I took a nap. I woke up. I found if gamescom happened and thats when they were revealing the two newest characters for nickelodeon all star brawl, a game. I am dummy, excited for and i went to the website. I tried to avoid spoilers. I see the trailers right here. I cant freaking. I i im like this is technically a super recent true reaction, but its not the reaction of it being revealed right away so lets just talk about it april, oneil from the teenage mutant, ninja, turtles and cat dog. I want to see cat dog first honestly from cat dog dude. He looks so good, though Applause, oh, my god, Music plus many more surprises, whats happening available fall 2021 that we know of i i its weird theyre, not seeing an official date yet, but oh my god, dude im really upset. I didnt see it right away. Like you know what youre this is literally the most recent youre gon na get out of me. Cat dog, i feel like was a given april. Oneil, though i honestly respect that they showed her off before the rest of the teenage mutant. Ninja turtles, a few things i want to talk about. I dont know exactly what this stage is specifically its, probably where cat dog lives. If i had to guess and also now everyone i know that is nigel thornberry from the wild thornberrys. Thank you all for telling me in the last video, because a lot of you told me in the last video that move looks freaking long, sugar frosted, i couldnt tell you, i get el powdered toast.

I guess this is probably where powdered toast man is from coming to nick all star brawl im trying to see uh. What does this look? Like? I dont. I could not tell you. I have not watched enough cat dog to tell you where the move origins are from, but the fire hydrant looks cool that freaking long ass movie was doing, looks pretty cool. Danny phantom looks sick. I dont think we saw enough of him in the last trailer thats reptar from rugrats. Thank you again for all of you telling me oh wait. What is that? Is that him, Music? Okay, that one long move that looks so bs, but i love it. This looks like a sick stage again, i honestly see myself being a patrick mane and now look. Let me look at the other thing. English is dying here april. Oneil, im surprised, theyre, not dont, shut up youtube, all right. It doesnt look like theyre showing off a new stage. Here is perry. The mechanic they put in this it looks like fairy is a mechanic enough. The bus stage is definitely new and also it looks like a lot of her stuff is a news reporter. I do remember her being a news reporter a journalist from the first uh i dont know if theyre gon na try to reference more the original teenage mutant, ninja turtle movies or like the 2010 tv show they did its probably going to be the 2010 tv show.

They did so yo sandy, looking kind of nice. The designs of this game – all look just freaking amazing. I love the garbage area here. Im yeah! This is definitely zims world dude. I apologize couldnt freaking, not get it spoiled for me before watching this uh. I saw the gamescom freaking 140 hour long thing i was like. I didnt know what happened yet.