First up we have the stack of frozen pizzas right here. First one says: josh pizza and it looks very cool. And then you see the smelly os boxes, which these are all stuck together and look real good in your diorama and that looks cool, interesting little detail, very cool, interesting detail and a real cool uh, very cool uh little accessory. And you get a stand for the figure which a lot of neca figures dont come with stands, but i find it very cool that they actually included a stand with this one, maybe because she wears high heels and not boots or anything like that. So you know because shes wearing pumps, you know they gave her a stand to stand on, find that very cool. You have this wonderfully wonderfully detailed handbag right here. 90S handbag and it looks cool its all plastic, but back here it does look like a fabric on this side. Its a little shiny, which i dont know why they didnt use the same effect right here, because it really looks like fabric on this side. But on this one, its shiny, so i dont know, but you got to be real careful with it, because the paint is kind of chipping already. You know how neck youre familiar with necklace toys um the paint. The paint is real good, but it does flake a lot so um, you know just be warned by that, and the bag does open a little bit just a little bit but, like i said you want to be careful to not break and crack the paint um.

You get a bunch of little hands, you get a april oneil fist with her thumb ring you get another holding hand. I guess this is for holding the microphone or the side. You had a finger pointing hand and got another microphone grasping hand. Speaking of the microphone, you get it right here you get a channel three as soon as that focuses in jesus, you get a channel three microphone and that looks pretty cool. The wire leads to nothing Music, so you do get that and real cool feature and a cool little touch um and you get raphaels missing side, but i could get it back, but i could get it back. Then it just gone, but it is gone. It is right here and its funny that its actually the handle uh is black right here, oh come on, there we go, the handle is actually black um because thats how it was in the movie um on the actual turtles figures, its brown, and i always wondered Why? Because seeing a close up of this in a movie im like yeah, it was black, so its funny that they give it to us black um in this release, so thats pretty interesting. Last but not least, youll get an alternate head, sculpt of judith hogue as april oneil, and this sculpt its all right, its cool, its not much different than the one that actually comes on the figure um, which i dont know. I wish it was a little different or i wish they did something different i mean her mouth was open slightly um, but its real um, its real close to the one that actually comes with the figure um, but its cool.

It looks good all the different texture in the hair and yeah. I think they have judah folks likeness um down pretty much and uh thats it with all the accessories, and here she is in all her glory ultimate april oneil by neca and got ta, say pretty good, pretty good for thirty dollar figure, um yeah. I collect a lot of high toys and we all know you cannot compare the quality of hot toys figure to a neca figure. Although this neca figure is really good, the price is way different. You cant compare 300 figure to a 30 figure, its just no comparison, but for what it is, it is a very good figure. I love the paint application. I think the likeness is down, they got her likeness down. I mean yeah thats, definitely judah folk um. In the 1990 teenage mutant, ninja turtle movie and overall, i think it looks pretty good as we zoom in for a closer look. I really think the likeness to judith ho is on point. I think it looks good. I, like all the different colors in her hair. They did an excellent job on that. The sculpt in the paint looks really good. Looking at the detail on the little brooch right, there looks good and also the little buttons right here. Thats on her leather vest really looks good. Also like a little touch. They did right there on her. Earring looks great got ta say this thing is well painted.

Taking a look at the shirt and the vest looks real cool definitely looks like the shirt that she wore the shirt and vest combo that she wore in the movie Music. Okay lets talk about the skirt, skirt, looks good, looks like its a leather skirt with a little speckled print all over it, and it looks very good and it looks very great okay. Now i want to talk about the thing that everybody is upset about on the internet when it comes to this figure. The legs – yes, i got ta say the legs do look kind of hideous Laughter um. I dont know why they went with these. You know mannequin legs, i mean at the end of the day, like i said its a 30 action figure, you can only get, but so much um and we saw it in a prototype like this, so you know its nothing that we havent seen, but i do Wish they went with a seamless leg um to give her some seamless legs? I know they wanted to give us articulation, but i mean yeah. She would have been standing on the whole time, but it would have been cool to have seen seamless legs instead of these joints, because i think the joints are kind of ugly. To be quite honest with you um just doesnt look natural looks like mannequin legs. The top rest of the figure looks great, looks like a human being, but when it comes to this portion just looks like a mannequin but, like i said its a 30 dollar figure, its, not hot toys.

You cant, you know: youre, not gon na get that quality and heres the shot right here that everybody wanted to see april among the rest of the turtle brothers, and i think she looks awesome. This collection is great and i just think it just comes together. Very well, as you can see april, is a little taller than the turtles, which is completely accurate to the movie um cause the turtles werent that big they were. You know kind of you know little. You know smaller smaller beans, um next to uh april and uh jude of judah um hogue is shes, pretty uh im a tall woman. I believe shes about five about five ten um. So this definitely works out very, very well, and i just think they look amazing. Simply amazing, they look very very good and heres april next to the casey jones figure which casey jones is in a fighting pose right now, so kind of looks like april is a little bigger, but actually theyre the same size. I actually believe that casey is a little bigger than uh april um and thats pretty much accurate to how they looked in the movies, and it looks good. I think all these figures together looks great. This makes a excellent collection. Okay, guys so thats been my review of ultimate april oneil by neca. Personally, i think its a great figure and on a scale from one to ten, i give it a seven and a half.

I know i wanted to give it a higher score just because of what it was and who it was. I mean i never thought when they started off this line and the one fourth scale. I never thought that we would be getting the april oneil a judith hogue april oneil figure, and that makes me want to give it high a high score just for that alone, but because of the leg articulation and how it looks, i just had to knock down A few pegs but other than that, i do think its a good figure for the price anyway guys thats. What i think, let me know what you think like comment: subscribe: bang that bell for notifications and all that good stuff ill see you on the next one.