I kind of want to talk about. You know what i expect to see what i dont expect to see in that way: kind of predictions setting our expectations one final time, one last reminder and ill. Probably let people know again on twitter as well. I will be co streaming this, so at 11 a.m. Pacific 2 p.m. Eastern is when the show starts. Im probably going to go, live 30, 40. 45 minutes before that uh. So if you guys do want to watch gamescom, you know come back to the channel watch it with me. We will have a blast. We always have a blast and always have a ton of fun uh doing these co streams, and i just kind of recently started this year all right honestly, i think this is going to be a pretty good show it. It continues to look better and better, maybe thats, going to get peoples expectations too high, as ive said before. My expectation simply is to kind of enjoy. The moment know that theres going to be games for me know that theres also going to be a lot of games that are not for me, but that are for other people as well, because its not just one, you know, minded group that is watching gamescom right. I think thats a general kind of blanket statement that we should all know and again you set your expectations wherever you want, but thats kind of where im at i enjoyed summer game, fest ive enjoyed past jeff keeleys shows overall for kind of what they are right And thats, just where you set your expectations, um, you know.

Obviously you got the big guns. You got call of duty, you got saints row, these are going to be. You got lego star wars, i would say, is another big one. You know yesterday we talked about some last minute: rumors for resident, evil, 4 uh saints row. I guess like additional details and the wolf among us too. You know honestly everything ive seen thats been brought up for the most part. Thats been talked about like potential for gamescom is something that, like i wouldnt, say, youre crazy for wanting. You know what i mean i havent seen like if youre expecting like horizon or god of like something big sony exclusive. Now i do know sony is on there like playstation is, is is up there. I honestly feel this is just a prediction: thats, probably kina, kina bridge of spirit. It comes out september 21st, im going to assume thats what is or maybe its death loop – something like that, but i dont think its going to be horizon or god. Of course, i want to be wrong, as i always say, with these kind of things, but i just dont think that, but beyond that, you know again, like i dont think thinking wolf among us, 2 is going to be. There is all that crazy. I dont think resident evil 4 thinking thats going to be. There is all that crazy, even like elden ring theres a lot of people that are kind of connecting the dots that maybe jeff shows that uh.

You know one more time: uh, you know games like hogwarts legacy. That is where it gets a little bit more tough. Well, i guess like to knock out the other wb games like gotham knights. I dont think really. Anybody should think right because thats probably going to be a dc phantom or it definitely will be a dc phantom hogwarts legacy. Of course, we all want to see it myself, you know being the leader of the fan club or like one of the proud members of the fan club at least, but no, i really um, i dont think thats going to be there well have to see what The the big things are right because he already has announced again like call of duty. You know lego, star wars, saints row saints row to me feels like one of the bigger things thats gon na happen, but also you know again. I understand maybe not everybodys a call of duty fan and im, not even a big call of duty fan, but you have to understand showing that game play like the first look of that. That is a big deal it just it just flat out is you could, and you should probably consider it one of the bigger things that are going to be a gamescom so again, thats kind of where you set your expectations right because it depends on like these Big things, the big surprises that hes not talking about you, know theres like a realm and if they fall outside of that or theyre too high theyre too exciting.

For that realm they probably wont show up, and especially once we start to see kind of the level. You know i mean like jurassic world evolution. 2. What is that to you? You know, i think, were i think its going to be there, i think were probably going to see like a game play. Is trailer probably get a release date for it? You know thats a big thing to me. I would consider that a big thing to the gaming industry, but i dont know what that would be considered to you guys again, like whats hogwarts, considered stuff like that. So youll be interesting to see the big surprises. What that is, i feel, like the big surprises are mainly going to lie in the things that are coming out in 2022, which remember the theme of gamescom is holiday games and then also what comes beyond, which is why, like jurassic world evolution, lego star wars, saints Row, rumors saints row could be february right, so thats, i think, actually where we can get some of the surpri even like sifu right. The martial arts game, thats, probably gon na be february thats, where i think the surprises are gon na lie. If were gon na get something big it could be, maybe it is maybe it is a horizon. Maybe sonys, like you know what you know forget our own show were just going to go to jeff key. I dont actually think thats going to happen.

I think sony would 100 want to do it um on their own. I know ive pitched the idea of witcher 3. I think a witcher 3 next gen upgrade supposed to come out. This fall slash holiday, so probably like november december. I think that makes perfect sense to show a gamescom big again game thats been out for six years sure, but its a big game loads of people love it myself included right. I think that would kind of fit the theme of what theyre doing so. You know, i think a lot of stuff is going to be there. I mean theyve gone through a list. There is a long list of you know, developers and publishers that are going to show up again, to be honest, theres, not many crazy things that ive seen like if youre expecting gta 6, that you should not be thinking that, if youre expecting the next bioshock game, You should not be like things like that, i would say thats the realm that were not touching. You know even a game like um or even if you think, of ea games right ea is a big portfolio stuff, maybe like uh, you know hes done dragon age. Pretty much every single show he ever has in fact the last games come. He did a dragon age kind of sizzle reel and last game awards. He did, i believe, a dragon age thing as well as well as mass effect, so jeff loves dragon age kind of more than we think.

But we know death stranding right, but you know maybe he shows something dragon age related for ea, star wars, stuff. I would kind of keep off the table. I dont really think thats going to be there im sorry this is, i mean this is definitely just off the top of my head im kind of going through any franchises or any publishers and developers. I can think of ubisoft honestly, not much is going on there, maybe like a prince of persia thing. If ubisoft honestly is even going, i didnt, even i actually forgot to even look so but again, like thats kind of the realm were talking about. Im excited im pumped. I really dont think this is a bold statement. I dont think im going to be let down all that much from gamescom, because again you got to get yourself in the right mindset for these jeff keeley shows its a sh, its a show that youre gon na enjoy some things but again and, as ive said Before like, if you are a kind of person that only plays like two games a year, two three games a year and you like have like. If you look to next year – and you say you know, im only buying one game next year shows like gamescom and the game awards and summer game fest. They are not shows for you theyre, just not because theyre gon na show so many games. You dont care about which is fine by the way and its that you know like.

I dont blame you for not being interested in every game, but thats just how they are and thats how theyre designed to be. So. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below any last. Second predictions. Any last second hopes all that kind of stuff. Let me know make sure you guys are subscribed bell. Icon turned on the live stream should give a notification, so you guys should get notified on that. But, if not again check back around, you know 30 40 minutes before uh the show starts. I will be co streaming it. I hope to see you guys all there make sure youre following me over on twitter podcast now 15., i do have a second youtube channel called podcast. Now, plus i upload additional videos there and i will be covering gamescom on that channel as well. And finally, we have patreon and youtube memberships. If you guys want to support us financially, you get exclusive things back, including exclusive videos to you for doing them. The links for all the stuff, i just said is in the description below okay.