You can go back and watch it later, of course, but for now were going to get into the good stuff, forza horizon 5 and cloud gaming on xbox. One lets start with forza horizon 5: the star of this thing, really the the star overall of the entire xbox year, thus far since we havent seen a ton from halo infinite really throughout 2021, as of yet uh destin, forza horizon 5, i dont know how they Do it at this point – and i say this every time forza horizon comes out when, when two came out i was like this is incredible and then three came out. I was like how are they gon na top two and then they did and then especially when four came out, i was like i dont know how they top three and four is still better. And here we go again im saying the same thing: forza rise and five, i dont know how they top four, but five looks tremendous. What we just saw was awesome heck yeah. It was so they start at the highest point on the map. They start the grand caldera volcano and, as you can see, they jump off the edge of it and they start driving through the map. This is a great way to showcase the game, all the different biomes that you can explore and tease the player the first time that they sign in. I do believe this is the opening race, yeah and again coming to xbox game pass.

This game has been nothing short of a graphical powerhouse for the team and for xbox. Everybody is talking about this thing. We posted some footage of the supra a few weeks ago, where they show car customization and some of the tweaking that you can do and like its not even scratching the surface of everything thats going to be added. In this footage, we got to see a few of the vehicles that are being added to the game, including the cover car, and i am so stoked for forza. I. I cannot wait to play this game. It looks stunning everything about. It seems to be great theyre. Almost going into fast and the furious territory with these intros – and i love it lean into it – have fun with it thats what this series is about right, yeah, so cam before i i let you talk about what i know youre dying to talk about, which is That sick controller just give me some thoughts only on the game itself. First yeah um, i have to agree with dustin like this game, looks incredible and i im very particular ive said it uh during the e3 showcase, like im, very particular with my racing games. But this made me jump into forza horizon 4 when i saw it at e3 and i really enjoy – and this is looks like a significant step up, which is uh crazy, knowing that they made like they made this in less time than they normally do, because normally In motorsport games comes out in between horizons but uh.

You know. We know that motor motorsports taking a break uh to work on a new uh, new uh technology, yeah, yeah and uh. So this looks absolutely stunning and just the this is honestly a great trailer in general just to show off the if what feels like the entire like map, like the entire, like motor sport, like the horizon experience, because you know theres, just such a diversity in environments And landscapes in this game, and obviously the diversity in the cars like within just like even watching uh earlier, the ford bronco go down the mountain it like when it would go off, jumps and land on the ground like it felt like there was weight to it. Like you could tell just by like playing the game, you will like feel the weight of driving that vehicle, which is just so so cool and i just theres just so again, theres just so much variety and seeing the seeing the uh the cover car was awesome Because you know you got to get a sexy car in front of the cover of motors like any forza game, you know to to attract those customers yeah. You know im really glad you brought up your experience with diving into four because of how sick the trailer looked for five at e3, because its that thats, what i always like to tell people, because i feel like this is this – has been changing with with each Successive horizon game, but especially in the beginning, you know forza had this reputation of being a hardcore simulation racer, which motorsport is but horizon that part of the reason, i think its amazing, i think its the best car game period, just any game, thats, primarily cars of Probably the last decade at this point, because its incredibly approachable, it is not you dont, have to be like a hardcore racing game, guy whos, setting tire pressures in the game and doing all these different aerodynamic mods to your car and tuning the suspension.

No, you just jump in and you drive around a beautiful world thats inspired by a real place, and you have a great time and its very social. You know its its. It can be competitive, but its not its. Just like a very wholesome beautiful thing, both online and off and and ive seen it ive seen it with each successive motorsport. Excuse me with. I keep now im doing it, which, with each successive horizon you, the player, counts, keep going up and up and up – and the word is getting out on this series that that it is just an incredible thing to dive into even if youre, not a hardcore car Guy, which i am but not everybody is and like the the bronco. If you are a car guy, you know the broncos like the hot car of 2021 and then theyve got that killer amg uh as their super car. You got to have a supercar as well. So i just love seeing the continued success of this franchise because it could not be more well deserved. Playground is an amazingly talented group of people. I visited them back for horizon two long long time ago now, but all right, cam ive kept you ive talked long enough about horizon so uh. The other neat thing that we got in this presentation was a new limited edition, xbox controller, and you were. I could almost hear you drooling yes, oh my god. I was because the thing is like im, not again im, not a big uh, forza guy, but i was just like im always cool to look into a new limited edition controller and when they showed that off with the translucent like im, not even a big translucent.

Guy, but it just it just pops its just the yellow, looks so good with like the the neon, pink and blue. It really is just a gorgeous controller um. You know i would probably have just made everything that uh the the grips black along with the oh sorry white, along with uh, the back thats, also white, just to make it all in unison, yeah, but outside of that, like thats, my only real criticism. This is a very unique, diverse, uh controller um. You know i dont think weve seen a controller that, like just feels really special uh since, like maybe sea of thieves with the purple, you know the purple and the glow in the dark with the with gold twos. Yes, um, i dont, i didnt get that one, but i thought it was really cool and this one i was just like man, because i just got. I just pre ordered the aqua shift, one because that one looks really cool thats, a new special edition controller that theyre dropping uh at the end of the month, and but then i saw this im like im buying another controller. I do kind of wish that um. This is something i hope that they do more moving forward, because xbox really likes their special controllers. I want them to do more. Seri, like more elite series, special controllers. You know we got one from uh for gears of war a long time ago, and that was the only one we got and i dont know if its because, like its just harder to make or if it didnt, sell, super well or whatever it may be.

But like, i hope that, like how many controls do you need, even if it was for like halo infinite, they just kind of took the plunge and be like all right, heres, the halo, infinite controller and even so like make make it optional like you can get The series version right or you can get a normal version um, because options are great, um and thats, something that xbox has been very much their main selling point uh for the past recent years, just having the options to do so. So i cant wait for this controller im. Definitely gon na pre order it when uh the pre orders go up and uh man looks great yeah and thats the kind of crazy custom controller that you cant do in the design studio right so thats. You know you got ta like see. Heres i got my heres, my design, studio controller. I did it. I did an xbox 360 replica, oh theres. There we go because i got it. You know i got. I got to dial it back to the to the 360 days. It makes me feel good when i uh, when i look at this controller, brings me back its funny to hear you guys bring up the controllers because its sort of like people who collect sneakers to me, yeah, like i know, a lot. I used to collect controllers and cam you collect them too right and uh im just like ill just take whatever comes in the box, thats fine and theres, nothing, one of the elite or one of the elites, theres nothing wrong with that.

Yeah. That controller does look good, though ill, give you that so uh and the other thing i want to talk about in this segment before we uh move on to dying light 2, which will thatll be our next big topic, but i think the secret possibly best thing. I mean this was previously announced its not a totally new thing, but the segment on cloud gaming on the console, uh destin. This is a big deal yeah. So basically, what it means is that anybody with an original xbox one, the console that came out eight years ago, is going to be able to run xbox series x games via the cloud running on xbox series x hardware, so youre gon na be able to play Flight simulator on your old console, youre gon na be able to play forza horizon 5 on your console. I guess you can play halo infinite if you choose to, even though that will also be coming out on the original console, its a really smart way to integrate the cloud technology to sort of have that gap, but still support those legacy consoles like they sort of They they said they would be doing into the future. So im really happy to see this. I go to play all the time to do my reward challenges for the week. You know and its just its really really great if you just want to hop in for a few minutes and play something.

I love the cloud services theyre available already on on pc and mobile, so try it out if you want yeah its uh. It really just is its a competitive advantage at this point over over sony. Not to you know, make it a console war thing, but its just such a great thing, particularly given the fact that the series x and series s continue to be in such high demand and short supply. There are so many gamers out there, probably plenty watching this. Listening to us right now that are actively wanting to get their hands on a new xbox, but have been unable to do so because the supply has not been able to keep up with the demand. And so you know, youve got flight simulator out now on console its also yes, its been out for a year on pc, but you need a pretty healthy pc to run it so this holiday. When this, when cloud gaming on console rolls out, those people will be able to just fire up flight simulator right on their xbox one and get you know pretty close to series x fidelity. Obviously, you know you might lose a little something in the translation, but cloud is never going to be as good as it running directly off of a box in your living room. But its just really really great to see this and i think its going to be a real advantage for microsoft, op in the coming in in all of 2022 as well, because thats when were going to start to see more next gen exclusives flight simulator yeah was The first of the first party games to be a total next gen exclusive, but we are expecting more of those red fall in 2022 as well, plus the you know, theres a mile long list of of things that dont quite have a release date yet, but its Just its great to see uh yeah cam, if you have been able to spend any time with with cloud stuff as of yet obviously on your on your mobile device, its not on the console quite yet yeah im like cloud is cloud is awesome.

The option that is there is fantastic. I dont really do it much, because if i would use it, i would use it with mobile and i just dont really play on my phone, its just not how i want to experience games, but one of the things. I also think that we should put in perspective about uh xbox, one being able to play next gen game or the current gen games. Id say on on last gen hardware is that developers dont have to worry about developing games for xbox one anymore like they. Can you know um and also for those that have you know that, for some reason to have an xbox one, whether it be a og xbox one, an s or an x um, but they have just for whatever reason in their lives. They cant get an xbox series x, uh, or s due to financials. This will be able to help them carry over like through this next gen like if you know like, say hypothetically, like worst case scenario, they they have their ex their last gen console, but they cant get next gen console throughout its lifespan. Doesnt matter you got. If you got, if you got xbox games past ultimate right, you got cloud gaming and you can play play a lot of the games and thats uh really really great the best part about it. For me, honestly, is the ability to just say: hey: i want to check out this game, but i dont want to wait to install it or just download it with your monthly bandwidth cap right yeah.

Exactly so you just you stream it for a little bit over on play, you get an impression of it and then youre like. I want to play this on my console. I dont want to deal with the latency its going to bridge the gap for people waiting for a console, just like you said, ryan or just saving up to get that next gen experience with the xbox series s or x consoles and it its something that is Only available for xbox, yeah and hey and forget about the play this fall be able to do it right on the console, which is even better yeah, all right uh.