As always, you guys are in the wrestling churchs metronome i mean its twitter instagram, be sure brighty on it. Um odyssey rumble any social media popping show you guys, you think, im of course parlor and like that anyways man im not really really playing any like really. You know lustful, like you, know, perverted sort of music and stuff like that, but um close stinking fires like ridge racer, one and two. It has nothing to do with freaking off ak only fans but closest thing. I could get to it because thats, usually what theyre known for, which is, you know, prawn and r34, and like that which beautiful, loot, cosplayer tricks by the way. Perfect. Absolutely perfection said its either but thats just me as a straight heterosexual man talking, and that was a guy that actually likes women originally, which should be more natural, but no, no offense. Anyone in lgbtqi plus community just saying thats how the really actual yahweh jesus god wanted it i mean not in a lustful perverted way, its probably unfortunate one of the reasons for me personally, im probably still going to go to hell. Unfortunately, for that, as much as that sucks, i still do provide a woman not in real life but like on the internet. Maybe when i do that in real life im probably going to prison but anyways, so it says im only fans, explicit content of the prawn word: crony ex workers, reverse band, so yeah bursting and plan band.

Only fans will allow the plan ludity real real nasty, sassy baca, like perv stuff back in the side. After all, this comes from joe hernandez from theres, another one that was on here on msnbc or msn, but ill leave that in description box below. If you want to check that out yourself, because for some reason, didnt want to load that i dont know why. But didnt want to upload that freaking like show or whatever i dont know why its weird. But anyway, so it says only fans reverses for proposed band content. After its content creators, many who have come to re rely on the site during the plan im a scandal, you cant even say this word its worth banned on youtube, push back so yeah. You know george orwell, 1984, its not even real anyways. Some just government overreach 1984, you already know like rockford live, shows freemason, freaking et cetera, et cetera social engineering control, opposition anyways thats, not a real thing, and i feel bad for a lot of the parents that i do have children. Now they got to get forced to wear the m, a s k, um aka the shield and all that too, because its not real its fake, my personal opinion and calling oh youre, a tin, foil hatter. I dont give a dude thats how ive always seen it im gon na continue to see it like that if anyone gets pissed off at that they get caught in their feelings.

I dont give a im, sorry so uh, hopefully you guys are wide awake. So its truth ill turn your media stuff, but if not get on that three best channels, i could probably tell you – is either go to jacob israel, high impact tv or israel. I should have said its personal now: im, probably gon na get real bad, because i said that word or um kjs. What happened? Okay, scariest movie ever but anyways lets move on. It says on the website. Only fans is reversing playing the band on naughty bits. R34. Another ex explicit concept, just days ago, the london based company said that starting in october would block ex material and responsive concerns from the banks and other financial services companies that enabled transactions and the subscription services. It did not name the companies, but on wednesday only fans said well just literally yesterday. I know i missed this day ago, but i dont care, but whatever all right lets get on to the next one, once the only fancy will be able to allow and could continue allowing adult content, which is largely part of the business. After all its quote, we have secured assurances necessary to import support, not import support. Our diverse creator community to suspended the planned october first policy training, the company tweeted wednesday mornings is quote: only fans stands for the inclusion as well. We continue to provide a home for all creators. The reversal came back after pushback came from the creators on only fans of whom were doing the plan im a scandal like um, like i said, before, controlled opposition social engineering of fake nwo, one well order.

Government problem reaction, solutionship and now an income were all the sites. It also goes on to say um. I guess this is one of them right here: morgan, music, a single mom from washington who sells explicit photos and videos on only fans as a side. Hustle total npr to the money sharing the website helped her anxiety. You guys can read the rest of your own hearing, but im going to read this bottom part. I guess her testimonial statement, hopefully its not real, hopefully its, not fake, and that is real lets move on, though so it says to have that lifted off, because i have savings account for the first time and have a good credit score for the first time. In my life, i think its hard to convey how much this means a persons quality of life for me and also goes on to say, um yeah, music set, yes, overall thoughts and opinions hey, so all you beautiful, beautiful prettiest, gorgeous hottest women in the world. In my own personal opinion, i swear to god im not something im, not simply because im not giving any of these girls a freaking dime at all, forget that crap. I keep my money in my own freaking personal bridge wallet, my personal opinion, um yeah keep doing your hustle, i dont care. I mean we got the you know: whats, those beautiful freaking, hot air balloons in your chest. Im just saying you know what im talking about the light bulbs on your chest.

I cant say the real actual word: the brea sts thats, what im saying they have really really nice big ones. I keep showing it off im. Only fans dont freaking stop as long as youre over 18 and up youre under that. Do not do that at all its extremely evil. If you did under 18., but anyways yeah keep doing what you do. Man dont! Let these billionaire corporations, this corporate billionaire, ceo, millionaire, billionaire corporate pr, fluff um organizations, corporations tell you that you got ta stop because they say so thats man. We keep doing it then, but anyways um. So it says um. Oh this one. This actually came from um bleeding cool ill leave the link description box down below. If you want to check it out, hold on this one, i wont reach um. Oh my god. This is pretty wild overwatch again. I talked about this two weeks ago with the re changing that dude jesse mccrees official, like um. What was it called? His official name change is gon na really happen its happening in real life now. So this comes from gaben governor gevin sheenan, shannon gavin, shannon, i guess from overwatchs team announces plans to change mccrees name. The overwatch team has finally announced todays from bleeding go. I havent read for anything from bloody cool in, like two months maybe announced today that they will officially be moving forward to changing the names of character, mccree yep, its 100 real, its, not fake anymore.

Some speculation, like two weeks ago now, its 100 percent set in concrete stone. This is legit, so it says, for those of you not aware following state of california, suinata was blizzard. I already heard about this. One of those employees was justin mccrea now former lead level designer for overwatch in diablo 4 as who served as a nameski for the character. Of course, i dont, since a lot of the content is leading to dismissal, came out. A lot of people have been petitioning now this name change. Oh the petition thing worked, im surprised, so i guess you do have certain options when it comes to um having your voice heard in this country. To a certain extent says today, the team confirmed oh yeah, completely side unrelated news that i think 12 democrat republican things. I dont really talk like talking about politics, because its a fake illusion. They wrote to all these corporate places like warner, bros marvel dc, disney um cw, et cetera, microsoft, amazon and i think activision blizzard was one of the other places that they wrote these letters and petitions to have them stop doing this to like im, not underpaid to Workers and do sexual actual bad abuse to their female workers. They actually wrote a letter like that man ill leave the link to the video down below where i heard that fw news, but its real, its, not fake it says, lets keep it going. So it says: theres also been the man that the name could be changed to matthew mercer as a replacement named keep names keepsake for the voice actors currently leading his talents to see.

Oh, we will see how things work out and develop even something simple. As a name, change is a major deal considering how much we need to rebrand the game as well as change, voice, headlines and references out of the public view. It also goes on to say, oh this ones, really long but im trying to speed through it real fast. We built an overwatch universe around the idea of inclusive equality. Okay, i dont want to hear none of this man. Thats more politic left right paradigm, thats, not real its bread and circus, but lets move on as we continue to discuss how we best. You can google that, if you want im not sure if theyll censor that mom, how we best live up our lives and our values, values that demonstrate our commitments, create a new gaming world or flex on them. We believe it is necessary to change the name of our heroes. Yeah name of our hero is known as mccree to something thats better represents the overwatch stands, for. We realize that any of the changes we such as a well loved and central hero of the games fiction will we will take time to roll out correctly when we shared our updates to this work progression. In the near terms, we have planned to kick off a narrative arc of september, supportive with a new story to gaming content, which mccree has was a key part of it, and so we want to interrogate integrate, integrate the changes into the story arc.

We will be delaying a new arc layered later this year, instead of a new launch for ffa maps and in this friendly fire arena maps this september, going forward in the in games, characters will no longer be named after employees and will be more thoughtful and discerning About the real world references in the future over watch content, this will help reinforce that we are building fictional universes that is unmistakably different from the real world. Better illustrates. The creation of overwatch is truly uh. Truly a team effort. Work on these updates is underway, and they are just a part of the ongoing commitment to honest reflections on whether the changes are necessary to build a future worth fighting for. We know these actions speak a lot of rewards. We hope to show our commitment to making the overwatch a better experience when the in game continues make our story as best as it can be over all the thoughts and things i think theyre just scared. They got caught, theres all the freaking real bad freaking press. Last month, and earlier this month, when activision blizzard was getting caught with their pants caught down, maybe thats a real effed up joke to say, but still to name it after somebody that did a lot of like abuse and allegations and harassments on females and probably to Some men too so believe it or not guys get ex harassed too just like women do, but when it comes here in the united states, oh you got to be the brave natural that bro thats, an illusion.

Dont believe any of that hype im glad theyre changing the name good for me, so uh yeah lets move on to the next part. Oh dude, this is crazy. I was gon na play some cat dog music, but i want to play this one instead because theres a lot more better. So it says im april oneal and cat dog cat dog. Oh, my god, like i said before two months ago, back in july or june or july, when this moves came out that um nickelodeons gon na do a smash, bros version of nickelodeon or salt all star brawl. I want a cat dog in there or the more arrow monsters, one in the wild thornberrys like darwin and freaking eliza thornberry was gon na be in there. Black cat dog was one of those predictions. I got right. Yes, this comes from tj denzer from shaq news april neo and cat dog confirmed for nickelodeon all star bro. The gamescom 2021 features has had a new reveal, nickelodeon, also brawl from cat dog and april neil joining the roster, and i may not may not have a video up friday. I get my license thing change at the dmv, so theres that so um. If i dont see you guys, on friday, ill probably see your saturday sunday or monday, one of those three days so lets continue. Nickelodeon all star brawls put an entire world of super smash. Bros fans and nickelodeons fans headed on a swivel which was announced in july.

Of course it was, i thought it was in june when it was july, i guess being able to throw down our favorite nickelodeon characters in an all out battle for bad word. Supremes sounds like an incredible proposition and we will be able to see everything it has sometime this fall, but until then there are plenty of reveals to see. For instance, we just got the reveal that cad dog and april oneil are playable characters and nickelodeons all star brawl, cad dog and april oneil, or announce nickelodeons, all star brawl. Doing the future game. Show game counts 141, presented in games at our twitch channel august 26th. Oh, it was earlier today, cat dog was there. Excuse me it was a star of their own titular show, which i won in the end as cat and the other one was dog connecting into the middle featuring a bunch of theyre showing stretching with the pulverizing folks. What cap means cats, meat streak and then also the um profitable muscles and fire hydrants a dog meanwhile april oneils kicks out from damsel in the stress. Tmnt turtles kick butt back to buck. Kicker the games cons 121.. She was already confirmed as a playable character. A teammate ninja turtles at dodimum and she joins nickelodeons all star brawl as a flexible, martial artist. This wasnt, all that was real. We also got confirmed that nickelodeons, all star brawl is coming to pc. This means that players in all major accounts include a ps4 ps5 nintendo switch xbox one next years x, knights npc will be able to throw down this growing battle as a childhood cartoon stars.

Yes, were all thoughts. These plans im super happy about this. I havent watched the videos myself thats, all i say for now, im out here and theres gon na be so much r34 drawing in there more than more rule 34. This trick, i want to look at all of it. Thats, all i got ta say for normal monday. Peace out once again, ladies and gentlemen, rose one damn wizard being as always talking movies see you. When i see you guys today, i have a night wherever universe out. There says much of the kind of story of administrators.