com, and thank you for joining me today for video game news. It is august 26, 2021, and these are the top stories of the day to kick things off. We have a cool trailer to check out. I watched this previously but im going to play it for you right now. This is the monster hunter rise. Crossover trailer with street fighter check it out, akuma is coming, the monster hunter rides on nintendo switch and i think he looks fantastic now. This trail actually came off yesterday, but Music for the first time youll have to. Let me know, have you already seen it or is this your first time if you already did or its your first time? What did you think? I know we have some monster hunter fans. I know we have some street fighter fans so its always good to talk and hear your thoughts on it. I think its a cool fit comes out tomorrow and im looking forward to more monster hunter in the future. All right next up, you know last year in celebrating the super mario brothers, 35th anniversary, nintendo teamed up with a number of companies out there, one of them being puma for the super, mario 64 puma shoes and then sunshine and galaxy of the three i got the Super mario 64 ones – i love them, but this year animal crossing is teaming up with puma and nintendos got these cool ones to show off theyll be dropping soon.

Puma will have them available for pre order on their website. You got this cool little bag on the side, green pastel, swappable shoelaces to replace these tan ones with an overall clean, look and definitely not bad. If you missed out on the mario shoes – or you just happen to be a bigger animal crossing fan um, these should be worth it. I might pick a pair up for one of my kids or both, probably if thats the case, if i dont get one for myself, but i like the mario ones, they are of a good quality so based off of that im, going to go ahead and recommend These in terms of overall build and satisfaction, even though i havent tried them on myself, just based off of the mario impressions, assuming that theyre built. Similarly, moving on weve got something cool today kind of unexpected, but this is coming from the pokemon company and that is pokemon. Tv on nintendo switch its a free, app its coming to other devices as well, but lets check it out. Music hi boys, you watching pokemon hi, mom, yup and im about to watch another one lets watch it together. All right, let us have some amazing battles, looks like its gon na be a while. I wan na watch another one. The bell on the bus goes, you guys want to watch another. I guess not season one for me, Music, that music right there thats great once that hits ah theres nostalgia so its on google play devices, amazon, app store, ios, nintendo, switch and roku.

Personally, i think its great that its on nintendo switch. I will download it for it as well as for my iphone. This allows you to watch many pokemon animated cartoon shows from years past on your device. You have other ways that you could stream it yeah, but having one more way, localized its own pokemon entertainment source is pretty cool im going to check it out all right and its a little bit of a shorter day in terms of video game news. But it is thursday, so we do have our weekly famitsu sales charts to go over here is the data from week 34 2021 occupying august 16th through august 22nd. Thank you chris 1964 from the forums for compiling this particular chart together at number. One ring fit: adventure for nintendo switch with 17 000 copies sold and number two is yu gi. Oh rush duel, which had an 83 drop pretty steep but managed to stay at number, two, which is cool with sixteen thousand copies and number three mario kart, eight deluxe, with fifteen thousand minecraft at number, four, with fifteen thousand and number five, the playstation five version of Ghost of sushima, with thirteen thousand later in the list, youll see the ps4 version and number six is momotaro. Tentetsu, with thirteen thousand at seven is that ps4 version of kosovo tsushima with ten thousand at eight, is super smash brothers ultimate with eight thousand and nine. In super mario 3d, world plus bowsers fury with eight thousand and a ten, is super mario party with six thousand eight hundred.

The split is eight for a nintendo switch one for ps4 one for ps5. This is also potentially the first time ever, but the very least the first time in many months that a ps5 version of the game outsold its ps4 countertop counterpart, i should say in the opening week of those games being released. I imagine that a lot of people have the ps4 version and are just upgrading to the ps5, possibly buying the iki island update or maybe just updating to the ps5. You know better visuals and frame rate and whatnot, but regardless its good to see both skus. In particular on here once again, this is not including digital data, but not a bad look. Nothing to stand out in this weeks, charts, like i said, yu yo had a big drop. Everything else had some decent drops, but its mostly a nintendo evergreen chart, and we had a couple of new things, so thats also pretty cool ill, also say i dont have a particular image for this, but just general fact, as of sometime in july, nintendo switch is Now, over the combined sales of wii, u and 3ds worldwide, again, not necessarily related to the japanese famitsu charts or anything like that, its just um, an interesting observation. You know we know that, as of june 30th, nintendo switch sold 89 million 40 000 units around the world when you just compile the data of those first few weeks of july from japan and what we know from europe and north america from various retailers.

Supporting data of how much nintendo switch has sold nintendo switch at some point in the july: passed 89.6 million. If you look at wii u and 3ds, combined theyre at 89.5, so at some point in the month selling another 560, 000 or so units nintendo switch officially beat wii! U and 3ds, which is very impressive and, from a software standpoint, its continuing to do really well too. So. Congratulations, nintendo, switch okay. That could have been saved for the end, but i threw it in the middle. We will end properly the way we normally do with our continued from youtube sales. This time going into the hardware side of things and a number one. 72 527 units sold of nintendo switch down from last week, but up two thousand four hundred from last year. Nintendo switch is now at fifty three thousand higher than its last year. Self gaining two thousand from the previous week make up for a little bit of that loss at 2 is playstation 5, with 12 600 copies sold units rather thats up decently. From last week, xbox series s and x combined is pretty much the major winner this week in terms of growth, standout performance 5782 units sold over 1256 from last week, ps4 at 943, compared to 1170 last week, 3ds at 522, pretty much neck and neck. With last weeks, 5′. nintendo switch looks like within a couple of weeks. It probably wont do it next week, but within one or two, its going to hit 21 million lifetime in japan and thats pretty impressive.

It may or may not hit 3dss 34 or rather 24.58 million this year, but it could be safer to say you know within the first half of 2022 thats a very safe statement that nintendo switch will pass 3ds and then its just up to can it hit Dss total sales in japan well its a healthy industry overall in japan, its mostly for nintendo, but at least once in a while. You see ps5 with some restock, which is good and once in a while, you see xbox with some awesome numbers for them, which is growth and thats positive. So hopefully these trends continue and everything is doing well for the rest of the year. All right. This is pgn signing out. Thank you for watching, even though it was a shorter episode. I hope you all have a good one and see you next time.