Just this past month, google announced that going forward when you create links to shared microsoft office files that you have in your drive, theyll open directly in docs sheets or slides. So if you have a microsoft office document once you upload it into your google drive when you share that with somebody, it will automatically open in google docs. This is an update that will be available to everybody and should already have started if it hasnt. It should be available in your district very soon. An update that i am very excited about is you can now create and import documents that contain images above or behind text in google docs previously, when you tried to do this, the formatting would get a little bit. Funky, but you can now position an image thats, either in front or behind text. I know in the past, when i tried to import something from microsoft word into google docs, the formatting would get all messed up, itd be very hard to work with that, and you just couldnt, really get the text on top of an image without having to go Into draw and other different things, but now youll be able to do it very easily. As you see, there will be a new option under text. Wrapping youll see it says behind text, so you can put the image right behind the text and it creates that really nice. Look that will give you professional, headers or you could put you know like pictures throughout with text over them.

Just a lot of different options and its just a really big step, i think, in terms of google docs allowing people to create work that looks really professional. At the end of last school year, google announced a really big update regarding something they call smart canvas, and this included the insertion of smart chips for files and meetings which allow you to create checklists and a whole bunch of other things in google docs. I did cover this in another video, so i wont go into it in detail in this video. But if you havent checked it out, please take a minute and watch that video. There is a link in the description below and ill put one up on the screen right now. I highly recommend checking that out, because there is a lot of information about how you can uh like tag people in google docs how you can create those checklists, how you can insert links more easily with like intelligent suggestions in the insert link, dialog theres, also more Table templates in docs theres meeting note templates, theres pages formatting in docs, so uh. When you have a moment, i highly recommend checking that out because those are available and active right now, so its worth going back to watch that video as well. I know from talking with a lot of teachers and delivering professional development. People often mention google docs, as kind of like the poor mans version of microsoft. Word kind of a watered down version.

Doesnt have all the features uh its great because its convenient but isnt quite at that level. That microsoft word is, but i feel like with a lot of these updates that docs keeps getting uh some of the ones i talked about in this video, the ones i mentioned that i have in that previous video uh docs is catching up pretty quickly and is Covering a lot of ground and im actually quite pleased with the quality of work that youre now able to do in docs, uh, so im im really looking forward to these new updates to see what else well get to see this school year um. If youre excited about this, please let me know what youre most excited about in the comments below. If you know of any teachers that might be excited about these, google docs updates, please feel free to share this video with them and again make sure to check out the description below where there are links to other videos. And if you havent already. Please take a minute click on the subscribe button and click on the notification bell, so you get notified every time. Theres a new video and if you havent, followed me on twitter, please take a second and follow me at dancebeta and on facebook at facebook.com.