. It could be as much as 10 slower for each year its spent mining cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Dogecoin. At least thats. What the rumor that has been spreading ever since Palit Microsystems, a large manufacturer of GPUs, allegedly warned benchmark.pl about the supposed dangers of buying used, GPUs. But hold on a minute.. A GPU manufacturer only makes money when you buy a new GPU.. Of course, they would wan na warn you off buying a cheaper secondhand one.. So is there any truth to this To find out, we contacted an acquaintance of mine, a local full time, crypto miner. fire crackles crowd, chatters, angrily Yeah. I know. I know., But hes. Otherwise, a totally cool guy., So we got in touch with him and we borrowed three GPUs that have been mining 247 365 for one two and three years. And Ill be comparing their performance to our closest available equivalent GPUs that have done pretty much nothing but sit On the shelf in our store room., This is an important video, because, when the inevitable GPU price crash does happen, itll determine whether its worth it to pull the trigger on a used GPU to finally turn the tables on those filthy, filthy miners., Oh no offense, but By the way, thanks for lending me, these cards. And thanks to World of Tanks for sponsoring this video. World of Tanks is the free to play. Epic online combat multiplayer game that features tanks. Use, invite code tankmania at the link below to get some great bonuses.

upbeat. Electronic music Weve talked about performance degradation before in this video, where I compared a ten year old, GTX 480 that had been quite heavily used to a brand new in box one. And that time around. Our conclusion was that, if its still running at the same clock, speed its performance will be identical to the day. It was new.. However, if the silicon has degraded to the point where it cant run at those clock speeds its gon na artifact or black screen, rather than somehow lose performance.. So why are we revisiting this topic Im so glad you asked. Modern graphics cards ever since the GTX 680? No longer run at a fixed clock, speed. And its common practice for manufacturers to advertise both a base. Clock speed, as well as a boost clock, speed for what they would expect the GPU to reach under typical conditions., And this is where things get really interesting.. All other things being equal, the performance of a processor like a GPU is directly determined by how many cycles it performs per second. And with nearly a 20 difference between the base and boost clocks of, say, NVIDIAs, RTX 3080, its conceivable to imagine a card that still Works but with dramatically worse performance. So lets meet our cards. Shall we, Starting with the ASUS TUF RTX 3080 10G Gaming.. Now we were really lucky here in that we happened to have hand slaps in the box to give you some idea how little its been used.

A TUF 3080 Gaming card that is identical to the one that has been running for 10 months of continuous use, mining cryptocurrency.. Now that is less than a year. But if the rumored claims from Palit are to be believed, it should already have dropped a measurable amount of performance compared to this otherwise identical card. Lets, get it on the test. Bench. Because were comparing like for like that is to say that both graphics cards in each round of our testing are using the same GPU. Our setup can be very straightforward.. All were gon na do is run FurMark until we reach a plateau in temperatures., Then were going to log the GPU clock, speed for a period of one minute and take the average. Thatll tell us about what the card is. Boosting to. clock ticking One down and while our results seem fine, we wont know for sure. Until we compare to a card that doesnt have a layer dust all over. The fan. Here comes GPU number two. Divided by 1950 equals. Oh.. Well, our mining 3080 did end up slower, but it turns out it was only by 0.8., So that is well within the margin of difference that you might expect just picking up two brand new 3080s off the shelf and running them against each other, but that doesnt Prove degradation, isnt, real. Lets move on to something thats been running for quite a bit. Longer. Representing our approximately two years.

Is this RTX 2070 Gaming, Z, 8 gig from MSI.. Its actually only been mining for about 18 months, but in theory, if its supposed to lose 10 performance per year, this one should be quite a bit slower than an unused card.. Okay, I had planned to show you guys the results for the 2070s after I had run both cards, but this first one is so interesting that I couldnt wait., In spite of it being rated only for a boost clock of 1830 megahertz. This MSI card is still running at well over 1900 in FurMark. Definitely interesting, even if Im not sure how valid this data point will be., Because while we did manage to get perfectly matching cards for our 3080 test for our 2070s, we were not quite as lucky.. I mean wed, have loved to just buy a perfect match for the one that was given to us by the miner., But the problem with that is that most used GPUs on the market are so called because well, theyve been used. audience gasps And the whole point Of our test is that we want to compare to something that is in like new condition.. So even if we found a GPU that someone said hadnt been touched, wed be just relying on their word as opposed to any kind of empirical data.. So what we decided to do was go with a non matching GPU that we know has spent most of its life on a shelf, even though it is rated for a lower boost clock.

. If anything, then this should make it even easier for our mining card to maintain its performance edge., And this card also ran well above its rated boost clock.. So I guess what that means is that our test doesnt tell us really anything about performance degradation due to mining, but rather that Nvidias sophisticated GPU boost technology has never really cared much about what the rated clock speed from the board partner is.. So both cards are behaving as they should, and even their relative performance, given that theyre, both rated for about 100 megahertz difference in boost, is exactly what we would expect if they were brand new.. Of course, that doesnt mean that its BS., Because we still have one more test – a GTX 1060 that has been mining for four years.. Okay, I was way off in the intro. For this generation. Both of our cards are rated for the same clock speeds, but with different cooler designs., Though both of them should help them reach pretty much the full potential of the silicon.. This AnonTech review from 2016 shows a Founders card like this one performing within about 5 of an ASUS Strix card that has a beefier cooler.. So if mining for four years did anything to our Zotac cards performance, it should be pretty evident in the results. Lets. Take them, down. Were looking at an average of 1835. clock ticking And conclusion. 1847 versus 1830.. Basically, the same., So okay then. Using a GPU still doesnt appreciatively, affect the day to day performance of said GPU.

. That is unless Palit is admitting that their cards die really quickly or something.. I dont know., Probably not., So its purely binary then., It still works or it doesnt work. Anymore. Go ahead and buy mining. Cards. End of story right Well, not quite. Its clear from their condition that, while these GPUs mightve been heavily used for mining, theyve also either been very regularly cleaned or kept in a basically dust, free, environment. And because modern GPS boost higher in some cases much higher. When theyre run at lower temperatures, the condition of the cooler is critical to the performance of the graphics, card., So a broken or clogged up or otherwise, hobbled heat sink could easily cause a 10 performance hit or more. Thats why it is so to carefully inspect the Condition of the cooler of a graphics card before you make a purchase., They can be a real nightmare to track down secondhand if you need to replace them. And depending on how much youre spending the remaining lifespan of the GPU before it reaches that binary. Doesnt work state could be a major concern as well. I mean, if youre paying half the price for the same performance brand new, I say: YOLO it and buy another one if it dies., But if youre only saving a few bucks well Id recommend this video about. Why electronics die where Luke explains how even components with no moving parts can be gradually worn out by invisible forces like thermal expansion and contraction and even the physical flow of electrons through the tiny, copper wires in a microprocessor.

? With that said, a quality GPU would have been built to last much longer than its warranty period. And, in my opinion, the flood of used GPUs that is undoubtedly coming could be the tide change. The PC gaming community has been waiting for., So the bottom line know the risks but dont. Let anyone scare you off of a good deal with baseless, FUD. And dont. Let me scare you off. Our sponsor World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a free to play. Multiplayer online game that is well free to play, but skills win the battles not money.. It features over 600 tanks from the mid 20th century that are made to be historically accurate, including legendary, Shermans, Churchills Tigers and more and has 40 battle arenas that feature historic locations. All over the globe. There are a hundred million players worldwide. So why are you waiting Play on your own and master? The art of armored, combat or join team clashes and climb the leaderboard with invite code? Tankmania. Youll get the Excelsior tier 5 tank 250000 credits. Seven days of premium access, plus three rental tanks for 10 battles. Each., If you guys enjoyed this video, you might enjoy our turning a mining GPU into a gaming GPU. Where we had that headless card, we managed to get it running.