Thats incredible so tell me, because i have to ask for everyone out there whos watching this right now. How does it feel to be the richest man in the world tonya being the richest man is. Actually, you know what i am not the richest man in the world, what im sorry! But if youre, not the richest man in the world, then who is a man i met a very long time ago, someone far richer than i am you see 35 years ago. I didnt have much hey. There is good morning bill how you doing hey teddy hows business. Ah, honestly, im barely making it out here they keep raising the rent and look i tell you if it wasnt, for these tips, some nights, i wouldnt even eat thats. The truth, man im sorry to hear that. Ah, what you gon na do you know actually i can relate. My business is not doing so well right now either. I dont know what im going to do well, youre a smart guy bill. If anybody can get it figured out, its oh thatll be 50 cent yeah man, you know i just cant get this thing figured out. You know its like nothing. Im. Sorry i dont have enough. This is embarrassing. I i will just come back later. Hey bill. You forgot your paper, i got it, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! I cannot let you do that for me, teddy! No, no, no ill! Just write you a check! Okay! Um! Do me a favor though, and dont cash this until next week bill.

Thank you, but i cant let you do that. You see, i may not have much money but being rich aint about what you got in your bank, its about what you got in your heart, Music. Thank you very much, teddy no problem. I wont forget this, so you see teddy is the richest man in the world, but Music. I dont understand how is a poor newspaper vendor the richest man in the world? Well, it doesnt end there. You see ive been thinking about him a lot lately. So i went to pay him a visit before this interview. Teddy Music bill is that you ill be how you doing oh wow. I didnt think that you would remember me. Oh of course i remember your old buddy back. Then you didnt have much money and now youre a billionaire. What brings you back around here? Huh? Well, you know i couldnt help, but remember all the times that you were so kind to me all those years ago. You only had two quarters, and yet you still helped me now. I want to help you here thats a blank check. So, however much you need its yours, you can buy whatever you want bill. I i appreciate this, but but do you i, i cant, accept this im. Sorry, but are you sure about that i mean you could open up a new newsstand or buy a house or anything whatever you want. You would be rich.

Thank you. Thank you. So much bill but, like i told you all those years ago, being rich aint about whats in your bank account its about whats in your heart and right now i got everything i could ever need Music. What can i say, you are truly an inspiring person teddy Music. It was great seeing you again, you too bill you too, oh hey bill. Forgot your paper for times sake Music, so you see teddy is the richest man in the world because being rich isnt about what you have in your bank, its about what you have in your heart, wow, mr gates. Thank you for sharing that Music well heres to teddy may. We all aspire to be as rich as him im, adding a new dish to the menu, but im not going to create it. Imagine getting one of your dishes on arvin. Everybody knows im the best cook here. Excuse me, chef.