This seems to be a cinematic trailer, so yeah before we dive into it, though i do know that they have announced their new official release date for halo infinite, and that is december. 8Th and im super excited, and i also heard and saw just some screenshots that they have um. You know plans for a uh, xbox series x and a controller in the halo infinite visuals, so that is super exciting, but uh yeah lets get into it. So please make sure to leave a like subscribe and hit the notification bell and lets check this out. Oh big ben, this is london. Oh the brutes, theyre cool looking. This is very like odst vibes to win to be a spartan, be a spot. Oh boy. Oh, the music: what is a spartan Music, so cool that its so close to her a spartan is a symbol: hey Applause, where there is in times of darkness. We are nice badass and together, music, Music. Together, we are unstoppable Music, Music, whos, first Music, oh thats, so cool halo, infinite december, 8th baby alrighty, everyone that was the halo, infinite multiplayer season, one cinematic intro, so that was super cool to watch and uh. I love how hyped that was of like this. Is the reason she became a spartan and at first i was kind of thinking like oh, like were set in like london and the the banished uh like here in london, but i guess its more of a flashback.

So i dont know like you know how long ago that was, but it whether its happening right now, im not too sure uh. So that was really cool and yeah. I i loved the music. I liked the the armor that the brutes were wearing that looked, really awesome, so yeah, im, very excited and im super happy with the new date.