What am i going to do with the dna? Something totally legal and not frowned upon by other doctors heres how it went bessie? Why are you staring at me? So weird wait: what the was that? What the did you just turn me into a cow also, why do i have a metal, scraper and a glass syringe this and a half hours later? Okay, after talking with bessie for a little bit, i have an idea of whats going on so bessie decided to turn me into one of her cow scientists. The only way to turn back to normal is by helping her collect the dna of every single mob in minecraft ill show you guys in just a second what were going to be doing with the dna. So in this chest we have every single minecraft mob that im going to steal their dna from their toenails. First up we have a cow now, every single dna that i collect im actually able to use it and eventually were gon na, be able to use all the dnas in order to go to the end dimension and collect the dna of the ender dragon uh. First things: first, im gon na need to scrape your kneecap. So every single time you right click with this metal scraper. It will collect the dna of the mobba. Come here fake messy, give me all the dna. I am literally just scraping cells off of this cow. It does damage too soon.

I could just scrape it to death im literally the best doctor ever backpro doctor is in the building. Ladies and gentlemen, i really hope. No actual doctors are watching todays video, so now that weve scraped off some of the organic matter of the cow we can go into bessies cell science, lab weve been doing a lot of calculations over here. As you can see, so the first machine we need to put everything in is the cell analyzer. This will turn the organic matter that i just got from the kneecaps of the fake bessie into cells. So we can take these cells and we can move them over to the dna extractor that will turn the cells into dna helix. As you can see, it says the gene of a cow, but the gene type is currently unknown thats. Why we got ta go over to our next machine, the dna decrypter, so this will tell us exactly what the gene type of the dna is. So this ones just a basic gene, but what were looking for is a non basic gene. See look like this one. This one says: gene type, eat grass, so every single mob in todays video has a different gene type. This one says milky thats, another super cool ability and i think thats all the different abilities that we can get from a cow dna. So now we can move over to the next one, the plasmid infuser so lets say i wanted to gain the ability to eat grass.

Well, i can just plop that dna helix in there and it will slowly go over to the dna plasmid. The dna plasmid needs a certain amount of the different gene types, so i was able to clone this dna helix of the cow with the eat grass type and now its all going to go into this plasmid, which needs 24 out of 24 of the gene types. I love it. I sound super smart like a doctor and its complete okay. So now we can take this dna plasmid and we can go ahead and inject it into a syringe now. This is where it gets a little bit weird. So i need to hit myself with the syringe in order to collect some blood. This will be the sample, so i place the sample on the right side here, oh no way. First, i need to go ahead and purify my blood, so now that my blood is pure, i should be able to put it on the right side of the plasmid. Injector. Well, put the dna plasmid of eat grass on the left side, and now the syringe is contaminated with the eat grass gene type. We need to purify it one more time and now all we have to do is shift right click. We go blind because science and now, when i go outside, i should be able to right click and eat grass. I am now a cow. This is so overpowered. I never have to eat anything else again, except for cookies.

I will most certainly be eating cookies. Every single day for the rest of my life, speaking of cookies, we did just get a brand new shipment of backpro jack cookies available. Only at becproject.com, in the description down below the best part is that every single mob has a different type of special gene that i can steal and inject into my body for upgrades. Even the ender dragon too so lets go ahead, were gon na spawn in a shep whats up chef, im gon na have to scrape those toes of yours dont. Mind me just gon na scrape rodneys watch out im just trying to scrape the the sheep. I actually i dont, really know how im scraping it, because technically it has a lot of wolf like youre supposed to scrape off some sort of skin samples, and you really dont need to kill the mob that youre scraping but im the best doctor ever so im. Just gon na put it out of its misery. Why am i a terrible doctor plop the organic matter in there well put the sheep cells in here to turn it into dna, and we just discovered that a sheep has a gene type called woolly, so weve cloned that and then we should be able to put This into a plasmid rodney. What are you doing down there? You got all my plasmids boy. What else do you have in here? Rodneys just holding cells? He has dragon health crystals im, not gon na ask questions.

Im just gon na steal the plasmid, because im actually kind of surprised that you dont have any of my cookies. We have the gene of wooly lets. Stick myself with a needle purify, my blood inject myself with the dna of a shep purified again and stab myself in the thigh with the needle, and we now have the woolly ability the ability to just eat grass and get saturation is so overpowered im just reading. Now that the woolly ability allows you to get sheared by other players, i am not doing that hello endermen! I am just going to scrape just a little tad bit of dna, scrape them scrape them, scrape them, scrape them scrape them im. A doctor sit still im doing this for your health, its for your health. Oh he doesnt. Believe me, oh flip. Well, i collected 31 organic matter, so hopefully thats enough Music. We just got a more hearts gene type and also a teleport ability from the endermanna. Would you look at that back bro doctor actually did it right, so it actually shows your abilities too. So the blood is now contaminated. We need to make sure that we purify it one final time, but we have it grass ability the wooly ability, teleport and more hearts lets. Do it in three two one upgrade: what do you guys see? My hearts wait. Thats, crazy and wait. I can actually teleport lets, do the dna of a bat? Oh, oh, why is it on my head? I dont know whats happening, but its literally just on top of my head and im collecting all of its dna.

Well, that was a little bit unexpected, but it worked out great. I got 47 organic matter from that bat now lets do science a little bit of science. There put these science cells in this science machine. Put this cool dna into this science machine, basic gene, mob site, basic gene, night vision, and we also got one that will allow us to fly weve done it. So now we have night vision, flight and mob site. I am getting stronger, look at it! Look at it, we can see rodney being all suspicious over there, probably trying to figure out ways to break in and steal all my cookies, but outside we can see the wolf pack. We can also see my dragons up there. This is kind of weird, though, because its not lighting up every single mob. It looks like only if theyre a certain distance away, it lights up the mob, actually thats, not even true, because these dragons are right next to each other, and i also have night vision. 24, 7. and i can still eat grass too. I need more. Oh lets, try to steal the dna of a blaze. Maybe then i can shoot fireballs blaze sit still for your doctors appointment. You desire backpro doctor im, just gon na slice, your kneecaps just a little bit im just seeing if they work properly, do not shoot fireballs at your doctor. That is not the doctor way. I will kick you out of my outdoor doctor office immediately, mr blaze, mr blaze.

Oh my gosh bro, my metal scrapers gon na break im gon na start hitting him with my gosh target thats cool its fine. I got 41 organic matter from you blaze, its fine ill, see you guys in five to ten minutes. When i go through this entire scientifical process, it works were now fire proof and we can shoot fireballs three, two one inject into my toe. I dont know why. It makes me blind every single time well lets test out if im fire proof. I am look at that. I can just stand in the flames. Uh well, thats, pretty cool. So if im holding out a blaze rod, i can shoot fireballs, hey rodney hows it going hi hi, oh my gosh. What have i done? Why is he on my face? Rodney get off my face. Get off my head eat fireballs rodney! This is what you deserve. This is so overpowered. I can spam it and back to eating grass bessie. You got any more scraper tools for the toenails and kneecaps okay. Yes, she does the next one i want to test. Is an iron goluba, these things technically arent like living creatures, also what theyll flip? Why did that not work? Okay, there we go. It was just slightly glitchy im, just gon na take just uh just a little bit just from the nose all right. You just stare right. Oh my gosh, it just did so much of my damage.

Stop stop its gon na, be okay buddy, its gon na be okay. Okay, if i stay at a nice, solid distance like right here, its fine were okay, no, its not okay, were literally were getting beaten up. Im a doctor dude you cant beat up doctors. Well, im just gon na take the organic matter that i collected and im just gon na be on my way ill see you later just make sure you schedule your appointment for maybe next the decade, all right cool back to the science lab the iron golem gave Out more hearts, but we already have more hearts, so the best thing that we could get was regeneration. Four, that is just not even fair and bessie. Just told me that, in order to get a little bit of extra strength, i need to steal the dna from a polar bear. Its like gon na be okay buddy. I know this is gon na sting for just two seconds, but its gon na be worth it. So i can steal your dna and please dont hurt me: oh my gosh. It does so much damage. I have regen four, but its really not helping a lot here. Lets try to eat some more grass stay back stay. Oh my gosh im hitting with the needle. I just pricked myself with the needle fireball fireball fireball, when in doubt fireball out. I also completely forgot to mention that i have the flyability. I think i did mention it actually, but my brain just did not compute that i had access to it: thats, fine! Okay! I feel kind of terrible about myself now lets go, take out my guild on this dude.

These do so much damage what nah this isnt fair this isnt for. I am slowly turning into a god, you should have just been a good little patient. Buddy revenge is sweet like cookies, well, put the polar bear dna in and look at that we got the gene type of strength and also claws and step assist too. So we can walk up one blocks, but the polar bear is actually kind of crazy lets see if this will work in three two one. I did it. I have strength. It looks like i can easily just go up one block areas. I could still eat grass, which is still my favorite ability by far, and we could test out my claws ability on a scooter and thats. Oh, my gosh, why do things love jumping on my head? I dont understand. Why are you killing me? Wait! A second okay! I do four damage per punch and i think the claws ability gives me a small chance to make mobs bleed, and by bleeding i mean that they should just lose health over time. I dont know if its an instant thing every single hit, but you saw that that thing had particle effects just a little bit, so look at it yeah it has particle effects around it, so it should take even more damage it actually did it bled out. Wait a second, i literally have so many different abilities now, and this is all through the power of science collect some spooner dna.

Did you just really? Can you just get off my head for two seconds? I dont. I dont appreciate everything jumping on my head today. Its not really cool its, not really. I will punch you or i will die but its fine. I win. I collected all your dna, so the spider gave me a pretty unique ability, as you probably could have guessed. It allows me to now just climb up any surface. I dont know why. I need that because i have the ability of a bat, so my body just floats and doesnt really have any gravity. We can also collect the dna of a squid. Let me scrape you squid. Let me scrape you please get on my head, please, on my head, please on my head. I will scrape you to death. This is not gon na end. Well, if you squid, i will im gon na literally drag you out of the water until you drown. The squid gave me the ability to breathe under water lets. Stick that back in my toe. Would you back up. I want to grab the dna from a zombie. Maybe thatll turn me back to normal and also while were at it lets collect the dna of a tiny little slime. Would you please stop jumping on my head, dont even think about it. The zombie gave me a resistance ability and the slime gave me something called slimy death and the only way i think i could test it is if i die well, here goes nothing and i forgot i can fly so.

I take no fall damage, but we can spawn in a weird skeleton and while its killing me slowly, i can collect the dna. Thats right, be a good young little patient and you can kill me now wait. What wait i lived. Slimy death just makes me live its literally like a totem of undying thats crazy. I say it doesnt work like infinite amount of times. Am i just invincible now? Well, i just okay. No, so it only works one time the wither skeleton gave me the ability to wither mobs, so every single mob that i punch itll get withered. We could test it out on this ocelot who i need to collect the dna of stop routing. Stop writing stop running. So yeah look at it. I think i clawed it and oh, i did not mean to do that. It got withered and it also got the bleeding effect, so my hands now are way more deadly than any weapon. Okay, this is actually one of those scenarios where im, okay, with the cat being on my forehead dont worry little kitty. I will let you live run away, be free, never come back and sit on my face again. We can also collect the dna of a dog. Just a little bit just just just a tad bit of dna, its gon na be okay. Little buddy, im gon na go. Take you to a nice little spot far far away. So you dont try to bite me there you go buddy, you be good! The wolf and the ocelot gave me no hunger, scare, creepers scare, skeletons and speed two.

That is amazing. I am definitely faster lets see if skeletons are scared of me, hello, hi, are you? Are you scared of me? It doesnt seem that scared of me. What about creepers? Oh wait! This creeper definitely is scared of me whats wrong. Buddy whats, going on you dont want to get a needle. You dont want to get scraped in the toe today. Thats, not my problem. Wait a second! They just oh wait. Okay, so they still explode. I need to be careful about that. So after i initiate contact, theyre gon na come back and try to fight, but look at it. Hes bleeding hes, bleeding, hes, bleeding and hes dead lets also collect some dna of skeleton. I guess im just scraping bones, so the skeleton gave me an ability called infinity which normally goes on the bow as an enchantment, but now its just a part of my body. As you can see, i only have one arrow somewhere, but i could just infinitely shoot this bow and the creepers ability is literally the same as a creeper. So if i were to die with more than five gunpowder in my inventory, i should explode. All right were were gon na die soon were gon na were gon na yep totally were gon na die soon, just dude yep, just a little bit slower. Im gon na im gon na eat some grass in the meantime rodney. Why is this dude taking so long? I think i made this worse Music.

He killed me, but i didnt explode. Well. I guess that works. Weve collected pretty much every single mob dna and now were gon na use them all together. In order to steal the dna from the ender dragon and defeat it, then maybe ill get turned back to normal. Here we go. We have a couple different options for taking out the ender crystals. We can just explode them with blaze rods. That is using the dna of a blaze, or i could use my infinite bow and arrow thanks to the skeleton dna. Now that all the end crystals are destroyed, we can attempt to scrape the dna off of the ender dragon uh. Oh hes, going down for a landing, or i guess, shes going down – dartmouth sorry doctors, doctors in session here doctor needs to get in here quick little appointment here. Thank you very much. Im gon na use the rest of my scraper to scrape off all the beautiful dna there we go. We got 12. That should hopefully be enough, and now we can test out about how much damage i do just from punching them. Punchy actually does not do a lot slicing with my sword, however, definitely does a lot, but we can also, i guess, try to use this. Wait, wait a second. This is way quicker. You can just spam. These theres literally no risk. I can sit back here and just click as fast as possible. Oh the underdragon did not like that.

Come on its working. I keep forgetting too, that we can fly. The ender dragon has been defeated by the dna of every single mob in the game. I dont care about the dna. I dont care about the egg. I need to celebrate with some grass yeah. I got kind of hungry in there, but now we can head back and see exactly what the ender dragon dna can. Let us do so. We have an ability called ender dragon health, the flight ability and dragons breath lets go, and this is it the final syringe with every single one of the mob abilities lets inject and test it out. So i should be able to shoot dragons breath that is so cool and wait a second i remember rodney had something earlier, the dragon health crystal. So i think i could use this with my dragon health ability. If i have a dragon health crystal in my inventory, it will absorb all the damage that i take. I am now practically invincible. Bessie also informed me that theres a way to mutate these abilities. So if you guys do want to see a part two where i mutate them and evolve, the abilities definitely drop a like hit that subscribe button. So you guys do not miss out check out the merch at backproject.