All right all right, man, im telling im really out youre, getting something like im really out youre making money, just dont, really think its. The real question: hey dont, ever question me about how i make my money. I really will get you hurting how your mama crying boy stop playing. What you question me too, dont question me again: yeah i smack you come on man, but hey yall stay right here. I got ta go talk to my boss, man, real quick. All right, hang on with your wallet to the floor with you shining in the mirror, thats it thats. All. I got im saying what the rest of it hey, what the rest of it is, what the rest of it is. Man, you playing my money with your dog, its hard to get sales. Man hey, you need to come on, hey kick it up, man real! Kick it up real talk, man, its going to get deadly out there rock! I got you, you know i aint playing man whats that on my young whats up, i got some money that you got for me. I made all this. Oh, how much this little man thats about a quick rack, correct 24 to 6 to 81 24 to 6 to 82, this aint a wreck? Oh this aint! A wreck hold up, wait this about four hundred dollars, man with the rest of it. That is thats all you playing on my money off your dog wait hold up you play on my money, hey im telling you man, anybody come to play with my money.

They getting slapped. Yeah, hey dont, shut me down! No more! I wont i wont you aint. You, my young, you making my bread dont, make me who that is man, hello, you you pulling up later all right, all right, all right, hey that better, be the rest of my money, though oh i know Music yall trying to make money like him. What he told yall what he told yall, he told all the people that sell the stuff and we could come on yall to get a job hold a hold up man. I got to put them to the test. Man yall want to get down right. Yeah yall want to make some money right. Oh get my cigarette back man, you down with us, yeah, im down im, saying what you trying to do you trying to get some paper right im trying to make something for green. You know this hey this, this, the young, hustler yeah. You think you can all hustle him. You go to school with him. Yeah, hey, look, aint, no more school! You with us all right! You get what im saying! Yes, sir! If i need you to handle some business, what you gon na do having some business, what you gon na do have some business. I dont believe you what you gon na do im having some business all right, but look man. You know what i said right yeah. If i need you to handle some business, what you gon na do have some business all right down for that 187.

yeah im down for the 1187.. All right, then let me talk to him. Ima talk to him. If you good – and you check out, were going to use you all right, whats happening with you, man, man, i really want you to know. Listen to me dog, listen to me man, if you ever, if you ever ever ever bring some more kids around my organization that aint ready for this im gon na kill you you understand me im gon na slap, you bet, you kill, you kill your family kill! Your mama and ima beat you. Alright, you ready to die. No, i aint ready to die, but im literally hey dont. Do that? Never again all right, say whats, your name. You know this. You know the rules. Chris, you dont know your name, man, you lying to me huh step. One dont lie he lying. I do know my name whats your name boy, chris chris. What chris, what james chris james james from jane boyce, michael trump, you sound like he lying to me. Man im not lying just give me a beat maker name. No, my name chris james, you sho yeah. I got something for you. You think you hard huh you thank you, hard, huh im from the test you out, eat this popsicle eat that popsicle right now fast eat it fast. Music eat more eat it. He down. We using you you down man, we gon na, put you on you fun to get some money.

You heard me all right anything. We tell you to do you what good you in charge of him all right. If he mess up thats on you, you get what im saying he wont mess up. He wont check out man get your boy check out. Man check out man come here. Man come Music, big boy. He could do good. You think he can do good real talk. I feel like theyre, going to make us a lot of money. A lot of money ooh its about crunch time, wait! Wait. What did you do, what they say? Dude? No, why you let them beat me up, then, because bro thats, not my fault, you disrespected them youre supposed to be. My brother, though bro i dont care im, making green im gon na make that paper yeah. He really finna make your mama happy. While you all change doing nothing running around my mama, not gon na be happy. Youre gon na have a lung cancer to be honest, and what kind of friend are you to tell them? Dude man im a good friend im gon na give him that money im telling you yes, aint gon na get you no one beside jail. Bro itll get us rich im telling you all right ill, be telling yall stop doing that. Youre gon na just leave us alone, youre wearing them, so were dead. Bro dont dont come back around here. Im really gon na show you something next time cause you slapped me bro what you want to be in jail or dead cause hank with them thats.

What youre gon na get i didnt been there done that i didnt do it like ten months well, yeah. Oh j rod got that money. He gon na get us that money, j, rock gon na die one day and the other dude with him. Hes gon na go hold up. You said j rock gon na die dont ever say that again, you know why, its all about the money to you, man, you, you need to just get a job. Flip a burger go to mcdonalds man get burgers. Why? Why not money? Let me see how much money you got, how much money i got. What do you say? Let me see you throwing your life so thats all you got yeah thats, how yo look theyre not up to no good bro? No look on top of that bro. Look im gon na tell yall some real stuff. Look if some go down, they gon snitch on dont, be like him bro you in the street. So you you gon na thug with me what you going to do with me. What you gon na do what you gon na do bro. Look i aint even gon na say no bro. I could see you dead, thats, all im, gon na say you see, i can see you dead go ahead about today. Just like i want to do it to the other boss. We got these dudes lucky man im running about youre, going to do something to them, but hey im telling you really going to get that money.