You decided im going to skip xboxs, gamescom stream im going to wait for that. Maddie recap. What i like to do, first and foremost, is reaffirm your positive life decision. I want you to flex in the comments if you decide to skip out and youre just watching the recap, because you saved yourself so much time whether it was spent making a sandwich doing some work whatever it was congrats you win flex a little bit for that. Let it be something we all remember, because this showcase was not the best to put it nicely and were gon na go through all the announcements. There was information even with very tempered expectations. I still felt that xbox gamescom 2021 under delivered, and it left us with some question marks, some of which may even be answered as soon as tomorrow. Well talk about all of that. But if youre new, here and youre into xbox news, of course, youre in the right place, well be doing these recaps for you, whenever theres a showcase, so at least stick around for that. But before we get into all those juicy announcements, we had a word from our sponsor yo matt its video day. Baby get up, lets work now: uh, okay, well um its writing day too. You wan na type a little script, maybe no huh! How about we go shopping and we can get some stuff for an unboxing video, nope, okay, thats it im. Putting you on skillshare skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people like you me and many others explore new skills.

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But maybe we should just you know, sidestep it a little bit and then well save the good stuff for later. So i kept it optimistic and it seems like maybe our patience was rewarded, because after 10 minutes of talking on this game, they moved on to humble bundle who was bringing their indie games to xbox game pass day. One. There were a slew of different games that they showed off to me. The standouts were bushidon and midnight fight express, especially midnight fight express with all the hype around sifu. I think this game deserves as much anticipation. It looks excellent its that crunchy combat animations, look clean, theres interactions in the environment that i didnt expect in the trailer this game really caught. My eye was 100 a game of the show and only got a brief look, but there is more content online for you to take a look at, but outside of that these two were awesome, bushido and, of course, speaking to the weeb deep within me, i love Seeing all that, but more than anything is i like seeing xbox continuing to support the indie community, because its whats kept them afloat this year, big time there have been a lot of good indie drops, whether it be death store the ascent 12 minutes. I know some of those were hit and miss for people like the ascent didnt land for me, but it landed for others, but they are continuing to drive into that market more and more, and i think its very smart in the long run that they do so With that, they also continued on with revealing a game called into the pit, which was this first person magic doom like game, i felt the animations were a little bit underwhelming for how fast the combat was like it, didnt seem visceral enough, i think, would be the Best way to describe it, but this will be day one game pass so its one of those titles that you can download and try and see hey.

Maybe i was completely wrong about this game. Thats, the beauty of it all, but this was one of the new reveals for the showcase. Now you may be watching all this and thinking to yourself like all right, not too bad heres, where you dont just see the brakes get hit, but we are sitting in standstill. Traffic as age of empires. Is a series thats built itself off of history right totally understandable? In fact, some people have gotten into history because of age of empires. Once again, i think its amazing and one of the cool things about this series is that they are bringing these documentary style videos into age of empires 4, which you can unlock and learn more about what really the game was built around and i think thats something Valuable as both a fun game and a learning tool for people. However, if you dare show this in a showcase again, im gon na lose my mind, there is a difference between showcase content when your expectations are low and then just something that is completely out of place after this documentary style video, whether youre interested in it or Not i respect it. Then they talk for a while. Once again, the pacing is completely disrupted, but im interested in age of empires four, so im sitting there going. I want to see the game at least show the game right. This is the place to show the game, the xbox stream, and then they say that tomorrow, at the opening night live gamescom stream.

Theyre gon na show a trailer. This will be a theme later on in the video, but when i heard that i went whats the point of this showcase, if youre gon na hold back trailers for jeff keeleys show well talk numbers and all the possibilities on why theyre doing that. But at that moment i went well. What else are they gon na hold back for keeleys show tomorrow? I didnt even think xbox would be involved, given that theyre having a showcase one day before achilles. So that puts some question marks in my head and this was a really drawn out segment. Then things started to pick up a little bit. We started talking about xbox cloud gaming and they started showing that this is coming holiday. 2021. So you can play xbox series x games on your xbox one if your internet were to have held up. I think, overall, the idea of this is exciting. I found one thing that was hilarious about the trailer which was like they would just put their first name like zack, xbox gamer, and i was like that is. That was something that got a good laugh out of me during the stream but uh beyond that. Some more surprises came our way. I didnt expect this one, of course im a little biased here, but you all know. I love wasteland 3., one of the best rpgs of the last generation, phenomenal spider, webbing, choice and consequence, and it just got its battle for steel town dlc back in june now were getting another piece of brand new content.

This one a little bit smaller its called the cult of the holy detonation, its coming out october 5th for seven dollars so clearly much smaller than the first piece of dlc, and also on that same day they were releasing the wasteland, colorado collection. This will go for 60 itll have the base game and all the dlc with it. If you have not hopped in just, do it, okay, just get in there do know, however, if youre waiting for the dlc for game pass. This is something that will not be there itll be discounted. You will just get the base game on game pass. So if you want the full collection and everything which would be worthwhile, it will be 60 october 5th, but this is like the children of adam in wasteland essentially, and they built this whole cult around a pre war experiment. So i was watching and going so youre telling me this fall were bringing back state of decay which well talk about in a little bit, were bringing back wasteland and were bringing back skyrim. Okay, all my kryptonite time wasters have arrived in the same fall, excellent im. Sure ill get a lot done now. Another cool surprise was borderlands and sea of thieves teaming up for a gamescom timed event that is available now until september, 7th, its just a new ship skin, but i dont know just i cant. Imagine anyone predicted this one. What a weird wacky crossover and it does open up the avenue of other stuff that they could cross over with.

We just saw them, do disney with pirates of the caribbean, which makes sense, but then something like borderlands. It shows that sea of thieves is growing and other brands are taking interest in it and want their game. A part of sea of thieves like weve, seen with titles such as fortnite, where theres some relevance there and some growth in the brand so im excited to see how sea of thieves teams up with other ip across the games, industry and not games industry. I think theres a lot of room there for them to do something special. So i thought this was a tease of whats to come, but thats available right now. If you want to go ahead and check that out, if youre a sea of thieves player beyond that, they got back into the games with stated k2 homecoming. So this is arriving september 1st. It brings you back to trumbull valley, which was the first map in state of decay 1, shout out to the og state of decay fans who played that during the xbox summer arcade. Oh man, what a treat! What a surprise that was. I actually have an original review for that game here on this channel. From way back, then i loved the first state of decay. Anyway, they continue on explaining that theyve remastered this entire map, theyve added six new bases, theyre continuing on with the story here and wrapping up some pretty heavy plot threads therell be new weapons and outfits, but also new achievements and state of decay.

2, just continues to get this phenomenal level of support. We saw juggernaut edition, theyve been adding more and more now. This is their next big edition of content and its just amazing right with their player count and everything. This game just has some serious legs, but i got ta say looking at the visuals again, i was like all right its starting to show its age a little bit. I cannot wait to see what this team is doing for stated decay three after they also announced it to k3. I kind of thought that was it for a little bit with state of decay 2, so shout out to undead labs for supporting state of decay 2 and giving it more content in a form of a remaster, admittedly, but hey im for a nostalgia trip. After all the new stuff they brought in like now, it feels like a great reward so doing all of that, while were waiting for state of decay 3. I think excellent timing on that really well done so once again that comes out on september 1st. Afterwards, they showed off a 2022 game, so remember how we were told: dont expect anything out of 2021. This was one of those weird moments where they said: oh, its coming 2022.. We dont know yet. I was reading. We dont know yet, if its an exclusive but its this game called straight blade, which looks to be kind of inspired by i thought of darksiders 3 and dark souls.

It was a really interesting, looking title where the way you played the game and who you killed and where you died would change how the world would appear, so certain pockets of enemies would be in certain areas and then there would be camps that would be gone Where itd be safe originally to have been so i like, where they were going with, that, i think thats, a good evolution of what weve seen thats pretty familiar in that genre anyway, continuing on this one got the chat, pretty hype. I remember when i saw it. My whole chat, just it filled up immediately crusader kings. Three, this games been around for a little bit of time, its apparently an excellent strategy, role playing game and now its coming to gen consoles through the series x and series s once again, a lot of people were really excited about this one, so much so that I need to try this one out. Ive heard its a major time, sync, that its a really deep game there were so many cool outcomes that could happen with this game on how you would marry people and work relations and the politicizing of the title. I mean that between what i was seeing, of course, the choice and consequence that seemed to be there and then the chat. The chat really got me over the edge on it, and so i do want to play this one of course theres stuff on my list.

Like pillars of eternity that i just ive been putting off for so long, i just i need to play that so i got ta make business decisions soon right. I got ta know when im playing for review. What im playing for myself, what im playing for future content? All this needs to be considered so right now crusader, kings, three, its on the table were gon na see where we end up with it. Continuing on. We also had the gunk the unfortunate name, the gunk, so this got a very quick trailer its coming in december, although they never showed that during the showcase which i found was kind of strange, but itll be 30 fps on xbox one and 4k 60 on the Xbox series consoles im trying to keep an open mind with this one, even though i always roast it for its name. It looks kind of like blinks to time, sweeper energy, which im about i loved blinks growing up. So for me just seeing that i was thinking myself all right, i could be down with vacuuming some stuff up lets. Do it so now were nearing the end here and youre thinking, theres gon na be a climax of sorts and, of course, everyones looking at halo, and so they move into forza horizon 5, where it got its cover, reveal it got a ton of new gameplay and Hey strap into your seats, defining duke and ham radio listeners because get ready for this.

I like what i saw now: ive, never been a forza hater, but ive been branded one because during xboxs e3 showcase. I thought they went on a little bit too long and ive said that before. But i got ta say watching it there all the different biomes. They were going through the different cars. I was just sitting there thinking this looks fun. This looks like itll, be a good time, not that i was doubting that, but this is the first time i truly felt about forza horizon 5 ill. Tell you the truth. Other than that i was like alright cool im, sure itll be good for other people and itll be massively played across both pc and xbox. Now i think your boys on board literally then get this. The show ends. No halo, no scorn, no tunic, no crossfire x. Even though remedy just said that crossfire x campaign was done and it seemed to be arriving 2021. now before i get into a rant, our good friend, jez corden said that xbox fans will want to watch tomorrows showcase with jeff keely. So there is this butt in the middle of all this, but maddie. We may see it tomorrow, so this problem could end as soon as tomorrow, but i do think theres a a bit of a problem here that is worth discussing anyway. So, halo being the biggest omission after we saw the content being removed, being co, op and forge people were thinking all right with gamescom coming up soon call of duty.

Finally revealing its release date and its game. Vanguard folks are saying its clear now that call of duty has shown its hand. Halo will show it so everyone was looking at xboxs, gamescom stream for that and they didnt show it, of course, if its at kiwis stream tomorrow problem solved. But right now some folks are concerned. Now i dont want to dive into that too much because theres a lot of what ifs, but what i will say that we can speak authoritatively on is why wasnt this at the xbox show why wasnt age of empires at the xbox show now the response ive Been getting is, of course, numbers maddie. The the kiwi show gets the numbers right. This guys got a huge platform its why everyone wants to bring their games to his showcases. They get excited for them because he loves the big reveals and thats 100 correct im. Not even trying to argue that point, but more so that halo was trending. It was one of the most viewed videos on youtube. The week it dropped it was huge. People were extremely excited. After seeing the multiplayer reveal the fact that people are arguing. Xbox couldnt have shown halo on its own stage and garnered attention. I dont really understand there is the other counterpoint that they are showing also playstation and nintendo fans halo, which i think is the most strong argument of them all. But between that and age of empires and, of course the.

What i would say is underwhelming showcase, even with expectations in check. Then we start asking: why did xbox do a showcase in the first place. You know there were things that i thought were pretty cool. I love state of decay. I love wasteland crusader kings. I thought the gunk looked interesting. To some extent i mean there was stuff there right. There were a lot of question marks and ultimately it seemed like a soft stream that didnt really need to exist because they understandably shot all their information out at e3 and im. Not complaining for a company communicating with fans with updates on things that are happening. I think thats important, but i think that a gamescom stream, even with expectation set, saying, hey just 2021 stuff updates on important 2021 stuff happened like with forza horizon 5 and age of empires. Those are two of the bigger xbox game studios launches and so to see that halo wasnt there to me. I found that to be really off, even if theyre saving me for keelys stream, just ultimately thats weird, it seems to really state to the consumer that the show was a waste of your time and that something like this a recap – was the best way to consume. It or reading the xbox wire and going okay scroll through it off all right cool now i know whats going on seemed like the best way they could have announced it anyway. I think xbox does have a bit of a format issue between id and xbox, which ive already talked enough about how i have an issue with the way they present games and interviews, and now theyve kind of repeated.

This gameplay showcase extended format which worked fine for post e3. We were just getting updates on things we had already heard about, but now with some space in between and some of, the announcements being soft and even fair expectations not being met, i think they need to go back to the drawing board on how theyre going to Start presenting stuff to fans, but those are just my thoughts, id love to hear yours. What are you thinking about xbox gamescom 2021, and do you think we see halo tomorrow? Let me know in the comments down below other than that. Follow me on twitter. Follow me on instagram those links are in the description down below and a big. Thank you to all the patrons all the members who continue to support the content here. Stay sexy stay active. I love you.