We cant wait until december 7th to finally give you dying light to stay human. The game we have been working on really hard for the last few years were hoping. The gameplay video youre about to watch will give you a full taste of parkour and combat systems waiting for you in the game, and we are just about to enter the city. Fighting our way through its brutal and dangerous streets, though, as you will see in a moment, there are plenty of things you can use to your advantage. So watch closely look for special, combat and parkour moves and check out how, with just a bit of creativity, you can combine the two ready lets go. Sometimes i wonder what this city looked like before all this, probably like many others, people had their ambitions. Plans lives. Now its all gone, the virus started it, but it was the people who made the world the way. It is this city villador, they tell me they had a vision, they had hope, but soon one vision broke into many different ones. Instead of fighting together, people stood against each other war broke out. Was it a little bird lit? A broken leg hope died. Now the city is falling. Each time we strike down an enemy, we absorb their strength, but i cant let that at happen, not yet Applause. I need the secrets the city holds: hey still. Some rats here have to pick a side. The bizarre needs good people youre doing great so far, Music.

I have to make a difference, lets check and see Music. They say that great change is a series of small gestures Music. How about this series theres all hope, really gone well, see about that. Well, that was an exciting trip. Wasnt it timon. Did you notice those bandits in medieval, like armor, passing by skyscrapers banks and large billboards thats what we call a modern dark ages and its a very unique design, one very important for the plot of dying lights too, but theres? Another thing that stood out to me all those parkour moves that you and your team has put so much effort into well. All you need is a few thousand of animations cooperation with professional traces, mock up sessions and invaluable help from david bell, whose face and moves player will see in the game by the way. No yes right and weve got twice the number of parkour moves compared to the first game and we are showing some of them in this trailer. The vault kicks being the most important to me. Personally, it brings a whole new fighting style into the game. The player can stagger an enemy and use them to perform further attacks, for example by rebounding from their bodies, jumping of them onto other foes and so on. I think we captured the movement really well and made it quite simple for the players to perform. I cant wait for them to try it out and tell for themselves how much they loved it.

Its definitely going to be useful. The citys buildings are higher than anything we have done before. Improving its verticality players will need to find a way to reach those tall, skyscrapers and other challenging spots too then, its good, we scattered some helpers around like a park lighter, which can support players in both parkouring and combat exactly and its gon na do great, especially In fights against humans, which are more frequent and important than in dying light 1., its been over 20 years since the events from the first game, so people adjusted – they are much bolder now at least during the day, and they are more vicious too, and i think Thats a great summary of this discussion: pre order dying, light 2 and explore its vast complex world on december, 7th thanks david.