammate knock him balloon up seriously? You did hear me im, actually not even going to check and kill this did they have some just work right here for the im just gon na kill um on the day im.

Definitely gon na die, oh im really gon na die. Thank you way too. Many of them, though, for me to compete with, i should have just kept these right. Whoa yeah, but actually an acting money, spell thats funny Music. He didnt repeat peoples gon na die. I apologize to the creator of grenades for ruining his life, taking advantage of the storage laksa Music. Incredibly little help boom boom boom boom boom boom. Waiting in here, what that couldnt have been. This was that same guy, i think the guy was shooting was a sniper. So nice, not too pissed off by that, but he is gon na die. No im gon na die again. Yep im gon na die again only on battlefield wow, this time fella a little bit. This is the fact that no one is even they stand right here. So theres a big gaping hole that they can easily run straight free, so battlefield 2042. What they think is actually going to happen without me. Well, first of all, i think its going to just be shape. Thats not going to be crap, mainly because i do think ea and when it comes to the modern day setting with battlefield futuristic. I do think there is a market that they can play with in there Applause im trying to sneak around the back. No, not because our teams already got it do you say i mean theres. That leaves a lot they can play with, especially the battlefield portal thing.

I dont know exactly what that is to accept. I mean i saw the trailers know what it is, but i dont actually know what it is in a degree of like you know the whole package with me as its strictly like older. Perhaps, as a you know what why didnt i get that out all the damage this way nah, i was never gon na feel more numbers that was always doomed. Although i didnt get new sculpture, i should be putting on school before i broke too infected, and that was the approach i was really taking there for some reason, what are we doing here? Take a little walk: okay, theres a lot of them. I mean yes guys that was a couple games of you know: operation locker, i mean tell me what you think about. If you still play battlefield, if you do, what do you think of the game? If not that you know i, i just have conversation about the game.