A new demo has recently caught my attention and before powering up this timed exclusive. The last time i can even recall playing a monster higher title was on the playstation portable way back in 2010, now that’s over a decade ago, guys, and while that version was just a ton of fun to play, portably other additions to the franchise were never really Anything that caught my attention, but after seeing nintendo’s presentation on the game and experiencing this demo for the very first time i knew capcom was on to something special here, it’s extremely exciting. To know that this title is being made specifically for the nintendo switch. So with all that being said, let’s dive deep into the epic world of monster hunter rise and find out if the implementation of this gorgeous re game engine is even going to be worth your time on. Our favorite hybrid console, Music, Music Applause, Music uh. As many of you may know already, monster hunter is a capcom developed media franchise that is centered around a series of fantasy themed action role, playing games that started with the original back in 2004 on the playstation 2.. Many titles have been released across a variety of platforms, including personal computers, home consoles, portable consoles and even mobile devices, and as of september 2020, the franchise has sold nearly 65 million units worldwide, and there was also a movie that came out last year, starring the resident Evil heroine milijovovich and martial artist tony jaw, but we won’t get into the gritty details of that film.

But when speaking on behalf of these games, they are all primarily action role. Playing titles that allow you to take on the role of a hunter by slaying or trapping large monsters across various landscapes as part of quests given to them by locals. In turn, some quests involve the gathering of certain items which may put the hunter at risk of facing various monsters throughout the world as part of its core gameplay loop players use, loot, gained from slaying monsters, gathering, resources and crest rewards to craft, improved weapons, armor and Other items that allow them to face more powerful enemies, all main series entries in the franchise feature multiplayer, but can also be played in classic single player fashion Applause, Music and with the monster hunter rise demo that released for the nintendo switch on january 7th i’m. Happy to report that most of the core gameplay that we all know and love is still intact here. Several of the series monsters return along with a host of new enemies, developed specifically for ryze and all 14 weapon types that have been present in both monster hunter generations and world mix. Many different variations of swords shields, staffs bows and even guns. Ryze utilizes that same seamless map approach that was introduced in monster hunter world. Unlike the zoned area approach, type that earlier games used, its maps are more focused on vertical movement than previous games, so new tools are given to the player to help with quick, vertical scaling.

One is the companion pallet mood, which is a doglike creature, that the player can ride on without losing stamina. The palimu can quickly scale cliffs. It can also be ridden and perform attacks, while fighting monsters alongside the player’s cat, like companion, palico, a new tool similar to the clutch claw, was added in monster hunter world iceborn and that’s the wire bug. This can allow a player to grapple and swing across gaps to higher locations as needed. The wirebug also has different interactions with each weapon type, which can open up just a plethora of moves and combos further. The wirebug also allows a player to engage certain monsters in wyvern writing. This allows the hunter to mount and control the creature to go into areas more suitable for combat and while the gameplay may be the most vital component to this release, especially to its core fan base, let’s be honest here: monster hunter rise looks absolutely gorgeous it’s going To be the very thing that drives newcomers to the franchise from around the globe, considering its releases on the nintendo switch now, your next question is going to be well justin. Why does this game look so damn good that’s, because it’s running on capcom’s proprietary re engine, you know that same graphical powerhouse that is being used to produce next gen titles such as resident, evil, village, the remakes and even devil may cry 5.. Here is some information that was revealed by capcom in a press release on their official website.

The game is currently being developed with capcom’s proprietary re engine in order to provide a new approachable monster, hunter experience that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere and with anyone. Capcom’S confirmation on the engine’s implementation is then followed up by a tweet from an insider that goes by the name dust golem way back in august of last year. He then said that the new monster hunter game would run on a switch compatible version of the re engine. At the time they also said it wouldn’t necessarily lead to switch ports of other re games. I will crush one dream with my re engine on the switch talk, re7 re2 and re3 aren’t coming to switch. They tried to port re7 to switch for a while one time, but had difficulty getting any satisfactory result. Re engine games – 4 switch will need to be made with switch in mind, but with that being said, we’ll see what happens in the future. Although monster hunter rise, isn’t releasing for another couple months, the free demo on the nintendo switch eshop offers players a taste of what’s to come and it’s a great way to see everything that the full game will offer, and it should also be enough to get. Newcomers excited as well the number of times you can start a quest to defeat. The two main monsters, whose name i cannot pronounce, is unfortunately limited to only a total of 30 which sucks, but it is what it is once the number of quest departures has been reached.

All four quests, including the basic training and wyvern training quests, will become unplayable. The monster hunter rise demo is only available until february 1st, so people will need to act fast if they really want to play this one. Now i haven’t played much of the previous entries, but from what i’ve read and watched here on youtube, this title takes all the lessons learned from world and then throws in so much more. This is in many ways a more traditional monster hunter than world, but it’s also one that feels like a massive leap forward in all that it offers and i’m sure it will just sell extremely well on the switch there’s so much that’s, new and so much to Be discovered that this feels like another generational leap for monster hunter as well as a welcome return to portable play. This one officially drops on march 26, digitally and physically and i’m sure it will be something that tons of switchers spend hundreds of hours sinking their teeth into. So, in conclusion, i have to say i pre ordered this one and i am absolutely stoked to play it, but are you maybe you played a previous entry on another platform and you’re not too hyped about this one? Whatever your feelings are, let us know down in the comments below we would love to hear from all of you and, if you’re brand new to this channel or our facebook, please, like all the videos that you see on the channel and don’t forget to subscribe.