She may never be able to see again today douglas is going to be seeing eye dog thatll allow her to do things like she always could do shell finally be able to have fun again come on douglas v. Are you okay, oh daniel im, so sad? Why did agent peters throw that chemical right? In my eyes i dont know i feel so sad, its okay v. You can cry its okay to cry im! Sorry! Well, look. We got our little new spy ninja douglas on the team. People forget we have him, but no look, hes here and hes ready to save the day. Yeah cause like i said. People who dont see very well need a seeing eye dog to guide them around yeah and douglas can do just that right. Douglas douglas v is injured. Okay, she needs you to guide her places. Okay douglas were counting on you first step to being a seeing eye. Dog is you must where oh gosh hes jumping on me? Oh shoot. You must wear the collar because i need the collar. Come on doug lets drop it its not working so far its not douglas. Do you still have projects oracle tendencies in you douglas? You need to you need to sit sit. He doesnt know how to sit v. He doesnt got to go real fast. Can i hold you okay, its on him its on him step. One is complete. Yeah, okay, good job douglas im gon na have to find a way to put the leash on douglas.

Without him attacking hey, hey, i dont know if its gon na work me whats happening okay, daniel trying to find the leash in my pocket, because if i bring it out right now, hes going to go crazy. Oh no, oh crap, Music! There we go its on him. Oh, i feel i can feel him. Okay v now you grab this right here, okay and then he can lead. You places. Okay, oh, are you? Oh, my god. Oh my god, whats happening you might have to let go god. Whats happening Music. He wants you to go over there. Where am i here by the bat? Maybe let it go yeah? Oh, my gosh douglas whats wrong with you boy, b. Okay, the problem is you just have to talk to douglas, say douglas. I want to go to the fridge or i want to go to the bean bag and then hell, listen, okay, because right now, hes, he doesnt know where to go. Yeah lets try this again: okay, douglas im, feeling kind of hungry. Can you leave me to the fridge wheres the fridge come on. Dudleys leave it to the page. Is it working? Oh, my gosh. He brought you to the fridge. It. Oh well hes, bringing you somewhere else. Oh my gosh. Where are we now douglas? Are we in the restroom right now yeah, wait hes coming through the shower, wait why? Why is in the shower? Does he want to take a shower? Maybe hes hes too hot here? Oh think, okay, point the camera in my voice, oh in the douglas you like that there you go douglas, we did the shower.

Just like you wanted. Does that make you happy now? Will you finally be a good guard dog? I dont know if this dog is trained well v, no video! This way. This way be this way over here over here v douglas. Look at me. Will you be a good guide dog? I dont know if its gon na work, but i have hope i got an idea. Okay douglas we hooked a gopro up to douglas youre gon na see what douglas sees okay, okay, hes pulling hard were going to try this again b. Okay, hold on to this. Okay, oh my gosh hes going so fast daniel, oh, my god, its hard. Oh, he wants to go out. His claws are sharp. Let me open the door there. You go! Oh my gosh. He wants something grab onto me because you got some steps coming up douglas. Stop pulling so much oh sue. I forgot to stop. Ive got to worry about that one, daniel, sorry, okay, another step right now. Oh there you go. I think he wants us to come this way. I dont know why. Oh forgot, i forgot to warn you you guys are both bad im just curious. Oh my gosh hold on to that really tight douglas is doing something. Oh, oh, shoot. Baby pull pull back, pull back Music! Oh no! Im coming at me, im coming in douglas what the heck man he just ran off. He knew what he did.

Your eye patches are coming off. Oh no, can you see hello over here? I cant see stuff. She wants to run back inside douglas. Okay lets get out of it. Lets get you uh, nice and dry. Lets get your eye patches. You need those all right grab them to my arm and follow me. Okay, theres steps there. Oh yeah, okay, okay, another step here we go guys. I dont know why. Douglas did that, but i dont know if hes gon na be able to heal me, maybe theres other ways. How am i going to stay like this forever? I dont think so. Here put these back on there, you go the sunlights bad for your eyes. Okay, come on v lets get you back inside the house. Douglas wants to go back in oh theres, a step there, daniel sorry, you got ta. Give me a better warning on that guys. I think you need to subscribe to this channel right now so below this video, oh theres, a step below this video is a red subscribe button, click it and make it great. Your life is not gray anyway, yeah click that button and then and then and then youll, be a spy ninja just make sure that button. Oh one, more one more step, this last one is gray, because gray is the way douglas. What the heck man! Why did you do that? Huh youve, been a bad dog lets, go back inside yeah, just a little there you go straight straight there you go straight, yeah just go straight: there you go theres douglas all right! Awesome, oh ouch, okay, im in brand new clothes and uh these changing right now, v, v douglas, says: hes, sorry, whats, taking you so long daniel, oh rush me! I am blind! You know i have to fill out everything that i was wearing: okay, okay, okay, wow.

Looking fresh i put on the fine ninja robe, is it right, looks perfect, you even did the knot and everything yeah Music theyre my new eyes. I just i just feel like you know, maybe if i i draw them on theyll theyll come back sooner. What do you think daniel you look horrifying? They get away from me. Okay, im! Sorry, im! Sorry, im! Sorry, im! Sorry, i know you its scary to go around this world. You cant, look out for yourself. You know yeah, maybe douglas isnt, a good seeing eye dog, but maybe he can be a good guard dog. Oh nice, douglas. I forgive you. I forgive you douglas douglas daniel. We made him run away. What im saying is its scary to go into the world, not knowing if theres bad guys around but douglas can be the guard dog we need lets test it out. Oh my gosh. I hope this plan works. I was gon na dress up like a hacker and make sure that douglas can be a good guard dog for v right now, its now or never its time to be a hacker wish me luck. Where are you? How am i supposed to film this just follow my voice, your voice, okay, douglas, is that you i hear you is that you douglas? Oh, oh im. Sorry, oh theres, a little ledge here, Music, its working lets see if it works with you ill. Take the camera im going to pretend that im attacking you and well see if douglas protects you, okay, it saves your life.

I believe in you douglas come save me, be my hero Music. It worked. It really worked. He attacked me. You saw that. Oh there you go douglas good boy, wow see now you dont have to worry. Since you cant see the bad guys or you know, burglars or hackers douglas will alert you and take them down. Hell. Take care of them. So does this make you feel better? You know i it does make me feel better. You know that douglas is here. You know, but im im, still not my regular self. You know im not 100 me and i have zero vision. I still cant do a lot of stuff daniel. How am i gon na go on missions? Fee come on youre still good at tons of stuff. I know one thing you can do really well, especially with douglas really. Yes like this its tick tock time with douglas our last tick. Tock got over 9 million Applause. Music cause love. You views boy were gon na. Do an amazing tick tock this ones about moves all different moods, its a trend thats been going around. Oh really, oh youve been hanging out with regina a lot more. Has she been convincing you to do tick? Tocks? Well, theyre kind of cool; sometimes i definitely want to do youtube and tick tocks. Unlike her, she kind of wants to quit youtube douglas. Do you want to do another tick? Tock with me boy, you saying yes, daniel, i think means yes follow my lead v.

This is how well make it im gon na play the tick tock look. I got three moods and its a dog uncontrollable zoomies like a crazy mood, dogs get zoomies and they run around a lot. Another mood sleeping 16 hours a day, totally different and then theres. Another mood dancing for treats you know so. Three moods, crazy, sleepy and boogie mood: hey, hey, hey! What well do with douglas come on douglas. First, we got ta get this guy in a mood and film it all right, hes looking out the window. Maybe this can be a move daydreaming for better days to come. Im also getting a bit of a sad mood here like looking out the window or maybe its like when youre an outside dog, but youre stuck inside. You know, moods moods douglas. What is it dude? This is like such a mood right here its when you want the toy, but the guitar is in the way: Music. Okay, there you go heres the monkey as chad would say, and catch. Oh whoops, there you go douglas heres a mood Music. Maybe what other moods can douglass have moods so far, we have sad that about a toy crazy. Now we got ta. Do confidence for douglas yeah, hes, confident hes, confident that he can push someone in the pool yeah all right lets uh lets get a confident douglas. How do we do that? I mean he looks pretty confident right now.

His heinie in the air full display hes like im, confident in my body, hes chewing on a ball look. He looks pretty confident right now. I cant see daniel oh im, just talking to the audience. I got three looks and thats it look how cute he is and how handsome he is. Look at my handsome little boy. Look at my hair thats, so nice douglas, like father, do that to available. I told you to kiss him, i didnt say kiss on the booty. I cant see daniel, oh no Music, but youre still sad about being blind yeah. I still cant see daniel. I mean having doing the tick. Tocks is really fun and all, but i feel like i just really want my vision back. You know cause think about it. You cant see chad anymore, and he knows that so he might stop shaving. He might let himself go. I dont want that. I dont want that at all. You dont want that its been like three whole days and vs vision, still hasnt come back. What, if its permanent the doctor said it may be permanent? I mean i dont know what were gon na do about this whole september. Fourth thing: so: on september, 4th project zorgo is being restarted again, theres a countdown on the project zorgo channel. How are we gon na take down peters? If you cant see i dont know i dont know, but i really want to take down that agent.

Peters, dude hes, the one that did this to me, hes, the one that blinded me he blinded me daniel. I know dont, you just want to kick his booty. I do. I definitely do and we will. We will were going to stop him and all his hackers that hes been recruiting were going to get your eyesight back before then i hope so daniel because we got to stop him. Oh look, oh crap, sorry, but douglas is doing something wait a minute v. I got one more idea. This is amazing. You and douglas will really bond. This is what we need to get you back to normal watch. This i mean check this out. Let me i can see itll help you another spawn. Okay, we are going to do v. Robics, remember that yeah i remember, but do you remember, but this time this time were going to do it with dougas? Just do your v robic stance like you always do, okay and douglas will copy whatever you do. Okay, all right, oh its gon na, be so cute, its gon na be the cutest thing on the internet. Oh, i cant wait high five douglas. Where are you qualified yeah? Are you ready? Are you ready douglas? You picked your bottom five. Six, seven, eight yeah! Oh yeah dont see it youre smacking something Music. No, you getting the jazz hands douglas hes back, oh okay, all right all right, ready, Music back hes, a hog, oh good job douglas douglas.

He weighs so much great performance v douglas tried as best as he could but uh. I think i think theres some moves that match exactly really yeah. I cant wait to to listen to it. Dont worry vvv. The doctor said there is a slight chance that you will get your vision back one day. I know its been three days and nothings changed, but still have hope. Sometimes in life you got ta, be patient. Injuries take a long time to heal, sometimes so yeah dont worry douglas tried his best today. You know he might not be a good seeing eye dog but or you know a guard dog, but he is a great dancer. I can hear it you know and he he can do the aerobics and thats okay, you know and thats who douglas is. He might not be great at everything, but hes great at being douglas gorham douglas is just being himself and we all love douglas for being himself right, and i – and i can be myself if, if i stay this way, im gon na be brave and – and i Will still be the best spy ninja i can be. I can still go on battles if i wanted to. You know i just watch out for where im im kicking, but you know i can still be the spiciest spy ninja. I can still do my hair flip. I can be whatever i want to be doesnt matter, because i got my family with me.

I got used my name to that home. Youre gon na hurt me im gon na be over here. Yes, you spy ninjas at home, youre gon na help me out right. Youre gon na help me train and be the best spy ninja. I can be so lets. Do kick bump out you ready douglas there boy.