We got some hardware information. We got release dates more on those last two, a little bit later. Your boy is gon na react to this. I avoided the trailer i didnt watch it. I it took me forever, you know just every ounce of my being to not watch it on my phone at work. I wanted to come home. React watch on a nice big screen on my computer monitor. So this is that video hope you guys enjoy it. If you want to hit that like subscribe button or talk a little bit more after this trailer reaction, lets jump on into it jeff keeley. Take it away next up a surprise for you guys, halo, infinite. I had a lot of fun a few weeks ago in the first multiplayer tech test, which was a huge lot of fun. Now lets enter the world of halo, infinites multiplayer, all right, multiplayer trailer lets go. I avoided all spoilers as much as they could. Oh whoa whoa whoa, london, big ben, these t vibes. Oh, who are you minor laureate? Oh interesting, i wonder if that pendant means anything to those who read books. I dont read the books, serious odc, vibes, love it grand laureate. Why are you here to fight or hell yeah, to win to be a spartan to her, or is it somebody different music? Oh, we got banished on earth. Oh boy holy. What is a spartan? Oh, oh, oh, a spartan in times of darkness.

Could we possibly make any more noise? Oh fights over, oh, oh, the music, and, together together we are unstoppable. This is a guitar. Yes, candidates. Are you ready? Oh hell, yeah. I cant hear you okay, okay, little cgi trailer. Can we pumped up to tell us more im, excited to welcome joseph steven, creative for halo, infinite, hi joseph, how you doing jeff? What does the phones? Yes? Thank you. So much for coming down all the way from seattle. Yeah. You guys are working very hard on the game, but you made the trek to opening night live and it means a lot to us uh. What did we just see there, so that was the introduction to halo, infinite, multiplayers, first free to play season or youll meet commander agreement. The leader of a whole new generation of spartans and agreement is a key character, as you begin your own different. That will continue from okay. This season. Wow it looks uh. It looks great one replacement of multiplayer uh the the tests. You know i was playing a couple weeks ago, tons of fun. I know that or did you play yes, thats? The team of the forum symbol on the ground back from the fans, its real uh, and i think everyone wants to know how is development going on the game yeah. Well, like you said, we started fighting our multiplayer earlier uh this month and i got ta say it was great to see the positive reaction and all the energy that came out of the test.

Um – and i just want to thank everybody for jumping in and playing at the same time, were putting the finishing touches on our most wide open and adventure filled halo campaign ever and today i would like to announce that halo, infinites campaign and multiplayer will launch together On december, 8th december, 8th recently its real this holiday, just as you promised well, i know you and the team have been working that news. I couldnt avoid spoilers for it. It was all over the place, its written spoilers coming this year because its its kind of an important year, its 20th anniversary – i thought it was gon na be in november, but no, we got a december 8th release date for this 20th anniversary. We might have something a little special up, our sleeves our hardware, announcements. Well uh. Shall we take a look? Why dont i havent watched the videos on any of them. I just literally added a card thats. All i did oh get ready baby. I dont care ive. Already bought the hardware im still gon na watch. This call me a shell. Oh baby chief needs a new elite controller because his series one is uh falling apart that rubber seen some uh some battles. I still love this from that. First trailer that scene where it goes and pulls out walking towards cortana – or i guess maybe the weapon but holding out in the series. Two was one themes: elite controllers were so freaking long and now theyre, finally making them about freaking time.

Oh thats, some controller yeah. Definitely gon na, be your boys hand soon. It wouldnt be an anniversary celebration. If we didnt do one more thing: oh theres, one limited edition console okay, uh heres. The last thing i think oh r.i.p, my bank account. Oh, i love this. Oh that banished soundtrack. I know its a trailer for hardware, but im still getting goosebumps, get ready, well, im ready, like melting gold and well does that have a 20 on it id love. To see that i did. I just literally added the cart. I was so lucky enough to get one in. Oh, i dont have a series x either yet im so happy, oh, probably way easier to get than a gtx graphics card. Oh those were the announcements today. Im liking it hardcut jeff kelly, moved right on. He has things to do so, but i was only interested in seeing halo for this, so thats really cool. I love the fact. We have a seasoned trailer um, a new name. Maybe they changed the name of the commander or maybe theres multiple commanders at the academy. The lore rapper that prepares your spartan to be in halo, infinites, multiplayer, so thats kind of it has some lore to it. Theres some reasoning behind it. Someone to introduce you walk you through guide you through the academy, weapon, drills, etc. So it sounds like maybe another person or they changed the name. Who knows again, i would love to see they continue this i ive liked what like call of duty has done at times when you know seasoned trailer videos.

You know something to greet you when you boot up the game. A new cgi cinematic, like by all means i love cgi. I love halo stuff like that. Can we get a freaking halo movie at this point? So yes, please keep those up if you can 343. Looking forward to that, i snagged the controller and the limited edition xbox series x console. Let me know if you guys did in the comments down below or youre holding out for maybe a different one for maybe a different game for xbox. Or are you just going to be playing on pc and you managed to snag a gtx like you know, 3080 3090, you lucky mother, sorry just a little jealous anyways. That is it for the news. I was very surprised that was really cool to see the banished forces in london. According to the description of that video, though, im going to read it quickly here, despite resistance, efforts have been continuing to fall in multiple fronts, from cortanas, relentless martial law. Looking forward to seeing that in the campaign and the ambition of atriox and the banished, so we got a lot of fronts that were fighting on here. We got banished uh, cortanas, martial law, so the created and the ais – and i mean you have zeta halo. You got ta bring back the flood at some point. Oh so excited hope you guys enjoy this reaction. Hope you guys enjoyed this news again share your thoughts in the comments down below sorry.

I didnt put a lot of tech preview uh videos out. I was really disappointed in my streaming: quality ive since fixed it and im excited for the next stream coming out sometime soon. Hopefully, the next tech preview comes up, really excited for that and uh yeah. This was good december 8 later than i expected. I would oh man i was so hoping they would do november 15th, because wednesday december 8th so weird looks like im taking off the whole month of december. The grind is real.