We had what about 80 minutes worth of content there almost 90., so uh joining me to talk about that very xbox game showcase, our destin legary and our friend cam hawkins welcome, gentlemen: hey hows it going yeah. We we came out of that a little unexpectedly, we thought. Maybe it would go the full 90 minutes there once it blew past the hour, but they they surprised us a little bit but uh. I want to start, of course, with overall reactions, so uh i went on our e3 live post. Show i thought e3 was the best showcase. Microsoft has ever done. It was tight, it was full of amazing games. It was well paced this. I did not feel the same way about i thought they got. They fell back into a lot of their old bad habits of just airing things out for segments for way too long for the littlest things like with all due respect in exiles, uh wasteland, dlc things like this. I i thought uh, and i thought this could have been a lot shorter, but there was still good stuff so uh before we get into that the sort of deeper dive criticisms and the good things can. Let me go your way first here your overall thoughts yeah. I got ta echo a lot of what you said. Um this show should have been 45 minutes to an hour max. They do like they deep dived on games that, while i understand their first party titles there i feel like uh.

You know, as someone who plays niche games, uh theyre games uh under their first party lineup that are more niche that have smaller communities that i know like want to see the love given to them, but like just the the amount of content that theyre that they Were being presented with it, just didnt justify a five to ten minute developer interview on it um, and i think that there, you know, while we saw other games that got like just a short trailer made like a little bit of like general panning cameras showing the Environments and things like that and a little bit of gameplay, but that was the game i was like. Okay, where is the deep dive on this game and so um again there were some things that uh were great to look at um in this showcase, but uh overall uh mixed feelings: yeah destin, i know we were talking uh, while the show was going. No were not just complaining for the sake of complaining. There were some some games that have been advertised for a long time, including recently as 2021 titles exclusive to xbox that we still did not see here. We thought for sure this would be the time wed. Finally, see them yeah, you know little titles like halo, infinite that werent showing whatsoever or uh other other games that, like i havent forgotten about bright memory, infinite crossfire x and scoring you know, and you brought up a few that youve been sort of waiting to see.

I am glad that we got to see a little bit more about the gunk, because that is one title that is, you know, going to be for a younger demographic but im actually quite excited for and uh. It was really weird, like forza, looks great, but psychonauts 2 comes out tomorrow, and they dedicated a large portion of the show to discussing a game thats basically available to like right around the bend right. Well that that one i would defend them on, because it is a big first party release and its uh its a game that you know lets be honest. Psychonauts 1 was a cult classic and psychonauts 2. You saw it yesterday got incredible reviews. When i looked at the end of the day, it was an 87 on metacritic, so i dont blame them at all like trying to get the word out on the sequel to this cult, classic its their first big release for double fine since microsoft acquired them. So i can, i can forgive that one for sure, but yeah you mentioned uh, some big ones, crossfire x, bright memory, infinite scorn. Uh i want to throw out. Exo mecca was one that had jumped out at previous showcases, too thats sort of that kind of haloy, sci, fi shooter, and then the the one that i was really hoping to see more of and get ideally, a release date for is echo generation, which is that Voxel adventure game that definitely jumped out to me at other uh, xbox showcases, but um lets get to some good stuff because theyre, as you said, dustin there was plenty to like and were going to get deeper into some of these later on, because were by the Way were here for an hour were joining it for an hour, so its a regular full episode of podcast unlocked were just doing it live as bill oreilly would say so lets start with the good stuff.

I want to throw to cam uh first on a game called signalis yeah. So signals was one of the games uh. They did have an indie segment where they were showing all these games coming to game pass. I believe it was 10 games and signals was the one that i think stuck out to us and then just you know, browsing around twitter. Everyone else was also uh really down on this uh, like really uh up on this game, and i think uh, it looks really cool. It has a really uh interesting art style. It was kind of like a look like a 2d shooter, but like uh or side scrolling shooter with like it gave me a lot of alien vibes um from from that franchise and a lot of really trippy uh art cut scenes and stuff like that. It it was very short, you know they did a very short segment for each game, so theres a lot more to uh to learn. I believe some previews have just dropped around the bend on that game. So uh after this im definitely going to take more of a look into that one, but that was the one that definitely stood out the most and its coming to game pass, which is great yeah all 10 of those game, packs yeah. For me it was uh. It was, i think, the second or third one shown in that in that humble bundle, hundle game, humble game montage, which, by the way a quick ethical, caveat, ign owns humble games.

So take that for what you will midnight fight express. I thought it kind of had an old school uh kind of a blend of a few different genres, but it reminded just i dont know it took me back to the 16 bit era, even though its visuals arent directly, like 16 bit kind of graphics but kind Of had a little bit of like melee combat fighting in it um some sort of isometric stuff its just. I dont know that thats one where to your point about the gunk cam, where you wanted to you want to do the five minute deep dive on that. I could have used a deeper dive on some of these really cool indie games that are jumping right into game pass on day one and that would have been the one i would have loved to have seen more on. But at least you know to your point like we can at least go out and search some more information for ourselves now, but uh, but yeah midnight fight, express. I thought that looked really cool thats now officially on my radar destin uh. What else did you like out of this out of this group here, um yeah, i mean cygnulus was another one that really jumped out of me for from the uh. You know indy sort of i dont know. What do you want to call it montage, but uh yeah yeah, i mean the the big win was definitely forza.

Horizon 5.. I love seeing the opening sequence, but were going to talk about that in the next segment. Unpacking gave me stress, though no yeah yeah. I know part of me wishes that our mics were hot during the stream because yeah you, you started, you almost started like. I could almost hear you sweating, go when you, when the unpacking trailer started, because you just moved its like wait, a second. How is this? This game is probably really mellow and calming for a lot of people, but for other people it might have the complete opposite reaction. Um, so lets see. Weve got the gunk is december. We did get a date there, uh yeah. I want to circle back now to halo guys what, because weve got a few minutes left in this segment before well, well get into some forza horizon 5 stuff. How did we just watch 80, 83 minutes or so and not see a moment of halo infinite which, by the way, still does not have a specific release date? Besides, this fall uh destin. Let me go right to you. First, on this yeah i mean honestly its a strange decision. They must be saving it for some time later in gamescom. That is the only reasonable explanation i can think of. Otherwise, how do you have an xbox showcase and not talk about the biggest franchise that youre working on? They just did a showcase where they talked about delaying co, op and forge, and then they have a chance to talk about halo, infinite and like sort of soften the below right put out really bad a little bit yeah and they just dont do anything its very Surprising, to say the least cam are you equally shocked that we didnt get a a a second of halo infinite here i am and im not um at the same time, because you know going into this uh showcase, we were told hey, you know, dont expect any Like anything massive from from this, like dont expect like e3 all over again, so you know, i tempered my expectations when it came to uh when it came to uh going into this always a sound strategy yeah, but also this is the xbox stream.

You know the and – and i think that weve seen in the past weve seen games like have one trailer at one thing and then like another trailer in the same during the same event at another. So at the very least, they could have done a small trailer saying, like hey heres, a little bit more like another like campaign scene or another like some camp campaign, gameplay and then at the end of the trailer say, see more at opening night live, which is Likely where halo infinite is going to be um, because i understand that opening night live, you know you could argue – is going to have more viewers, more people tuning in than the xbox gamescom stream. So why not use this as an opportunity to be like hey for those watching? You know for certain that halo infinite is coming and thats. Where were likely going to get the release date, i mean uh, we dont know for certain, obviously, but it is a possibility that i think would have been the smarter move to make um or even just halos twitter. Just saying, like hey uh, you know we were noticeably absent at this event or were going to be but expect us at this show yeah, and i think that that would have been a better strategy and weve. Seen that before, like i feel like battlefield, did that where they had some teaser at at one thing and said oh tune into the microsoft xbox showcase for more and youll, give you that sort of that tune.

In reminder, i mean yeah i would have. I would have loved for say a big team battle reveal of of halo infinite. You know sure that was not part of the the first technical test. The flight so show me big team battle. We know that theyre theyre going uh doubling down to bring that back. For infinite, so uh yeah and and they could have done this done – the whole yeah tune in tomorrow for opening night live if indeed theres more there. But it is august 24th of 2021 and we still do not have a release date for halo infinite, which is still even after the delay of campaign, co, op and forge still slated for this holiday. So microsoft is rapidly running out of time to give people a release date for this thing, but yeah as as you guys said, hopefully later on in the week, we are going to see this uh im about ready to call it on crossfire x after this scorn And bright memory infinite with regard to them coming out this year, which hey games are difficult to make. I im not sitting here i mean weve got plenty to play this fall, but as far as any expectation that i have left for them to come out this year, which is what weve been told thats, the most recent thing weve been told. I think i think we can probably pretty safely call those 2022 games at this point, so uh weve got plenty more coming up on this live episode of podcast unlocked.

I believe this is episode. 508, although i dont have the number in front of me. So i might be wrong: its fine were live, were gon na, take a quick break, but there is still plenty more of unlocks road to gamescom episode.