Truthfully. Everybody cannot wait now, even though im super excited for psychonauts 2 and everything we do actually have plenty of other news to talk about as well, including a playstation 5 revision. Yes, the playstation 5 does already have a revision going out right now and then we also have some big gamescom games to talk about, because a few games are being teased for that gamescom event that will take place later this week. So we got a very busy episode ahead of us, so lets just go and jump right into it now, unfortunately, though, we do actually have to start today off with a bit of bad news. Thankfully, the rest of the day will be good news, but uh. Yes, uh, unfortunately it does look like the sonic collars physical edition will be delayed over in the emea region. Yes, unfortunately, sega did send out a message apologizing to fans saying this due to unforeseen logistical issues. All physical editions of sonic collars ultimate, which include both the standard and keyring edition, will be delayed across all emea markets, excluding australia and new zealand. This does not impact the digital release across all. First party platforms, sega, is committed to customer satisfaction and we apologize for this unfortunate delay, more information to follow, and, yes, as they said, this is just very unfortunate overall, especially for those who really are adamant to have that physical addition, i know for myself. I am a big collector and i do prefer physical additions when possible, but you know the good news here because i you know, i try to be an optimistic person.

There is some good news here, and that includes that, yes, you can play it digital. I know if you really are adamant on that physical release that doesnt help out but, like i said i try to be optimistic and yeah september in general is a very busy month in the gaming world. If you are gon na hold out in that physical release. Luckily, theres a lot of good games releasing next month, including you have death loop, king of bridges. Spirits tells of a rise life is strange through callers, theres, death, stranding directors cut, you have eastward theres lost judgment. Im really excited about that when yeah just overall. I think september theres definitely a lot of games to look forward to so if you are holding off on that sonic callers release until the physical version does come out at least theres some other good looking games to play as well. If any of those do interest, you, like, i said before, i know its unfortunate, but this does seem like its out of segas hands here with it being logistic issues. Now, with that said, we really dont know how long the physical version will be delayed in the emea region, but hopefully we get some more information on that soon and for that matter hopefully just its not too big of a delay. Moving on, though one thing thats really exciting about this week, is that gamescom will be taking place on the 25th thats when that kickoff event will go, live and jeff keeley is kind of already teasing some games.

That will be there and yeah its already sounding like its going to be a really good event, so lets just go and check out some of the games that are being teased for gamescom. On the 25th over here on twitter, you can see jeff, keeley, teasing, teenage mutant, ninja turtles, shredders, revenge for the opening night live over at gamescom, and this is a game that was revealed earlier this year and fans myself included, seem to be really excited about this. One and thats for really a multitude of reasons. For one i mean based off the gameplay that weve seen so far. It looks really good and it seems to be a bit of a throwback to some of the older arcade teenage mutant, ninja turtle games, including turtles and time now. A lot of people do consider turtles in time to be one of the very best beat em up style games ever made and and for myself yeah. I would definitely rank it up there. This is a game that i have a lot of fond memories of growing up myself and to see a game like this come back, yeah its definitely very exciting. But what makes this even more interesting is the fact that dot mu is the studio thats working on this game now the reason thats such a big deal is because dot mu is the same studio behind streets of rage 4, and we all know just how excellent Of a game that was so, we know that they already do a good job with bringing back some of these old school, beat em up style games, so to see them working on a new teenage mutant, ninja turtles game yeah.

That bodes really well for this new teenage mutant ninja turtles game so definitely look forward to seeing shredders revenge over at gamescom thats. Not quite everything, though, because jeff keeleys been pretty busy over on twitter here, recently teasing a lot of different games for that gamescom kickoff event and uh yeah, im gon na kind of go down a list of some of the games that hes been teasing over on Twitter and that includes valheim were gon na see a death. Stranding directors cut extended trailer, far cry 6, beginning a new story trailer. I know a lot of you all really interested in that far cry 6 story, so thats, pretty cool super monkey ball. Banana mania will be getting a new character here were going to get the ginshan impact. Update call of duty vanguard is going to get a next generation. Gameplay reveal obviously call of duty is a huge franchise, so call of duty fans are definitely going to want to tune in lego. Star wars, skywalker saga is going to show up here were going to get a split gate. World premiere king of fighters, 15 is gon na, be here as well. Maybe a new character reveal and then – and this one is really really interesting, but hes also teasing a saints row. Reboot yeah, i wasnt quite expecting that, but saints pro has been a pretty long running franchise for uh a while. Now this is a game that originally drew a lot of inspiration from the grand theft auto franchise.

I remember really enjoying this game a lot with some of my friends back during the xbox 360 days and at the time it was a really good gta like experience, but they have went to a different type of direction with some really over the top gameplay. We saw some superhero powers in saints row and yeah theyve definitely taken this franchise into a different direction. But here we are seeing him tease a reboot and im very curious to see what they do with saints row with a rebooted title. Will they kind of go back more to its roots and go back to being a gta inspired type of game or or will they just continue off with that just over the top humorous type of gameplay? I guess well find out here soon but yeah. It definitely looks like a saints row. Reboot is set to be revealed at this gamescom event. Truthfully. This event is starting to shape up very well, and this doesnt even include that xbox gamescom event, which will be taking place tomorrow on the 24th yeah its going to be a pretty good week for gamers speaking of xbox, though we need to talk about psychonauts 2.. This game, i could not be any more excited about, and today definitely didnt help out with that at all, because reviews are starting to roll out for psychonauts to right now now, psychonauts 2 is a double fine game, which means this is coming directly from an xbox Game studio now and well kind of get back into that here in just a moment, but currently, as i am recording, psychonauts 2 has an 89 overall score on open critic and then an 87 on metacritic.

Now that 89, over on open critic, would actually mean that psychonauts 2 is the best rated big premier release for 2021. So far, it edged out both ratchet clank riff to part as well as it takes to which are both phenomenal games. Probably two of my favorite games its released this year and to this day i would actually consider it takes to the game of the year now i havent got to play psychonauts 2 yet, but that might change here in the next couple days and cant wait to Test out myself, but yes, psychonauts 2, currently is the best rated new big premier release for 2021. That is such fantastic news for a multitude of reasons. Now, if youve played the original psychonauts, i dont really think that this is a major surprise, because, even though this game isnt like the most popular game in the world, the people who played this game, they love it. I mean ive been saying it on this channel. For quite a while now psychonauts is one of the best 3d platformers of all time hands down. It is a phenomenal experience, its insanely creative, its got a good story, its got lovable and charming characters, definitely quirky its got a cool world, and it really is just an amazing, 3d platformer. So the fact that this game is reviewing so well is really not that big of a surprise, but i found it really interesting that so many people today and theyre kind of surprised by the score and a lot of people were like, oh well.

Now i need to go back and play the first psychonauts game. Now you all whove been watching this channel. You all have had full disclosure that yeah. You should probably play that first game because, as i keep saying its aged incredibly well, it still stands a test of time and even though its not going to be necessary to play it before psychonauts 2, its still recommended, because this game does have a legitimate story And the first game is going to introduce you to all the characters in the world and how razz becomes a psychonaut and how he learns. All these different abilities and, in fact, the second game. Youre gon na have all the abilities that you learn from the first game, so it is recommended to play the first, even though its not absolutely necessary. Nonetheless, its really exciting to see for all these psychonauts fans out there. The weight definitely seems like its been well worth it, and for that matter i im so happy for double fine themselves. Double fine is just this really highly talented, creative zany studio, and they do often make these niche but high quality games and at times its felt, like double fine, has had a hard time even staying afloat, because yeah some of their games are niche and even though They are very good, they oftentimes do go a bit under the radar and that right there is the reason that ive been all for this double fine acquisition by xbox.

Not only does this acquisition help out xbox, but it legitimately is a good thing for double fine. Now theyre gon na have a real budget and the extra time that they need to work on their games and were really seeing that here with psychonauts too, and in fact, xbox did help out with psychonauts 2 in development. They gave them an extra budget and more time to develop this game and double fine was even able to re, add and cut content because of that extra time that xbox afforded them so youre already seeing how xbox can better a studio like double fine. So im really excited for that, and then, on top of that, i love seeing a game like psychonauts 2 and in double fine, get the recognition that they truly deserve. With this game, launching directly into xbox game pass, a lot of people are going to try this game out, and that bodes well for maybe even possibly a third psychonauts game. Please lets not have to wait another like 17 years for a new psychonauts game. Hopefully, this one is really successful right out of the gate, but that is another part of this whole release. Here this game will be launching directly into xbox game pass, and i mean, if you start to look the last 30 or so days for xbox game pass. Theyve had a ton of day, one releases, including chris, tells omno the ascent, dodgeball, academia, recompile humankind, hades flight, simulator and now psychonauts 2.

, and not only are these good games, but i mean you legitimately have three games that very possibly might get some game of the Year, awards later this year, psychonauts 2 very much looks like a game of the year candidate, and then you have hades, which has already won a bunch of game of year awards and then flight simulator. I imagine thats might win a few awards as well. So i mean what a month for xbox game pass objectively. This might be the best month ever for xbox game pass, just absolutely insane. Now, with all that said, i do want to go ahead and point out that psychonauts 2 is a multi platform release. Some people actually seem to be surprised by this, but yes, this is coming to the playstation 4 and will run on playstation 5 through backwards compatibility. Now, the xbox series is the only native next generation version and over there you will be able to play at 4k. 60 frames per second on the xbox series x or 1440p at 120 frames per second on the xbox series x. So that is very impressive and obviously the xbox series x will be the best way to play it on consoles, but do keep in mind that psychonauts 2 will be available on both pc as well as playstation, regardless big congrats to double fine and hey xbox. Now that double fine is really showing that they might possibly be one of your best studios available right now give them as big of a budget as they need in the future and now yeah lets lets make psychonauts into a real franchise going forward.

Now we also got some playstation news, as the playstation 5 got a welcome revision. Now this new revision is being spotted over in australia as well as the uk so far, and this does follow reports of a revision in japan as well. Wed have talked about that in the past, but, interestingly enough, this does make a pretty notable change which well get into here in just a moment now, dont go in expecting some like playstation 5 slim model, or something like that. But, interestingly enough, this new playstation 5 revision is about 0.6 pounds lighter than the original playstation 5 model. Now its not exactly clear as to what has changed to make it 0.6 pounds lighter, but thats, definitely a its, not an insignificant amount at all. Very interesting to see what exactly has changed, but the most notable difference here is actually with that screw for the playstation 5 stand now. One very interesting design choice for the playstation 5 is that stand that you place underneath the playstation 5 to either set it up horizontally or vertically, depending on which one you prefer. It is kind of a strange setup and there is a screw thats included with the stand. That does require a screwdriver, but here you can actually see that theyve swapped out that original screw for a thumb screw instead, which will just kind of make the process for attaching the stand to the playstation 5. That much easier – and that is a small but very welcome addition.

I mean, if you go, look over on youtube for assembling the playstation 5 stands. You can actually see a video with 940 000 views, which just kind of shows you that its not a super straightforward process, theres a lot of people that had to go online to look at a video on how to attach the playstation 5 stand. So with this thumbscrew, you know its just going to be just a little bit easier and thats a very welcome addition, no its not like some major revision or anything like that, but any type of improvement, yep thats, good news to me lets go ahead and take A look at the pull of the day, though, and last week. Unfortunately, 343 industries did announce that they were unfortunately gon na have to delay halo, infinites cooperative game mode for about three months, and this has sparked a big conversation about whether or not 343 industries should just go ahead and delay. Halo, infinite until cooperative is ready. Now, im not exactly sure i agree with that thought process, but i thought id go and ask you all and see what you all thought and well 57 of you said. No, you still dont, think halo infinite should be delayed and yeah. I definitely agree with you all here now. I said this on last weeks, video, but i think that if 343 delayed the entirety of halos, you know the single player as well as the multiplayer. I think a lot more people would be upset that way.

This game was already delayed a year and the truth is, is not everybody necessarily cares about cooperative. Yes, i absolutely like cooperative and i do typically play halo cooperatively at some point, but theres a lot of people out there that just want to play its single player or they just want to play its multiplayer. So if 343 were to delay the entirety of halo, a lot more people would have been upset. So there really wasnt some kind of win win situation here. If the single player is legitimately ready, then i mean just go ahead and push it out and for those who want to play co, op, youre, just gon na, have to wait three months, its not ideal, and i understand that again i was looking forward to playing Cooperative with my friends as well this holiday, i mean – i was literally just talking with my friend about halo infants, co op about a week ago, and how we were looking forward to it so yeah its definitely unfortunate that its not going to be ready to go At launch, but we will be able to enjoy its multiplayer as well as a single player and then later on, we will be able to play its co op as well. Maybe thats not exactly ideal, but halo. Infinite is still releasing this holiday, and that is definitely something to look forward to now. I did notice that some of you all were kind of talking about reviews in the comments and how the lack of co op could affect halo, infinites overall score and for any reviewer thats going to go out of their way to knock a game for a lack Of co op, when theyve already confirmed it, will have co op in a few short months yeah.

I would really have to question that reviewer now. I know that theres. Definitely some people out there that want to see halo fell and the lack of co op at launch theyre going to use that as ammunition. But i really hope reviewers would not stoop that low. There might be a few because theres definitely some questionable outlets out there, but hopefully thats not too widespread regardless. I am very much looking forward to playing halo infinite single player as well as multiplayer later this year. That multiplayer in specific is looking excellent so far and yeah. I think this is going to be a good game when it does release anyways, though thats it for this episode. But if you liked the video dont forget about notification and subscribe button for more content, just like this, also, if you like, to support the channel through patreon.