com free dash Hosting okay and then click here to sign up okay, so here you put in your username, you choose any username! You want keep in mind that this will also be available for a website, so your username dot and then the So here im just going to put the money machine as my username okay, here you put in whatever password you want to use email address here: okay and then a site category. So if its a personal business, hobby forum, adult dating or software download, okay lets just say its going to be business site language now you need to put in the security code that it presents here and then click register. Okay. So now it is sent an activation email to my email address, so i need to go there and activate my account. Okay, so heres the email you just click on the link. Okay – and we need to key this in okay, now were going to see get another email with our account details, and then we can log in okay, so heres the email that came. So it shows me this is my username for my panel and my password for my panel, which i selected and then the url okay, so the minish money, machine dot by the or, okay, and then my ftp server name, so that i can upload files To it, my ftp login and my ftp password okay and then my my sql databases i can create in my cpanel and then we have my sql username and password okay and then down here.

This is how we log in to the panel okay, so ill. Take my username here click here and now i can paste my username in there enter my password, login, okay and now im into my panel. So you can see here. This is free hosting. I have one ftp account: 50 sub domains. 50. Add on domains 50 part domains: 50, mysql databases. This is how much web space i got. So i got plenty of web space and you get lots of bandwidth as well: 204 gig about 200 gig, actually, 200 gig, okay, and then in here. This is where you can do the work so add on domains. If you want to register on a domain at godaddy, you can go and register it and then put the name in here and then go back to godaddy actually got to go to godaddy first, and you got to put the the name servers in over there that You get down here after youve done that you can put the domain up here and your domain from godaddy or namecheap wherever you bought it or register. It is going to work on this hosting account. Okay and then you can also use subdomains. This is where you can put in any domain name, you want so say we want to do classic cars and then, over on this side, we can pick which domain we want to use and theres. We can use any of these for free without registering anything.

If we want so id have classic If i add this domain, okay – and here it is so ive set that up – and i can now go upload my files to up to there or use the built in site builder, okay and then i can use the site builder to build my site from there. Okay, and then it also has, as you saw sql database, is up to 50, so you can use sql databases. You can install wordpress on here or any other scripts. Now, keep in mind that it says it has a ivisa easyscript installation but its disabled. So any scripts that you want to install need to be installed manually, which isnt that big of a deal, usually, they usually have a built in installer anyway. Okay, now also, this is ad free, hosting theres, no ads on it. So any site you put up will not have any ads on it.