Then all of a sudden fedex truck came to my house and heard the beep beep beep, and they here it is so whats in the box. Do you know whats in the box whats in the box? Nobody knows whats in the box ill. Tell you this its from neca, so what we have here well, at least what we should have here – im gon na open this up and watch its probably not. It is april oneil from the tmnt neca movie line. Yes again, if youre new here, like comment and subscribe, youll see lots of cool stuff um. So i ordered two of them a long time ago and i saw a lot of people getting them these last, like two two and a half weeks, and i just kept looking and looking and looking and all it said – was order placed or replaced order place. Nothing got a shipping notification friday night and its here sunday, so quick ship actually, which was pretty interesting, uh neca, is pretty high on shipping, so these were kind of expensive, but im really looking forward to this ive seen some good reviews ive seen some bad reviews. Obviously i know her knees, look messed up and but its april, so we are hoping this is april. Whats interesting is uh its a pretty big box for two of them. It doesnt sound, like theres much bulb wrapping there. I have seen a lot of peoples just crushed, so im praying because its such a big big box that nothing is crushed.

I mean theres, some dings here and there in the box, but yeah lets um lets just lets. Pray lets all take a moment and pray here and lets unbox it lets see so mecca were unboxing this right. Now you better not have screwed me over here and just no bubble wrap, which is again like i said they are very high priced shipping and theres. Like no bubble wrap on these that smells ridiculous, wow, okay, im hoping these are april, i dont have anything else, ordered off mecca, look at this box, okay box! So look at that so they gave me this oversized box and it says april on it. It says april, but jeez, you know one thing i will say im glad they did that im glad they decided to you know, put them in these two boxes like this. They look nicely wrapped. Hopefully theyre you know bubble wrapped. So we got a lot of boxes to open up now, so ooh im, pretty excited ive been waiting for this for a while and honestly, even if she looks bad, it is april, and i got ta complete my movie turtles. The movie turtles are my favorite. By far so im pretty impressed, though thats interesting, like i said, maybe its for all of you – that bought one ive seen a lot of peoples. Aprils just crush shout out to my boy ron. Sorry, yours got crushed bro. I know you were opening it anyways.

So man, i got bubble, wrap too look at this all right, so i guess it pays to buy two, so they put this in there and they did the wrap like they did. Toco and razar beautiful thats. Beautiful. Look at that and now i have a nice box to ship some toys, so all right april number one now her tag is bent. Ive obviously bought two im keeping one in box and im gon na open one for you guys so like i love these by the way like look how perfect these are. Those are great woo, so theres box number one um. You know its not perfect. Theres a little bend on the bottom, but its not bad. You know the tabs bent, but who cares? I do really like this yeah or tilt it up? What what do they call that i dont know what they call it, but i do really like that. Thats cool, then, on the side you have april, you can tell the box is not 100 great because its not standing there like that and theres the back of the turtles and again. I know a lot of people have already done. Reviews on these, but im super excited, and that is cool here we go. We open her up. There is april, so she comes with quite a bit of stuff which is pretty cool. While you look at her, were gon na open up box number two lets see, which one looks better folks wow, i i cant believe these came after.

I did my video, though its probably because i wore this ninja turtle shirt today, so its like. Oh, we got ta deliver to him today. I dont know we just never know when stuff is going to get delivered all right, so box number two for miss april oneil same thing, showing them the front of the box. Oh sorry same thing and again in here pretty cool again, her tab is bent as well. So we aint gon na have no amazing box, but this one i dont know both of them are pretty yankee but um janky. I dont know why i keep saying yankees, but there you go. There is box number two, so i actually think im gon na open this box, because the sides its pretty bent in on here and this ones not as bad, but so there you go so again. Like you know, i collect stuff in box, i open stuff. No, neither one of these is a perfect box. I mean this ones a little more bent than that one. The one thing i do want to make sure before i open lets, make sure they are complete and lets see, which one actually looks better both faces. Look the same, but they both are complete. Both knees, look pretty bad too so um yeah, so weve got to here, which one did i say. I think that one look at that catch yeah so were gon na keep this one in a box.

So you can stay there and box number two is about to get open, so i do have something else for this april as well, but well get to that again. You know its your collection. Do what you want to do. You want to keep them in box. Keep them in box for me, the ones that i really do want to have an inbox i buy too so thats why we got to aprils, but super excited that neca finally released this. I do have danny coming from the loot, crate, so kind of excited. I only bought one of him wasnt too keen on him. So the back behind her is the truck in like a bottle. Thats really dark its kind of hard to see. I can probably take it out, but theres the background, its really dark, its like the truck in the farm, oh no, its actually on the street its on the street yeah. So not bad, but, like i said i didnt get a shipping notification for a while. So i know a lot of people have got these quite a while, or at least for a couple weeks now so there she is in box. There is miss april oneil, so pretty cool. She comes with quite a bit of stuff, which is really cool. So again, you know its a 30 figure instead of a 20 figure, so you get accessories, which is amazing. So, oh okay, i thought that was a zip tie.

Im really glad i didnt cut that her microphone comes with the cord yeah. I thought it was a good guy, so lets pop her out come on all right, so heres her first head and honestly. I know a lot of people are like. Oh this face sculpt. I really like her hair. Her hair looks good her face sculpt isnt great. Her face almost i mean not in exactly how they look. It kind of reminds me of starlight, though they tried their best and just didnt get it 100, but its not terrible. I dont think its bad. I do really like her hair and then she comes with a bunch of boxes of pizza. We got joshs pizza, brad, bites, smelly, os and thats it bunch of pizza boxes. They dont separate, which is kind of a bummer but thats still cool Music. Oh man im. So happy this came, but of course it had to be after i already did a turtle, video, so heres, the mic. It says wtrl and then thats the zip tie. I thought i was. I literally almost was gon na cut that, but so that whole mic comes with the cord, pretty cool there. One thing i thought was really cool that she came with and i totally forgot she did. It first was one of raphs ice, which is pretty cool or size or how, whatever its called. I cant remember exactly what its called um she does come with a stand which is interesting.

I dont think any of the other ones came with stands any of the turtles or anything its just a flat black stand its probably because shes not going to stand very well so im glad they did that because otherwise id be up here, you know trying to Get her to stand forever um then we do have. Let me move this mic. This mic is kind of obnoxious, her alternate hands. She does come with two other alternate hands. Those are like for her to hold her mic. I would assume, then she has a fist hand. She does have her ring on her thumb. Theres a fist – and here is a pointer finger, so she can point which is pretty cool and next is her bag, which i liked her bag in the photos. I thought it was pretty cool. Looking one thing i did want to know: okay, so you can whats crazy, okay, so heres the bag. So you can see how much it bends down right there. So i was like okay, so its youre not gon na be able to like open it or anything you can open it. It is just rubber. Now, oh somebody knocked over something one of my dogs, but so you cant open it. So if you wanted to you could put stuff in there, i mean its kind of hard, but you could put her the weapon in there, which is cool. I do like the bag.

I think the bag is pretty cool. Of course, you know the best thing on april. Right now is the bag, but we will see i i actually think she looks pretty decent. I know shes getting a lot of hate right now um. I actually watched a lot of the videos of judas hogue talking about her figure coming out and everything like that, which was really cool, shes, a really cool lady um, so wow her head just popped off right, as i took her out, though. So here is april. Oneil, okay, so thats a bummer um. Hopefully it will go back on right its on. Thank goodness that kind of scared me. So here she is man. I get what people are talking about with her knees, i mean so here she is ill put her on a stand here shortly, but i honestly think she doesnt look bad um. I do like her clothing. I think her skirt looks really good. I think her little jacket, um okay best, oh youre, showing me her underpants. Oh, am i oh lord jesus jeez, sorry guys um. So this i dont think you can get all the way off. You might be able to. I mean you could if you really tried. Probably um but pretty good her hands. She does have her bracelet on. I do like her clothing. I think its a watch. Okay, its a watch, sorry guys there we go um its, not bad, so those are the knees people are talking about.

I mean what she reminds me of. She reminds me of sally and nightmare for christmas, where she like walks. Like this i mean, like literally, look just thats, exactly what sally looks like, but so whatever theres her, you know her uh high heels, which you know thats going to make her almost impossible to stand. Watch i get her like first try why she pose like a zombie, because she kind of looks like a zombie yeah. Her legs look broken well and thats. What people are saying i mean because you get like im like? Is that supposed to be her pantyhose? Well, yeah like and then like, it is its kind of really weird looking it is, but you know im gon na bypass her legs and i dont care because im excited for april oneil there she is and then you can uh throw her bag on, and i Wonder if the mic will fit in this hand, probably will look at that there. She is that that cord is kind of weird, though i mean, because you kind of have to like pose it behind her, so its just not there and there she is. You could always cut it shorter though you could. That is true um as far as faces go this ones kind of funny. Looking um, i do like her face that she has on im, probably gon na leave it with that one, but its not bad. But again you do at least get you know.

The pizza boxes alternate hands another head, the mic, her bag. I think the bag is one of the better things of this whole thing um. But i i like her. She i get it theres. Some really bad points. In her but um im super happy to get her shes gon na complete. My team, which is really cool, ill, probably pose her with my mask. Casey maybe ill find an unmasked one soon so, but we did get one more thing for her ive seen a bunch of people do this, so i wanted to test it out this stupid coraline figure that jackets gon na be ginormous. I think so too. So all right, ive seen you know april wears a yellow raincoat. Now you could have bought the signed version of april um and i believe she came with a coat. It was well a lot more expensive, so i was like you know what ill just get two and screw the signed one, but she does wear. You know her raincoat, her yellow raincoat, i believe in the first one um. So of course, this coraline figure. I have seen a lot of people buy and use the raincoat for that now whats annoying about this is this. Coraline figure was 21. three days now. I guess well review this thing. This thing looks terrible cool. I i dont know i dont understand um. I didnt really like coraline in the movie to begin with its kind of creepy for a kids movie.

Oh god she is naked under here were not going to show that sorry, guys yeah, im dead, serious. She dont have a shirt on and her arms dont even bend. Okay, so there goes coraline were done with coraline, but she is amazing, yeah shes nude. So if you buy that core line figure there, you go yeah. Is there an ace? Why cause barbies come naked too? Sometimes, oh, this is actually made by neca yeah. I didnt even look to see what was made um no ages 21, but you know whenever we bought april a 21 raincoat thats. What we did as i like break her arm, trying to get it on her again ive seen a lot of people. Do this and wow her hood is huge, but maybe if you cut off the hood, oh honestly, i dont think it would look too bad its a little big on her, which i figured it would be. Oh and you can actually oh, can you take it? Oh, no, i thought you could, but you can put it back like that thats, not terrible. Honestly, i am pretty happy. We got it. There is a pro nail in her ring jacket, so i i like it um so again that core line i found at target uh its made by neca real toys, its 21 dollars. So it depends if you want to spend 21 in a rain jacket, but look at that, not bad but yeah.

If she wanted to be like rap star april. What up like with the hood look at that yeah, so we might have to cut off the hood. Um looks like it wouldnt be too hard to do, but its not bad. Honestly, the jacket doesnt no its pretty decent shes gon na fall, but so a couple things ill say about april um this face not feeling all that much probably wont use it um. I do like to alternate hands the microphones, pretty cool. I do really like her purse and that she comes with the weapon. The pizzas are pretty cool um. Yes, her legs are red, yeah theyre, pretty bad um. It does suck that im. Probably gon na have to pose her with a stand to get her to stand, but you know it is overall. I like her. I think this face isnt too bad. I think her overall costume is pretty good minus her legs um its not bad, and honestly this raincoat looks pretty decent, so you guys will have to let me know what you think about the raincoat, because ive seen a couple, people do this and i wanted to Try it out for myself, and i thought it was good um that coraline figure i dont know what im going to do with im garbage yeah pretty much. I cant even give were going to give it to uh my wifes niece here, but uh shell be naked. So thats thats not going to work so um yeah.

So just wanted to do this quick video for you guys again, it just ended up showing up today so um. I hope you guys liked it. You know ninja turtles all day were so excited to post, pose her with my ninja turtles um. Let me know if you got your april, what you guys think and yeah have a great week and keep collecting please like comment and subscribe. Follow me on instagram, the link is below in the description and thats it thats it.