The weaver shapes making order out of chaos. The worm, whose purpose was to destroy the old to make room for the new one went mad. Now, a force of corruption, feeding on greed, malice and hate it ravages gaia through its unwitting accomplices mankind. The balance between those three forces is long gone now, insidiously the worm gains more and more ground every day, vitalized by the damage humans have brought to the earth. We, the werewolves, remain born of man, beast and spirit. We are the vindication of gaia and the wild all right. They should be ready. Now, the best way to get indrin out of the region is to attack their bottom line. We have a plan to convince them. There’S no profit to be had here but miller. If you please, i’ve recently gained access to the system that controls all the on site. Oil pumps that’s our target. We tamper with the pumps and send dummy data to the system to make them think their oil field is run dry. Will that really be enough? According to the internal files, i got my hands on. They treat unprofitable sites like gangrenous limbs. They’Ll give this one the job right away. So how do we go about this rotco? Who does what ludmilla knows the location, so she will take point: she’ll, infiltrate the site and connect eva to their network, giving her access to their system once i’m hooked up i’ll. Only need a few minutes, but if something goes wrong, my wife ends up on her own in enemy territory.

I don’t, like it i’m, going to be fine. Carl we’ve been preparing this for weeks, we’ve calculated the risks and, if there’s any sign of trouble, you and i go in and retrieve her but i’d. Rather, we stay covert, but miller will have the easiest time on her own i’m heading out. I want to be done before daybreak take care of adana while i’m away. I think she’s going a little crazy. All cooped up in here it’s our duty to be here. She needs to learn that it’s hers too she’s. Just a teenager call. We were young once too remember, take care of her while i’m out love. You see you soon. I don’t like thinking that ludmilla is on her own ronco. I understand she’s, my sister remember and she’s donna’s mother. I should be out there with her. I gave it a lot of thought. Her chances of success are better if she’s alone it’s as simple as that. If things don’t go as planned, you can tear through as much entrance scum as you like to get her out, but for now we stay put go rest. While we wait got everything squared away, not a lot too square away. All i’m doing is pressing a button once lou miller gets me. Hooked up still got a ways to go before i can do much more than that. If i tried to breach their network they’d be on us. In a second says, the woman who got her hands on their files we’d never been able to take the fight to engine like this without you that’s sweet kaholt, but i just wish i could do more.

But how are you doing talked to your daughter? Yet? No not yet i’m just heading her way, hey how you doing i’m bored out of my mind, there’s, nothing to do here and it’s wet and miserable we’re, not on vacation edie we’re here for gaia for the cairn and you’re here to learn how we do things. I know but couldn’t, i have learned how we do things back at tarker’s. Mill it’s not like you’ve got me helping out with the mission or anything try connecting with the spirits feel their presence around you, the pain endings causing them. That connection makes you a garu. I’M trying believe me, but i just can’t don’t worry it’s, always harder before your first change and if the change never comes, if you’re human, like your mother, that’s fine, she may not feel the spirits but she’s the finest infiltrator. We have why didn’t you go with mom anyway, she’s all alone out there. If something happens to her, i wish i could have, but rodko wants us to keep a low profile and there’s, no one better at that than your mom rodko’s, a dumbass, hey, that’s, your uncle you’re talking about and the leader of our pack. You know it’s his job to make those decisions. Everything will be all right. Don’T worry try to focus on the spirits we’ll be leaving this place soon. Helicopter just touched down on the site’s landing pad, apparently it’s, some endron exec.

Their presence has shaken things up shaking things up, how guard patrols have been changed and some areas have been locked down, including the one luke mill is in. They still haven’t discovered her, though so what’s the plan. Now the mission sunk go in there, get her out and wait for things to quiet down, but to get her off site, the locked off areas need to be manually unlocked stuck on the wrong side. Fortunately, she has already secured a terminal. She’Ll guide you to her location over the radio. Go now bring her back there’s no time to waste i’m. Looking at the southern part of the outer fence and a ton of guards, there’s no way, i’ll be able to make a move without being seen. Southern part of the outer fence he won’t live long enough to raise the alarm they sold their souls to androgyny they don’t get is the time any mercy malfunction i’ll, go check it out following me. What is it i think, it’s, a black spiral dancer but miller. Just hold on rocco, i heard sneaking around: will you fight now? Go i’ll eat you i’m done around tell 80..