So keep that in mind. Thank you. Music is hello, hello. How are you we are talking about no more heroes? 3 today. This is my review impressions, its more than a simple impressions, video, but less than a review, because i didnt actually finish the game yet so there you go thats. What were doing many. Many thanks to grasshopper manufacturer for providing me with a copy of the game. They contacted me directly and asked if i wanted to cover the game and do a review, and i i am quite honored honestly and i got ta admit fully fully admit. I had no interest in this game. None zero, zero percent interest in this game i mean you know they gave me the code, and so i figure i might as well try it out and everything um, but leading up to this. Just not really my cup of tea um, these games, they look really cool and they look really stylish and fun. Just not my thing, the whole over the top, just like in just like action game. I dont know this is the thing like uh travis strikes again just didnt really care too much at all. But let this be proof. Let this be proof that sometimes you got ta try games outside of your wheelhouse, because sometimes you will find yourself pleasantly surprised, so its not gon na be any secret to anybody who knows anything about these games or has seen any trailers for any of these games.

The first thing to hit you when you pop the game on the style that style smacks you in the face that style punches you in the face and then throws you across the room and you smash into the wall. It breaks a chair over your head, its it is, it is fast, it hits you fast and very hard and its in a way thats even a little hard to describe, and i dont want to like spoil everything, but basically just like visually the game. Never stops changing at least like during cut scenes and especially like in this early section of the game, because its not just about style. You know lots of games are stylish its also about variety. It changes it just throws in these random styles and references and stuff. Just all over the place, um, the game has clearly has a reverence for, like old. You know like old style, old school, arcade games and kind of stuff, like that. That style is all over the place. The whole pixely neon, aesthetic and everything um, but theres more than that too lots of different like movie styles and uh anytime. The game is showing you stuff in any kind of cutscene kind of thing. You just never know what its gon na be and the game is even kind of presented in an episodic kind of way. You know it wasnt released episodically, but the chapters of the game even with like credits in between and it all feels really authentic.

I mean like the the impression i got just immediately, right out of the gate, its a very uh, very big, auteur energy. You know like its the filmmaker term auteur, where, like they theyre so in charge of every element of production, that you know that what youre seeing is like their vision entirely and thats kind of i mean you know for all. I know theres a whole entire team. Uh that goes into this, but i know suda 51 um. You know very noted for having these great styles in his games and thats the vibe that i get its just like. This is probably what was in his mind, and it is now on the screen, because its so specific, too its all over the place, but its so its its laid out in such a specific way, and all these just these little. I dont know these little tidbits that it gives you just one after the other and, like i would say, thats really what hooked me thats, really what hooked me right away, i knew it was gon na be a cool game. I knew it was gon na be stylish, but its so crazy and off the wall, and so like you, you just never know what youre gon na see next and thats whats so exciting um, even when it comes down to just like the you know, the main Enemies in the story, you dont know what you are going to see every time you turn a corner.

What kind of weird reference or thing is it going to throw at me next, and i cannot stress enough just how authentic it all is. It feels like it comes from such a place of like genuine love for all of these different styles and for old, arcade games and stuff, its not just emulating a style because its fun or cool or whatever, like he, loves this stuff. This this this means a lot to him and in line with that authenticity, every time it goes for a style, it nails it. Every single time looks awesome. Everything is super, just slick and polished. It just pulls off everything that it wants to do lots of fun cut scenes. You know lots of characters, fully voice, acted and all that stuff um. The cutscenes are a little bit uneven, youll get like really nice ones and they remap to the mouth movements and then every once in a while. You get the ones where they kind of didnt and theyre a little a little rougher around the edges. So its a little weird going from one to the next and theyre, not quite at the same uh level of quality. You know, but overall, like lots of fun cut scenes. You know every chapter of the game you go through. Just cant wait to see whats next uh and, of course, like the game. Again, if you know anything about these games very violent, its all super duper over the top way over the top with the violence and the profanity, and even like potty, humor and stuff, and just like humor in general, like its theres theres, not a serious moment in The okay, maybe like a little bit, but for the most part this is 99.

9. Just like the silliest game. Youve ever played the story itself is fun. You got a big mean: alien guy and hes hes, very hes, like the biggest jerk in the entire universe and yet hes also like theres, like just a little bit of likability to him, hes, just so like so over the top and just so weird and theres. A bunch of alien guys and the whole thing is like theyre all ranked so like travis has to you, know its like an alien invasion, but its also set up like a tournament. He has to beat them and climb his way up. The ranks which is very funny and going into the story and seeing all the characters and stuff um theres, clearly a lot that went on in the earlier games that you know im not privy to you know. I dont know all these characters um. So you know, fans of the series are gon na understand this more. Why does he yell berries when hes every time youre fighting like i looked it up and i think the name of his sword is katana is like the bloodberry, but even on top of that, he just says: berries, names, blueberry, jesse, just says names all the time. Well, you fight its really weird. I dont get it its actually pretty annoying its constant, its literally constant. The entire game throughout every single battle in the whole game is just yelling, berry names little annoying, but there you go thats a thing that i you probably understand.

If youve played the previous games, um so theres a lot of that um, but absolutely i i never get the impression that i have to have played the previous games. Theres no plot points that i dont understand or anything its more just about character, interactions and references, and things like that um, but its definitely a story that i can enjoy on its own and speaking of fighting uh. The fighting is good. The fighting is really good. Um yeah im not usually into just like more straightforward action games. I dont know i guess i want there to be a lot more other stuff. You know this is very focused on the action um, but it is really good like the fighting is just like slick. It feels great, you know a lot of its like standard. You got your light attack and your strong attack. You got special attacks on a cooldown and you know stuff like that. You can stun enemies and throw them and and uh you got this really fun little. Like quick time event thing where you know you, you enter into a thing and it gives you a direction and you slash in that direction and um its one of the you know. You got a jump and a dodge and its all its all very basic, but at the same time its still really really fun, because its just executed so well its just so fun to do and um there im, not even that far in the game, theres already.

So many different enemies that attack in different ways and require different strategies so, like youre youre using every tool in your inventory, you know and one really fun thing about the combat. Is this like slot machine thing where you earn like a go on the like? The roulette and then you know, depending on what you get you, get bonuses and power ups and stuff like that and even like, when you die, you get to spend like a roulette to get like a a bonus or uh or or a not bonus or a Detriment going back into the battle, so theres a lot of randomness and thats just fun, because just its a silly element of randomness that just adds a little bit of chaos to the whole thing and really its its the presentation that makes the combat feel so good. You know it controls really well, but then just seeing the visual and audio feedback just from everything you do, especially the qtes and the slashing and everything is just its just so fun to initiate even the just like the simplest thing and, like i didnt know anything About no more heroes, anything apparently hes got like a gundam its like a gundam suit that you put on sometimes, and you blast guys with it, and you go up into space and fight like space monsters floating in space, its crazy. Its really weird did not anticipate this kind of thing, so you got like kind of an open world element.

You know theres, just like the city that you can ride around on your bike and um its fun. The the controls are a little bit wonky, but its fun riding around, and you know you can get a boost and you can nitro all over the place and slide and every time you hit something he just goes flying off of it like the music. Just like the music, just like stops dead, which is really really funny – and this is probably a part of the game that might lose some people where, like you, dont, really have levels, at least from where ive been like levels that you move through in the game. Like during the story, um its really a collection of fights, you have this overworld and you go theres little challenge fights and then theres like qualifying fights and you do enough of those. And then you get to go. Do the next big major ranking boss fight? So its really just kind of wandering around the world and finding fights thats kind of how it is which – and you know the overworld – it can sometimes feel a little bit barren when it really is just that um. But theres like there are a few other things. Theres other little mini games. You know you unclog toilets, because the toilets are your save points and you and your mow grass and stuff like that theres a few people to talk to um so far, though its yeah its a little bit empty.

But you unlock more more sections of the world as you go along. It is mostly just about that series of fights, though, which really doesnt feel so bad to me so far like im, not really getting tired of it just because whenever you do go into one of those story, fights theres again theres. So much going on all the cutscenes and everything and the combat itself is so good that im not really uh like. I could see another game doing this uh format a lot worse and it getting pretty. You know pretty empty feeling, pretty repetitive and unsubstantial um, but so far im still enjoying it, its still fun to progress its still fun to ride around and explore and stuff, like that, oh yeah and theres, some other fun, supplemental, stuff, thats other stuff. You can do in the overworld, you got like a little laboratory and you can like use a certain currency to like power. You up power up your different stats and you can collect junk from all the different battles and stuff you do and you can craft or make or whatever um these little chips that go in your thingy and then it helps you get stronger in all these different Ways so thats fun, theres a you know, theres a nice like sense of progression. There you you get stronger throughout the thing: thats thats, always a good thing. The presentation on the overworld. I think a lot of people probably saw this in, like the trailers and stuff its not the strongest uh, the the frame rate is pretty low.

It gets pretty choppy when youre on your bike and uh. You know the world itself pop in is pretty strong. Its its clearly struggling to run on the switch, but honestly i dont mind it too much its still fun riding around and i still enjoy like i still visually, enjoy the area. I still like the use of color i like seeing all the buildings and the big stuff out in the background, like i still like it, and even if the performance on the overworld isnt the best, the performance is always good where it counts. You know like any time, youre in a battle and youre, do it like that, its always really nice and slick whenever youre actually doing something actiony, and it really matters. You know the game knows where to prioritize its uh stuff. The game knows where you absolutely need to have a just a good, solid, smooth experience and uh what else the music, the music, is really good. The the overall sound design you know voice acting is pretty good, its really hokey and cheesy, but like in a pretty fun way. Music is theres a lot of really nice. I mean i frequently find myself like nodding, along with the music and being like, hey thats, pretty good im gon na have to download that later ill have to find that on youtube somewhere, because thats thats nice overall im really enjoying no more heroes. Three. This is good im like its definitely not again like i said this is not a game that i would have played otherwise um, but now that ive, given it a shot im enjoying it, i im, i am definitely having enough fun.

I want to keep playing it. I feel like if i hit a roadblock, if i hit a thing thats like too hard or too frustrating or whatever that will probably make me quit um. It needs to maintain a certain like. I dont know its a certain feel for me to make it all the way to the end um but im enjoying it enough that i i am intrigued. I definitely want to keep playing um im having fun with it, and i dont even generally like over the top anime action games – thats, not even my thing. So if that is your thing, youre probably gon na love it. The combat is really finely tuned. A lot of the baddies are just really really fun and really tricky, and you got ta figure them out and do it, and it feels really good when you beat them um, but if anything, if its, if anything, play it for that style play it for just The cut scenes and the craziness i mean like visually and stylistically its just its a roller coaster, ride its an absolute roller coaster, ride its a theme park attraction. You just dont, know what youre gon na see next well head on down to them comments. Tell me what you, if you do, the game, this is later tell me what you think about the game. If you played it or tell me, if youre excited to play it, did you play the other games? Should i play the other games? Would i like the other games? If i like this one, who knows, let me know you have a wonderful day thanks again to grasshopper manufacturer super duper, nice of you to give me a code super awesome.