Actually, i think were going to tell you about two new friends who are coming along for the ride. All right. Who are we getting? Who are we getting two new friends cat dog? All right cats like were just talking about cat dog? Oh sweet? Okay, they got their houses, the stage yeah just stretching and stuff. They look. Oh, he pulled out the fire hydrant, just the fact that they can attack from both sides. Oh big, oh thats, awesome thats, a good reference from that episode where he gets like super puff, were they on their couch was okay, all right cat dog who else april it was april. Oh wow, okay. I thought it was dora, so april got announced yesterday and now shes announced again today. All right, we got another look at helgas stage, its not live action, dora, the mystery is revealed, it was april oneil and then so now the three teenage mutant, ninja turtle stages makes sense and it probably means thats, im gon na guess that were not gon na Get the other two turtles and we probably wont get shredder either so thats, probably two turtles and then april. All right, i was, i was thinking door and we can see it is a bus. It is a bus in the hey arnold stage, wow april got announced here and got announced yesterday for revenge of uh shredders revenge. The game is coming to pc later this year and thats, as they say, a wrap.

Remember all right, so they did they saved it. Right till the end, wow april oneil is probably getting more like hes going to get more headlines and attention. Um thanks to our headlines, been many many years because shes been announced for two different games, thats crazy. I actually think um nickelodeon all star brawl like liked pleasure um, like the official like twitter uh when they announced april yesterday. Somebody sent me like oh check it out all star ball liked it or whatever so thats, pretty thats cool. It was like, oh its suspicious. Maybe its april it was april cat dog, pretty sweet, rip, dora yeah, i guess its, not dora, but that does open up more possibilities. If it is a 22 character roster, then that means we dont have a spot for door. Wouldnt do the spot fedora and we dont have to do like a shredder spot or both the turtle spots, its probably leo mikey and then april um, which leaves more more room for other things. Um still, we dont know if ren and stimpy are separate characters or a combined character. So there you go. Cat dog looks sweet um. I i think the the move set for cat dog looks very very sweet. Im honestly shocked its april um. The the silhouette really didnt didnt, look like it would fit for her um in my opinion anyway, but i guess thats who it was rip, clarissa yeah, clear explains it all would have been cool if it was clarissa but theres.

Okay, both the mysteries, are solved now. Theres two characters in that box. We had no idea where we had guesses that um, because that was leo and april. So i guess teenage mutant, ninja turtle, characters in silhouette form are just tough to guess at someone said, are ren and simply confirmed yeah. They were on the um silhouettes of the box got like officially announced theyre on the silhouettes of the box and uh its you cant mistake them yeah. I love cat dog looks like they fight from, like both sides like thats such a unique character. Thats gon na be really cool and i love when uh doug uh got all buff. That was great. Someone said uh there will be alts lincoln had one ill have to. I got ta go back and watch through this um, obviously um, but yeah all right well saying thanks for watching. So i guess that was it um cool cat dog and the mystery girl is in fact april oneil. I was thinking dora, but we were down to lake dora or april so um at least at least we werent totally off base guessing that one all right ill catch. You guys later thanks for watching and yeah ill go check out the trailer um on my own or whatever, and maybe ill do another uh post. What we just learned nick video at some point, all right catch.