But Qualcomm, has sent us a huge box were going to open it for some interesting things inside Unboxing You deserve extra. Does it open? Oh no, thats it.! You deserve the extra speed power premium. Experience that comes from Snapdragon Mobile platforms. And hmm. Theres, a phone. And whats this They are TWS earphones. Well, look at them. Later., Oh ok. Lets keep the phone aside. Theres a case.. It actually looks like a bumper guard.. Look at it its something different. This looks like the buds case. And what else Ok.. Oh there are 3 extra plugs along with it.. This case is heavy. It says Snapdragon Sound.. What else is there? It looks like a charger., Its a beautiful Type C to Type C braided cable. And oh its a QuickCharge 5 supported 65W charging. Brick. Remember this is a niche phone, Its made for the Snapdragon Insiders Community., So its not a consumer but its a niche product. Is there something more? Oh, my god, This is a big box with a lot of things.: Oh their user manuals, meaning its all documentation.. So when you buy it, youll get this as well. Its a huge user. Manual. Lets keep everything aside. There are a lot of things to check out. Alright lets. Look at the phone now Ohohoho. It feels like the ROG 5 Phone in the hand, Friends its made by Qualcomm, but its in partnership with Asus.. Yes, its manufactured by Asus. Lets. Look at the phone.

, Its a big phone Intro Its interesting. I didnt expect it to be different. Theres, a Qualcomm Snapdragon logo that lights up. Theres a fingerprint sensor, behind. That reminds me of old smartphones And theres, a camera bump on its lower side, with a microphone beside it., Build Quality Lets put on the case, which looks Feels good, It becomes an even bigger phone with the case on., My god. This is seriously big. Should we do a drop test? Obviously well do it, like all other phones. Drop test. 1. 2. 3.. Oh my goodness., No nothing.! The bumper case is good. Drop test And nothing happens even if it falls. So its a nice case lets remove it now. It fits well too. Does it come out In Hand Feel The phones weight is on the heavier side, but still it might be around 210g. Wow Its 220g. I thought it must be 210g., So its a big heavy phone Friends. As I told you earlier, its a niche product. And its price is 1499about Rs, 1.10 1.20L. Youll get it on the Snapdragons website.. You wont get it on AmazonFlipkart. Qualcomm wanted to show their power with their chipset, which is very well demonstrated through this phone. So may it be soundperformancecamera features. This is going to have a whole lot of it By the way its sim card tray is a dual sim card slot.. For the first time, the tray came out along with the ejector tool, which isnt a bad idea as its very small, Its started.

You can see Asus clearly, If youre enjoying the unboxing then do hit LIKE SUBSCRIBE as we keep bringing such amazing videos, for you Display Its a huge 6.78 FHD display with 144Hz fast refresh rate.. It has a 1200 Nits peak brightness. And comes with Gorilla Glass Victus. And its got a decently big upper bezel, a chin., The side bezels are average., But this is definitely a big phone. So its ok. If you have big hands, if youve averagesmall itll feel big., I dont understand why they havent included an in display fingerprint sensor. Theres a physical one at the back.. If your hands are big, youll be able to reach it, but its quite a stretch. Specifications It comes on Qualcomm Snapdragon, 888 SoC.. I know you must be wondering why not 888. This phone was in the works for a year was delayed, which is why its on SD888., If it was manufactured now it would have been on SD888 Ill talk about performance. Just wait for it: It has 16GB RAM with 512GB of storage.. The RAM type is LPDDR5, while the storage type is UFS3.1, So its top of the line in terms of specifications. It has a 4000mAh battery which is on a smaller side. Looking at the big screen with the 144Hz fast refresh rate., But it has a 65W fast charging, so itll charge the whole battery in half an hour. OS UI. It has the ZenUI by Asus, but its filled with Qualcomm Snapdragons features.

, Its based on Android 11, with Junes security patch.. There are minimal apps, not many 3rd party ones., But theres, an MnD appMaster Dynamic To pair the given TWS buds. You can controlANC onoff use different functions. Friends, the logo on the back lights, up. Its a static light as well as a breathing one.. I think RGB lights would have been better as its made by Asus in the ROG Phone 5., But theres only white light. Friends. I really like 1 feature the Screen Recording. You can record the screen on 120FPS with FHD. Theres, also a DC dimming feature. Performance – Oh My God, Friends, its our one of the highest AnTuTU scoring phones with an 8.30L score. I expected it to be above 8L, but its at 8.30L, which seems great. As theres. The 144Hz screen the SD888 power with Qualcomms in built optimizations that pushes gaming on the next level. You can play the games on the highest settings without a problem.. In fact, the gameplay was very smooth Theres an Elite option for gaming, where you can set your own graphicshighlow We played on the highest settings. It was fun playing on the big screen, Its a performance powerhouse for sure Multimedia. It sounds amazing, Its one of the best in terms of performance sound that I have heard on any phone till date Its seriously loud. The quality is quite good thats because of the Qualcomm Snapdragon. Theyve shown all of SD888s power in the sound.

So thumbs up there. There are a lot of sound optimizations as well. If you want more bassmore, treble, etc that you can set. Theres an equalizer, sound optimization in the settings. There should have been a headphone jack., Its a niche product for developers, so they shouldve added the headphone jack. Camera. Its a good camera setup with a 64MP Sony primary sensor, 12MP secondary sensor, 8MP tertiary sensor. And you get OIS support in both primary and secondary sensors., And the 8MP telephoto gives 3x optical zoom. Im, showing you some samples from the rear camera. They look good. The 12MP secondary sensor can click macro photos, videos from a distance of 4cms sample photos. You can shoot videos on 8K30FPS And shoot 4K videos on HDR., So good performance on video photos. Definitely. Do let us know how you found the sample photos in the COMMENTS.. It has a 12MP selfie, sensor. And Im showing you some sample photos its decent. Friends. The selfie sensor is inside the big upper bezel, which is why it seems impossible to locate it. Sensors. You get all the sensors. The fingerprint sensor is a 3D sonic sensor. And it works very well Connectivity. It stands out as it has global 5G supporting bands. So if you travel much, you wont have a problem And all other connectivity options are top of the line. So this is not a consumer product, but surely Qualcomm demonstrates the Snapdragon 888s power. It can do a lot can do it very well.

I think Qualcomm made the phone for a very specific reason that they wanted to demonstrate what all the SD888 SoC can do., But for Rs 1.20L.