In fact, i continue to be able to buy gpus in this environment. So a couple ground rules here, nothing has been scalped. All these cards were bought for personal use for myself or immediate friends or family number two. I do not use a bot. I have not spent any money on renting or buying a bot. These have all been done by my pudgy little fingers. The last couple really important points before we get into this is, first of all, none of these were bought for msrp. So if youre looking for an msrp guide, it doesnt exist, msrp is currently dead. Number two. These were all bought from legit retailers. No third party sellers on other platforms, nothing on ebay, so these are bought directly from retailers or e tailers and the last and maybe most important point about this entire video is. It is a numbers game right now, the more effort you put into it. The more bites that the apple you take so to speak, the more opportunity you will have to in fact get a gpu out of it. So it does take a little bit of time and a little bit of effort but ill try to streamline the process. For you and tell you how ive gone about it, you enjoy hearing about pc gaming and hardware, and its your first time coming through a sub is always appreciated if youre, just stopping by a like, certainly helps me out with the youtube algorithm im going to go Ahead and get micro center out of the way up front, because microcenter is really terrific and i live kind of in boondocks ohio.

If you will – and i happen to split the difference between the micro center up in columbus and the one down near cincinnati. However, i do realize not everybody has access to a micro center and that you may not have a micro center or a similar retailer in your country, but if you do have access to a micro center, maybe within an hour or 90 minutes its worth mentioning this. So the first thing to realize is micro center is getting shipments in almost every day right now, monday through saturday, not so much on sundays and the way theyre selling those cards is kind of any mini shuffle. If you will, where you show up every morning, you scan the qr code and then theyre going to go ahead and contact you with your information and say: hey youve won a card and you can go back and get the card the thing to realize about micro Center is, though, first of all, they dont do any business online like amazon, but secondly, if youre near a store – and you can go into it one or two days a week, you will happen onto graphics cards theyre, just sitting there on the shelf waiting to be Bought that you think shouldnt be there in this example, the store down in cincinnati has an evga 3080 for 890 bucks and if you happen to be in the store right now, itd probably just be sitting there on the shelf and you could take it up and Buy it currently at the store up in columbus, they have some 30 60s right now for just over 500.

So if you have a micro center near you, there are opportunities, make sure youre going just beyond their mini shuffle that theyre doing and maybe go into a store on occasion and just see whats there on the shelf, because sometimes theres a golden opportunity. Obviously, here in the us, one of the biggest retailers for online electronics goods is newegg and a while back. They obviously went to the new egg shuffle as their process of sorting through who does and who doesnt get cars on a day to day basis. This is the new egg shuffle for today, and it looks like theyre going to have 18 different combinations of gpus that are available to be purchased. Now i do understand some of these are going to be combos. Maybe you have to buy their crappy power supply or the ram you really didnt need, or even a motherboard, which is really a lot more money sometimes – and you really dont want that. But obviously you do want the gpu. So that is a crappy situation, but they do have a lot of gpus available on a day to day basis. The real trick, in my opinion, with something like a new egg shuffle, is going back every day. Now, maybe you have a specific card in mind like a 3080 or a 30 70 or a 3080 ti, and you have a specific brand and model or maybe youre a little bit flexible, which certainly makes things easier.

But the trick is to go and sign up every day for the gpu that you are looking for, and why do i bring up the everyday because ive talked to people irl that in confidentiality theyre like yeah, i tried it a few times and i didnt win. So i stopped playing well, the reality is theres, so many people trying to get a gpu. You need to sign up continuously every day and the more flexible. You are the better opportunity you have to get an opportunity to buy the card and what i mean by that is, if youre targeting a 30 70 ti, are you flexible on brand and model, if youre locked onto something like an asus strix card in that 3070? Its gon na be a little more challenging to get the card youre. Looking for, if you just say, hey ill, take any 3070 that comes along im very flexible as long as its a black or maybe white. Whites always harder to find, though then youre going to have a lot more opportunities, and the real trick here with the shuffle is sign up every day for the gpus youre. Looking for myself since theyve been doing this shuffle ive won. If you will three different times now, the first two i didnt buy the card. I just wanted to see what the frequency of winning was, but this 3060 ti that just showed up yesterday. I did get that through the new egg, shuffle more on the 3060 ti and videos to come.

The other opportunity that exists on newegg, very similar to micro center is sometimes you just have stragglers that are hanging out that are still for sale. In this example. Here you have a 3080 ti from msi. Now you do have to go ahead and get the ram to go with it, but eighteen hundred dollars is not really outside the scope of where were at right now for a 3080 ti, especially from msi. Who is always one of those more premium brands in the gpu market space keep in mind. This is directly from newegg, not a third party seller and its in stock. As you can see here, thats one of those things you can add to the cart directly and check out immediately and have it shipped probably today to your home, there are still some or other good opportunities for buying gpus out there and one of the ways i Have used to access amazon is through in stock trackers, the primary two that ive been drawn to are here on youtube, and i certainly have used data lovers to buy several pieces of hardware. Now, however, fix it fix it fix. It also does a very good job and stays on top of things. Of course, another good opportunity that goes right along with the live streams, are the discord notifications for in stock tracking. I primarily use the discord notifications in youtube to access amazon and the reason i do that is amazons releasing product all the time.

Theyre not like hey its tuesday and were going to do, drops or hey its thursday were going to have new releases come out. They have product coming out literally around the clock, so theres opportunities there all the time. However, there are also pitfalls with amazon. The thing you want to look for with amazon is make sure when it says ships from and sold by that both those spots are amazon. Otherwise, youre dealing with a third party that is using amazon as the platform and jacking up the price, even more thats, not to say amazon, isnt charging something over premium, just like everybody else is in this market. However, i found some pretty reasonable deals on amazon over time and i think that does present a good opportunity. Now you do have to be fairly quick on the click with amazon, as it were, because everybody else is looking at this also again kind of like the new egg. Shuffle you cant just try it once or twice and go. Oh, i didnt get it or wow. It was only a third party seller and the price was way too expensive. However, if you cant keep an eye on it, these arent the best way to do it and you may want instead use discord and click directly through on the links theyre, giving you there. So once you go through micro, center and newegg, who are kind of on a daily refill basis, then you get amazon who operates more around the clock.

Then youre left with the companies that are doing kind of like regular ish drops, and these are usually happening on a tuesday or a thursday, and one of the bigger ones. Quite honestly, is Now, of course, youre only going to get reference cards on its, usually a very badly kept secret. If you look at something like fix, it fix it fix it or data lover, and they usually have a pretty good idea about when those are going to happen. And what day of the week and kind of a time ish frame about when theyre going to go. Do keep in the back of your mind if you havent used recently, they are using a q system now thats going to have you in a line, so it does not pay to refresh refresh refresh. However, you can have it both on the pc and on your phone. At the same time, if you want to be in separate spots in the queue to give yourself, the best opportunity to get a gpu in a system very similar to what is using best buy is also using a queuing system except trying to queue for the Website youre actually cueing inside the actual card. So when you click on the card and you try to go, buy it and you add it to the cart, thats whats, putting you into a queue and saying hey if we have enough stock well get to you to fill your order.

One of the aib partner companies that has done a really good job. In my opinion about all this mess has been evga and theyve kept their prices, pretty moderate, giving whats been going on overall, even when you look at places like amazon or micro center or newegg, their prices are much lower than everybody elses. The other thing is: if you go to and you actually go to their products page, they list everything continuously as out of stock, and then you sign up for their auto notification. Dont shoot the messenger. Please im, not the one driving any of this. I just try to be pragmatic about the opportunities i have to buy cars for my needs and my immediate friends and familys needs, and i make the best of it – that i can guys. As always. Your thoughts and comments are welcome down below ill do the best.