Today, after at least seven people died there in chaotic scenes on saturday, thousands of people gathered outside the airport in afghanistans capital trying to leave the country after the taliban took power there. One week ago, our chief international correspondent, lis ducette, has just arrived there and sent us this report. It hits you like a brick as soon as you put your foot on the tarmac at kabul, international airport, the intensity, the urgency, the darkness of this hour in every direction. I look are the huge gray military transport planes from the united states and many other countries? Military helicopters in the sky and heading toward every single plane, a long queue of afghans. The lines dont seem to end told they can only bring one suitcase the clothes theyre wearing as they leave their country behind the country now controlled by the taliban, but its not just a country theyre, leaving leaving behind the life they lived and for the young educated Generation the life they built up, the dreams they cherished over 20 years. This whole scene here is so orderly and calm, but just beyond this perimeter, thousands more afghans so said to be 14 000 inside the this airfield controlled by the u.s military waiting to board. Another 10, 000 and more outside a crush of people wanting to leave. However, they can no one wanted this moment expected this moment will forget this moment. Sengupta is the defense and security editor for the british newspaper, the independent.

He was at kabul airport on saturday, and he told us about the deaths that took place there. Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. I suppose. Rather, sadly, there have been deaths before, but not so um, not so many and and and not in front of us. So what what basically happened was there was a surge of people adding to the very very large numbers already there, and the surge was partly prompted by statements made by politicians in london. Washington, which seemed to make people feel that the evacuation thats going on now might be curtailed that might end early, so that led to basically panic being piled on top of panic, and we, the those journalists, are here. Uh started getting phone calls from our afghan friends and afghan colleagues um even more worried than they were saying, theyre going to make their way to the airport. Well, with so much focus on the situation at the airport. The u.n refugee agency has urged the international community not to ignore the plight of millions of desperate afghans elsewhere in the country. Catherine stuberfield is the spokesperson for the unhcr. The humanitarian crisis is deepening in afghanistan at the moment. Thats very much an internal displacement crisis were not seeing large scale movements across borders. Now, of course, the united nations is more prepared for these challenges. As of today, unhcr still has around 200 staff on the ground. In afghanistan we have access to all provinces were able to operate in about two thirds of districts, but what we really need is much more international support at this point, and that means not focusing only on the worrying situation at kabul, airport and the few.