4 billion light years from earth. Nasas hubble space telescope has discovered an einstein ring 3.4 billion light years from earth. The phenomenon scientifically called gravitational lensing was first predicted by albert einstein. In 1915., scientists said the new discovery revealed previously undetectable celestial bodies and objects. In the depths of the universe, the u.s space and aviation administrations nasa hubble space telescope has captured a stunning einstein. Ring image, 3.4 billion light years from earth occurs when gravitational field bends space known as gravitational lensing. This cosmic image occurs when the gravitational field from a large object in space bends, space and deflects light from a distant object. However, the formation in the image consists of only two galaxies and a single distant quasar asterisk, which is magnified as it passes through the galaxys gravitational field. The galaxies that shine with high energy in the farthest corners of the universe are called quasars, actually shows three galaxies. Not six. Scientists from the european space agency esa said that these bright spots do not show six galaxies, but actually three galaxies. Accordingly, the two in the middle of the ring and a quasar behind it grew larger as it passed through the two front, gravitational fields, because the mass of the two foreground galaxies is so high. This causes a gravitational curvature of space time around the galaxies. Any light that then passes through this space time follows this curvature and the image arrives at the telescopes distorted first einstein: forecasts officially known as gravitational lensing.

This cosmic image was predicted by the famous physicist albert einstein. In 1915, einstein explained that gravity is the result of massive objects, distorting the fabric of the universe, which he called space time. Since then, scientists have tested his general theory of relativity within the solar system and have proven his groundbreaking work by examining hundreds of einstein rings. Thomas khalid of the university of portsmouth, cosmology and gravity institute, who discovered another einstein ring in 2018, said in a statement. General relativity argues that large objects distort space time. This means that light is deflected when light passes near another galaxy. If two galaxies align along our line of sight, its a phenomenon called strong gravitational lensing, where we see multiple images of the background galaxy gives rise to the phenomenon. If we know the mass of the foreground galaxy, then the amount of separation between the multiple images tells us whether the general relativity theory of gravity at galactic scales is correct. On the other hand, data from the hubble telescope also detected a seventh light spot right in the center, a rare fifth image of the distant quasar einsteins theory of relativity. The theory of relativity includes two theories put forward as a result of albert einsteins work, special relativity matter and energy relationship and general relativity space and time relationship, while special relativity applies to all physical phenomena. In the absence of gravity, general relativity explains the law of gravity and its relationship to other forces of nature.

With the introduction of this theory by einstein, the world of theoretical physics and astronomy was shaken at the beginning of the 20th century. In time it replaced the 200 year old theory of mechanics put forward by isaac newton. In particular, he showed that the concepts of space and time should be viewed from different perspectives, and he introduced many concepts, including space time. The blending of the two, the relativity of simultaneity kinematic and gravitational time, dilation and length contraction in physics, relativity developed, the science of elementary particles and fundamental interactions, a precursor to the nuclear age, with relativity phenomenal.