I think i pronounced it right its popping up here on the screen and as of today, the 24th. We got a trailer preview for april oneil. Now this is something that was majorly talked about in all the reviews out there of the first trailer, where we gon na see add on characters to be played as in the story, mode of ninja turtles, revenge of the shredder. Now, as you can see right now on screen, there is something plain: it is the trailer that was released today and it is currently showing april oneil being used. She looks great, it looks like she has been modeled really well after the character from the cartoon. Overall shes got some great character aspects as in when it comes to her fighting styles and the moves that she performs. It looks like shes carrying some weapons in her hands that you probably get off the foot, soldiers and stuff like that, etc, etc. Overall, this is a plus. This is what everybody wants, but theres two things that i got ta mention that will probably come into play. Well, actually, one – and this is a big one, because, honestly, i dont want this thing myself, but the other thing is to mention that shes, probably the first of possibly many characters coming to this game. We could honestly get possibly get casey jones splinter a lot of other the the frog brothers uh, even characters that werent in the game themselves, but based mainly in the tv series, possibly being integrated in the game.

I would love to see this. I would love to be able to play this game all the way through as splinter and possibly have a like different ending when he faces shredder compared to the turtles. You know theres some games out there that do that when you play with different characters, you get different things. I would like it even possibly a reverse and play as like bebop and rocksteady and shredder and crang and youre playing. As you know it it could be. Yeah, it could be all over, but there is a thing that you have to think about that possibly is gon na happen and i hope it doesnt i dont want it myself is that these characters will be part of micro transactions, add on characters at 3.99, but I hope these are all going to be free. This is just my theory. This is my take on this trailer because honestly, doesnt really say anything. Hopefully this is a good thing and theyre not going to be micro transactions and you have to buy these characters. I understand the game is going to be fairly cheap. I think 29 is the retail price on switch and maybe 49 on next gen consoles, but i mean honestly to see april oneil in the game is a plus two thumbs up four thumbs up six thumbs up. Whatever you want to call it, you go two thumbs and two toes and its whatever you know, but i like it, it looks great, plays great uh so far that i have seen im really looking forward to this game when it comes out – and it looks like Its going to be coming out next year, unfortunately thats the downside to it.

But let me know what you think down below in the comment section of this real quick short one april oneil being shown off today. Wow im happy lets, get casey and some other people in there. Maybe uh.