Welcome back to my channel for another animal crossing, video and todays is going to be a little bit different than what i usually do for animal crossing videos around here and, of course, im going to go ahead and just say i know theres been definitely a lack Of animal crossing videos that ive put out recently – and i know ive – been covering genjen a lot more recently and really the reason for that is just because, to be honest, with you im just pretty burnt out out of animal crossing, i think, like a lot of Players im just waiting on some kind of event or update or something from nintendo. So that way i can feel a little bit more engaged and immersed in this game. But just let you know i still havent given up fully on the game. I still stream every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday, starting with a little bit of animal crossing, then switch over to genjen or some other things and im actually super close to finally finishing my modern city island, and i should probably have that done within the next couple Weeks and have a da video out for that and ive actually recently stumbled on some das that i really want to check out so ill have a couple more da videos coming out in the next few weeks. I promise so with all that said, please make sure to like comment and subscribe. It really does just go a long way in helping out the growth of this channel, and so in todays video were going to be talking about the newest collab that nintendo and animal crossing new horizons is doing, and so this video is just going to be completely About shoes – and i guess, clothing, streetwear, etc.

So a couple hours before recording this video, i saw from the brand puma which, if you dont know, is like an athletic sneaker and clothing brand. So they posted that theyre going to be doing a collaboration with animal crossing new horizons, and i wont, lie im. Pretty surprised by this. You know were about a year and a half out since animal crossing new horizons released, and so i consider myself somewhat of a sneaker head. If you havent been to one of my streams, i often do unboxings of different sneakers that i come across or buy things im gon na resell stuff, like that, i also collect vintage t shirts, that i show off on stream and thats what i actually based my Merch off of some months ago, when we dropped that, so some images have surfaced of the shoes themselves and i have some thoughts and i kind of want to know what your thoughts are too so im going to go ahead and pull them up here. These are the official puma and animal crossing new horizons, sneakers and im not going to lie these dont look bad at all. I have a couple issues with some things which ill break down the details that im not really feeling and what im feeling here in a little bit, but i want to know from you what do you think of these? Let me know in the comments below so just by looking at this on foot photo, i got ta say the colorway is very impressive here i feel like thats something they did extremely well for this shoe.

I love that muted, blue color. I love the mint. Mint. Is definitely one of my favorite colors and this overall feels very spot on so like when i think of a colorway for the nooks and even the certain color of brown that they use there too doesnt clash too badly with the blue and the mint. I feel like overall, this is a good looking shoe now going on to some more of the details from another website that i see here. So this is more of just a straight up product shot of what youre going to get in here, and i have to say again looking at some of these details for whats coming with these, these dont look bad at all. One thing that really sticks out to me here is the lace bag itself. I dont know what exactly it is, but the lace bag, just adding some extra detail to like the presentation of this shoe overall, is really cool. I think its really nice that it comes with a second pair of laces, i feel, like you, dont, often see mint colored laces too much in shoes. So i really like that theyve, given that as an option, but i have to say i think, those tan and beige laces that are already currently on the shoes would look better overall than putting in the mint ones. And if we zoom in and look a little bit closer here at the details, it looks like theres a couple different villagers that are kind of impressed on the sneakers themselves.

I feel like i can see tom nook in there. I think i see fauna and tia in there as well and then another thing that really stands out to me from these first impressions photos is the tongue there. It looks like theres like a little patch that says puma on the top of the tongue, and it has like the nook logo impressed on there really cool details and then looking at the inside lining of the shoe from this angle too. You can see that that logo is also in there in green, and i think thats really cool im, actually surprised the amount of like detail that has gone into this shoe. If i scroll down here, i think theres a couple other photos, so we can see like the back heel here, nothing too crazy. I see that logo again and press upon the side im kind of wondering it looks like theres text or something on the side. I wonder what this says designed by puma. I think thats kind of odd that it says designed by puma on the side there. Obviously these are puma shoes and heres the puma logo, on the middle of the shoe. So i think thats kind of weird that thats on there, but it doesnt bother me too much. I guess and then finally here is like a top up view and, as you can see, yeah that inside lining having the animal crossing new horizons like tag in there really small details, like you know, when you put on the shoe no ones going to see the Inside lining, so to go that extra distance to put in those details like that is very interesting to me, and one more thing that i noticed from this angle, particularly, is that the lace locks at the bottom of the laces.

One of them has the puma logo and the other one has that nook logo and i think, thats really cool that its a little bit asymmetrical there in terms of design. I really enjoy that now. It also looks like theres a hoodie, and so these are probably the different villagers that are impressed upon the shoes themselves. So we have a couple of my favorites here: theres a fauna and gladys. I see apollo and octavian there, but no dobby, no marshall, no marty. I dont know how im feeling about this and then, after a little bit of digging, i actually stumbled upon this t shirt, design too. This shirt theres absolutely nothing for me, a couple like puma logos on here and then the nook is on logo kind of like all over printed, and it looks like theres like a puma and animal crossing new horizons like patch, and i usually like shirts that have Like a chest, design on them, as you can see from like this nike shirt that im wearing, but i have to say the all over print of this, the color choice, etc. I i dont know its not really doing anything for me so back to the shoes themselves, like i said, i enjoy the colorway overall, its a pretty clean shoe, i have to say especially for a trainer but theres a couple things as someone who really loves sneakers, That i dont necessarily love about this one. I think overall, the shoe and the line itself feel really childish and dont get me wrong.

I know that animal crossing new horizons is pretty much more so marketed as a kids game, but it seems like from that model photo of the person wearing it. It seems like this is going to be an adult line of shoes. Maybe this is going to also be a kids line of shoes too, so maybe thats why they went in this direction, but i have to say i feel like i would want these for my personal collection if there was just a couple small changes in the details. Now the primary thing that sticks out to me is the sole. It almost looks a little too athletic and rubbery dont get me wrong. Its probably going to be extremely comfortable that sole itself actually looks very durable, very thick, and i bet its actually going to be extremely comfortable shoe. The overall shape and model of this shoe actually reminds me of another shoe from nike and a collaboration with a brand called sakai its these, the nike sakai vapor waffles here, but this shoe dont get me wrong its not my favorite model, and i dont really love This shoe much as some other people do, but i like that, the sole itself, if you just look at the sole of the shoe, it actually feels a little bit more modern, especially when you compare it to the sole of this shoe. This one just has more of an athletic shoe, sold, look which isnt a bad thing, necessarily just not for me in terms of preference and taste overall.

Now the other little bit of critique i have for this shoe, is the villagers and like their faces that are on the shoe on the toe box and on the side and dont get me wrong. I know a lot of animal crossing fans probably like that detail, but for me it kind of adds to that like child, like looking feel to the shoe and a friend of mine actually drafted up in my discord server, what they would look like if they didnt Have those faces on it, so im gon na go ahead and pull that up here and, as you can see, i really like this. This has a little bit more of like an elevated, feel a little bit more clean and sleek overall, without the faces. Personally, when it comes to collabs, i like, when things are a little bit more subtle overall and not just like loud in your face, but i know some people probably do enjoy that. So i get why they went with the other one. But i see this and even though, of course, its still that more athletic looking soul, if this was the shoe that they actually pushed out, i would feel way more intrigued and want this for my personal collection, but i am hoping to be able to get my Hands on a pair of these shoes, i would love to unbox these on stream and maybe for a video too, when it comes to shoes.

Sometimes i dont really love photos of them, but once i see them like in person and have them in hand, i really do like them. So im going to go ahead and try to get a pair of these. There really doesnt seem to be any information of when this is going to actually launch, though, and how much are actually going to be in stock. But i have to say, based on the recent collaboration drops like the build a bear stuff and even the uniqlo stuff was kind of hard to get so im going to try really hard to get these for retail. If i have to get them for resale ill. Do what i have to do, i would really love to unbox these and show them to you all who arent able to get them so thats gon na go ahead and do it for this video im just curious. Are you a sneaker head? Are you feeling these shoes at all? Would you want these for yourself, and would you wear them, but thanks so much for watching again, please make sure to like comment and subscribe if you havent already it just does go a long way in helping out the growth of this channel huge shout out. As always to my channel members, its because of you and your continued support that i can continue to create content like this on this channel, if you want to support the channel directly by becoming a member, all you have to do is hit that join button.