Today we got an update for the redmi note 8 pro and its the 12.5.2. So lets just jump right into this update Music, hey whats, going on guys welcome back to the channel its your boy. Serrano today were going to be taking a look at the redmi note, 8 pro after about two years. This place was released in august 2018 and now its ive had it since you know that time, but now its august 2021, so its been about two years now, and this device still has a lot of compelling features that you should definitely want to check out. In 2021, if you are into smartphones – and you are into gaming smartphones, this is one of those phones that was one of my favorite when it came to redmi in one of the best budget phones that they did have to offer right. So this thing was originally released with the 12.0 0.5.0 software, but then they did eventually upgrade that software to the android 11 software. So this is running on android 10 and then it updated to 11 and then, from that stable version, they updated another stable version, which is the 12.5.2, which is basically going to give you a lot of new features in android, 11 nmui as well. So youre going to notice a lot of visual changes, youre also going to notice a lot of performance changes, theyre also going to pack a lot of optimization changes, so its going to be a really good, refresh rate overall and youre going to notice a lot of You know smooth animations as well as a lot of nice.

You know, you know basically customizations on here. So redmi does a really good job of customizing their phones. They have a really good layout. They have really good software. They have that mui miui 12. You know 0.5.2, which is really clean. It does have a smooth interface to it. It does flow. It does have these really nice transparent, uh animations, which do kind of overlap over the top of each other, and you could they definitely have a nice flow to them. Uh, the visual effects of the the software is really good right, but not only is the software good, the hardware is going to be good as well were also going to get gorilla. Glass 5 for protection 1080 by 2340, full hd plus ‘4 pixels per inch with a high density display with a water drop knob at the top lcd ips when it comes to this thing. So, as far as the overall screen display its a six point, five three inch and so like i said its going to be really good in the hand its gon na be really good. For even you know for me, i could use this device with one hand and whats really important. Is this device does have new software updates in 2021 right, because this is an older device, but it does hold up really well. It does pack a lot of cool smooth animations to it. It does pack, some really nice features to it.

So i really like the things that this thing does: pack its gon na pack, a lot of really cool features, animations and optimizations, and response gestures. Now so whats also new is that the response to gestures is now instant, so anytime, you want to, you, know, touch something with your finger: youre, going to notice that immediately upon hitting touching or making contact with the screen youre going to get a nice response time. So youre also going to get these new refined volume toggles, which is pretty cool because they did add the do not disturb toggle button and then they did add the silence. Your phone button on this stable, mi ui, based on android 11, which is definitely gon na make your mi ui, become lighter. You know its going to definitely, you know, increase the the quickness, the its going to make it more faster youre, going to notice its going to be more faster, its also going to be more durable right, so its definitely going to be able to last longer. You know the the optimization should be better. It should also give you better battery life, but thats not going to be guaranteed. Since you know i just did download this thing, so i cant really test it yet, but i can definitely say that its. You know its definitely going to be one of the better updates that this phone did receive and it does have a lot of camera features right.

We do get 4k, we do get 1080 60. We do get 1080 30 as well. We also do get a macro camera that we can record in 720 with so uh. You know we did have video for that, which was you know pretty cool, but one of the things that i did notice is that they dont have that pro video mode anymore. So i kind of uh, let me know if they did remove that. I wasnt sure if that was there before, because i know that redmi note 9 pro had the pro camera and i remember the 8 having it, but as far as the overall gamer performance. This is going to be a really nice phone for gaming. You know the like, i said the build quality is crazy. Its got that nano coating ip52 water resistancy to it, but when it comes to the gaming, its going to be really good because were going to get that g90 t chipset, which is the media attack helio, you know the mediatek helio g90t, and this thing will be Good for gaming, 12 nanometer processing, chip, 12.05, gigahertz, clock, speed, frequency right and the graphics are gon na be also sturdy, so i just want to let you guys know that this thing packs almost every single sensor that you could possibly imagine with the quad camera setup With that 64 megapixel and that eight megapixel wide angle, coupled with the two megapixel mo mode, which is the macro and the portrait mode as well so with that newer overlay software, its definitely going to make it more of an optimized, i would say better mid range Experience overall and you will be pretty impressed with this device, like i said before, if youre coming from an older device, maybe an older flagship or something of that nature, and then you jump to this youre, definitely going to notice that the increased you know, speeds and Just it definitely feels faster, the custom um the the way they did, the with the new custom.

You know adjustments its just definitely going to be a lot more noticeable and definitely going to be more streamlined. The the rendering power that it says on here that they do give you 20 times more rendering power and um and – and there will be few limits to what you can do, what you can see on your screen. So i do like this thing when it comes to the overall interface and the notes feature on this device was upgraded to doodling and sketching and adjusting keystrokes automatically and theyve added gestures that allow you to create tasks and notes and excerpts anywhere and those new excerpts. Youre also going to be able to save text, urls images to notes in a simple way, with a few tabs and theyre also going to include dynamic layouts to bring typography and the notes to a new level and compose mind maps and complex structures. So thats. Another cool thing that they did include, but those are just mi, ui updates right. Those are just some of the specific ones tailored to them, but youre just going to notice those overall animations are going to be quicker, smoother, cleaner and more friendly, theyre going to definitely have a nice visual effect. Like an accordion like feature on every single swipe um. You dont get that vibration, but when you do hit the recent apps, you will feel vibration. Another cool thing that i do like about this device is that we will get the chat bubbles.

We also get the one time permissions and the quick replies on your messages. As well, so we will get dark mode screen recorder is on here as well. You know thats something thats really important nearby share will be also on the notification bar as well, so the settings menu hasnt changed too much than what it was before, but obviously we will have the software security update of this july 2021 update on this device as Well and the toggles overall just feel a lot cleaner right. You can, when youre in this control center. All you have to do is swipe to the right and you can get to your notification panel. So you know that the on the older way you couldnt do that you couldnt you couldnt swipe across and get to your notification panel. You would have to swipe on the left or swipe to the right, and then you know that that was it. But now they have a way where you can easily get to your notification panel, but just swiping across with your finger. So as you can see, uh just updating the phone is pretty simple. This device will give you, you know a smoother performance, its going to be about 2.4 gigabytes of internal storage. To download this thing, and once you completely download it, your device will be more secure, more optimized and better balanced, so i would definitely recommend doing so. It might you know, remove the pro mode on your your pro video mode.

You wont have that probably anymore, but you will still get the 4k option right. So if thats something thats important to you, then i wouldnt download it. But this device is really fast. Charging at four at the 18 watts fast charging and it does support the quick charge, uh, four plus so thats, something just to keep a note, keep in mind and just keep you know in in your in the front of your brain, so that you can definitely Check out your new software on your device, but its definitely important that you know how the screen performance, cameras, connectivity and battery are as well. Um thatll probably be in a separate video, but as far as the optimization, its definitely going to be. You know you can see that that swipe to switch between the control center and the notification shade has been updated and thats. One of my favorite features as well and the one time permissions will also be updated as well. We also will have cleaner notification shades. We will have, you know, you know just a smoother device like i said before, so you can see that notification notification shade is a lot thinner, a lighter its more. It has a more transparent bar across it. The volume toggles are going to be more optimized and cleaner, and you can see we we do have these geometric shapes for each panel and theyre all separated with like a rectangular shape, and it gives this some more symmetry and more balance and basically just makes it More, you know durable for time for when youre using this device over time, if you want to still use it in 2021 and even in further beyond that time, you definitely could because this device will have really good value overall, that doesnt really depreciate over time.

Its still about the same price that it was when it was released, so this phone does hold up in value when it comes to, you know, basically still purchasing it. It will drop just slightly in price. You know its about. You know 50 30 less, but its still a really solid device overall, very sturdy device very well optimized, very well balanced and, like i said before, you know the customizations on here are really good. You can change the themes on here. You can get to your. You know wallpapers really quickly. Like i said you can add the chat bubble feature if you want to on android 10. uh, the screen recorder option is going to be implemented. They also do have you know like the theyre gon na. Have that option where you can basically do the quick replies on your phone as well, so i think thats something thats pretty cool. When you drag up from the bottom, you can get to your floating windows, which is another really special feature for the xiaomi phones, floating windows. And they can. You can manage your apps from that notification window when im sorry that multitask window, whenever you flip up that shade, you can get to your multi recent task and it gives you a ton of options at the top. So normally, when you did that on regular android, it would show you the screenshot option, but this one has way more options. It has deep clean, has screen cleaner, has security scan and it has floating windows at up there and managing apps.

You can definitely also you know it does give you the option to go into your settings for each app individually. You can also, you know, click on a different icon that you want to get to and go into your split screen window, so theres just a ton of options on here, its very customizable. You also do get the ir blaster on board for controlling your electronics, and you can see that that volume notification has, they did add the dnd and silence toggle to it, which is pretty cool at the bottom. So i definitely think thats cool. So when you mess around with that, its going to just be well tailored the media, controls are on here for when youre, using different, sound applications like soundcloud, spotify, youtube, music or title, or something like that. But let me know what you guys think about the new software update. What do you think about these new toggles, the new notification shade? The quick replies are on here. Everything is on here.