Talking about on instagram from a smart yoga mat to devices that can cue up a personal training session in your living room, we have rounded up the 10 best high tech fitness gadgets. That may just take your workout to the next level, but before we get into the 10 best home fitness tech innovations to watch for this year, dont forget to subscribe to the technonerd channel and hit the bell icon to stay up to date with the futuristic technology And the latest innovations and trending gadgets 10. tonal tonal is an at home strength, training, machine that uses electromagnetism to create resistance and mounts to your wall for a personalized workout, with over 200 exercises like deadlifts, bicep, curls and overhead presses, and on demand coaching with tonal Performance anxiety at the gym could be a thing of the past. No more feeling self conscious in front of your seemingly more experienced gym, goers, no more 30 plus minute round trips to the gym and no more gym. Memberships. Tonal is one of the first products on the market with a focus on strength, training. Fitness experts have increasingly stressed the importance of resistance training, in addition to cardio, to maintain good health. It was invented by ali already a hewlett packard veteran, who wanted an easier way to stay in shape at home, that didnt involve sweaty used, equipment and tedious trips to the gym 9. calibrex lifting weights in a gym is pretty simple, but doing this technically well is Not as easy calibrex is a gadget that keeps track of your reps and sets and beeps in your ear.

If your form is off, the thing is designed to attach to the end of a barbell using a super strong magnet. It comes in pairs, so you are meant to attach it to both sides from there. Calibrex removes the burden of manually, counting reps and spits out recommended rest time. However, the most interesting aspect is its ability to correct a weight lifters form because it sits on both sides of the barbell. It can work out discrepancies in the balance i.e if one side is lower than the other. Also, there is a smartphone app, of course, which offers additional data such as a history of your workouts. Having a personal trainer is all well and good, but the cost does add up. Calibrex may be a cheaper solution: 8. peloton bike. The peloton bike is like a spin bike, although spin is trademarked so lets call it an indoor, cycling bike, its a carbon steel and aluminum bike, with a weighted flywheel in the front that determines the level of resistance, while youre riding the bike is equipped with a 21.5 inch hd screen a manually controlled magnetic flywheel and two points of adjustment for the seat, height and distance from handlebars. The handlebar shaft also features a vertical adjustment to help achieve proper riding posture. It has two 10 watt speakers that go loud enough to fill a room, but also include a headphone jack to avoid disturbing those around you. Pelotons recipe for success includes community and convenience, its not like other popular cycling workouts, which typically involve classes at a studio with peloton.

You can join thousands of other members for studio grade workout, all without leaving home just log into a class through a touch screen. Tablet attached to the bike and boom youre cycling in a new york city studio with some of the nations best spin instructors 7. fight camp fight camp is a boxing focused brand that offers an at home workout system of the same name. Its purpose is simple, too. To bring high quality boxing fitness classes directly to your living room instead of biking through digital tuscany, youll, throw a few hundred jabs and hooks on a punching bag while being guided by an elite trainer. The fight camp setup isnt, unlike what other streaming services offer, but instead of at home, bikes and treadmills its boxing gear, a complete setup, consists of a freestanding punching bag, a pair of punch, trackers, a set of boxing gloves and a heavy workout mat, along with a Companion, app that streams, instructor, led classes, fight camp delivers, intense full body. Workouts fight camp offers its boxing device in three different packages: fight camp connect, fight camp personal and fight camp tribe, 6., yogify, intelligent, yogamat yogafi is an intelligent yoga mat that delivers personal yoga sessions with an immersive virtual studio experience all at the comfort of the consumers. Home with the flexibility to practice any time, yogify uses artificial intelligence to automatically recommend personalized wellness programs based on an individuals, history, current limitations and future goals. These programs are designed and curated by certified yoga professionals from india and across the globe.

The patented technology embedded inside the yogafi map tracks simple to complex yoga postures non intrusively without the use of the camera, provides real time feedback and automatically correlates vitals and breathing patterns through the rest. Wearable yogify is being honored at ces 2020, the largest and most influential technology event on the planet because of its advanced, artificial intelligence platform and unique technology. 5. forgot a digital rower. Rowing machines are known for offering excellent full body workouts, but theres a downside. Unlike actual rowing, theyre painfully boring, which makes it difficult for some people to stick with their workouts ergotta is betting on gamification as the solution for this problem, adding an element of competition into the mix, so that rowers will have a reason to keep coming back. The digital rower features an actual rowing machine. Of course, it was designed in collaboration with water rower, the machine wasnt, designed to look like ordinary gym equipment instead featuring a more classy wooden appearance that better blends in with ones home, decor and furniture according to orgata. The digital rower can be placed upright in the corner of a room when its not in use ultimately taking up around the same space as a bar stool 4.. Peloton tread like the same companys cultistly popular bike. The peloton tread treadmill is a sleek piece of equipment featuring a 32 inch touchscreen tablet that immerses the user in live and on demand, workouts, which include running walking and off the treadmill, strength, training, cardio and more.

The core concept is the same as its bike counterpart. For the price of the machine and a ‘ monthly subscription, you can use it to stream live or on demand classes where an instructor guides you through how to adjust your machine as you progress through a workout for the tread peloton offers a variety of classes like Hill training endurance runs, easier, walk, run, combos and even full body workouts like yoga or arms, and legs exercises 3. nordictrack x32i mention the word treadmill to a runner, especially a long distance runner, and they will cringe. Nordictrack is trying to change this negative perception by bundling its treadmills with ifit an immersive video training program featuring real life, trainers who work out alongside you and the ability to virtually run in stunning locales around the globe. The nordictrack x32i treadmill is a dream to run and walk on. It has a wide and long deck that gives you plenty of room to run, walk and even sidestep your way to fitness. It doesnt fold for storage, so make sure you have ample room wherever you plan to use, it meant for high impact exercise. The deck has nordictracks reflex cushioning, which provides a slight bounce to absorb the impact of every step. The reinforced steel frame is solidly built and the 4.25 chp durex commercial plus motor has plenty of power. It goes from 0 to 12 miles per hour and supports up to 300 pounds. The nordic track x32i is designed for performance and ease of use.

The controls are smartly placed on either side of the display and on the control panel in front of you, 2. hydro, the hydro is an 86 inch long by 25 inch wide rowing machine featuring an easily accessible 22 inch, hd touchscreen mounted on the front. The monitor is sweatproof and features hi fi speakers, a 2 megapixel camera, a built in microphone, usb 2.0 connection and both bluetooth and wi fi capabilities. A recurring 38 monthly membership is required to experience the full functionality of the hydro, i.e the classes. This includes live virtual outdoor rows with instructors and athletes, including a selection from the u.s national rowing team, access to a live leaderboard during classes, hydros full on demand, library and other exclusive off machine fitness content to hydros credit. The machine is incredibly quiet, which is certainly nice if you live in an apartment with paper, thin walls or if you just dont, want to make too much of a racket. Music 1. mirror at first glance, mirror looks like any other mirror you might have at home, but dont be fooled. While this machine also functions as a mirror, it has an lcd screen from which to screen live and on demand fitness classes. The user connects to the machine using a bluetooth heart rate, monitor worn around the waist. This tracks, your heart rate throughout the workout, as well as how many calories youve burned. The mirror can also be connected to an apple watch.

There are over 70 live classes added to the app each week, including cardio boxing strength, training, yoga, bahrai, pilates, boxing hiit and more. The levels range from beginner to expert. If you have noted that you have a leg injury, for example, the machine will suggest a less intense version when it comes to exercising this part of the body. This level of personalization is what distinguishes the machine from other home workouts Music. That is all about the 10 best home fitness tech innovations.