, there was a reasonably successful spin off game kings bounty, the legends that also Was 13 years ago, its a huge open world, tactical rpg that combines elements of the original games, along with some more traditional ideas that you might find in a game like skyrim? Is this much belated sequel, a beautiful bounty or a bag full of bugs? And one potentially, you should bypass well lets find out another day, another dark plague, thats about to destroy the world. This time known as nostria, you can take on the role of three different heroes, each of them with their own characters. Backstories and theyre all fully voice acted im, catherine countess of riger in case youve, forgotten. As with something like the witcher. The game is divided into a main quest line, side, quests and a ton of tertiary activities. However, the latter is a bit thin on the ground. Narrative delivery is something kings. Bounty does really well, while not all the voice acting is cut from the same cloth. Youll really be scratching your head as to whats going on and its quite clear as to your motivations. But personally, for me, the heart of a good rpg comes in those side missions. Thankfully these are also fully voice. Acted youll find an unusual cast of characters and an equally unusual set of quests things like helping a long deceased skeleton mage to protect his village. Now long abandoned clearing out troll filled, caves or solving brutal murders are all part and parcel when it comes to side.

Quests initially youll find yourself in a frozen tundra, held in captivity for a crime you may or may not have committed, but are released in short order to help with the growing crisis. The experience, then, is divided into two main areas: the overworld questing and the tactical turn based combat. Well start with that overworld experience this first frozen area acts as a tutorial of sorts. It introduces you to the idea of purchasing and recruiting troops, searching for lost items and treasure and performing side. Quests and missions controls are standard fare. However, i have a very large issue with one thing and thats the speed at which your character ambles around the world. They move ludicrously slowly and youll, find yourself constantly pressing buttons to make them sprint to no avail. Then you realize you can summon your horse with the press of a button, so you leap into the saddle ready to fly off to your next quest. Ah – and that happens, this legitimately is the top speed of a horse in kings bounty 2.. It makes absolutely no sense to me other than one theory that i have youll see even just from these few early images that performance isnt great, and i have to ask myself: did they limit the speed you can move to try and enable the game to stream? The assets in quick enough so that it isnt a complete slideshow, certainly as well see from the performance segment that could have been the case.

Borrowing heavily from skyrim youll find a series of shrines around the world which will grant your player a temporary blessing and theres. A fast travel pillar system combats very unlike most rpgs, its, not a game where youll find combat instances every 5 to 10 minutes. You may even go hours without a fight thats because combats very often treated as an invisible gating system. It will block off entire areas of the map and youll want to build up your army and level enough so that you can actually pass these. But more on that. When we look at combat now, your character has a number of levels as youd expect, but whats a really nice and interesting system is that your growth is split into four different areas, and you can boost these as well through your choices in missions, say, for example, One mission gave you two different options: kill someone or spare them in kings bounty. That means something your character will begin to lean towards one of these characteristics. The troops that you have under your command will fall under one of the four categories and, as such, the more you lean in an area the more theyll respond in terms of their morale. It also means that you dont want to mix troops of different types, but you wont always have that option. If you look up here, you can see your characters, leadership ability, this limits, the amount of troops you can hire and while it might be cheaper to put together troops from different factions, this will then lower their morale and their ability to fight.

So its a risk reward mechanic built into a system that feeds upon the players, choices which i absolutely love. The three main characters are three different classes: theres a warrior, a magic user and one that falls somewhere in between lets. Look at the combat then after which well concentrate on the world itself. Combat is something the player chooses to go into. When you approach a combat instance, you can see a barrier with the enemies loitering around inside theyll come to the edge to face off against you, but its only when you enter that combat begins your army, as well as the opposition force, are shown on this screen And you can have any number of reserves, but your main lineup are the ones that will have to fight a quick additional piece of information. Is that any apparel you place on your character helmets? Weapons dont directly affect them. It affects your army. Things like increasing your overall warfare skill or improving their shielding now, once battle commences its quite standard based on a hexagonal grid system, youll initially place your troops. They can be placed behind cover to block line of sight or use elevated ground to improve their range. Your character, acts as a commander and wont actually take part in the battle turns, are shown in an interesting way. Its a simple numbering system on the banners ranging from 1 to ten, with one being the next person to take a turn, its an important mechanic.

Thats. Not really explained to the player and its where much of the tactical decision making comes from most units will have a special ability or power and my main character focusing on magic could use one spell per round. These proved to be game, changing, especially with the severe difficulty that some of these battles present i enjoyed the combat, but it did feel a little unbalanced its not that its particularly difficult per se, its just that very often youll be pitted against enemies, far superior to Your own army, the game unbeknownst to the player, is steering you towards completing many of those side activities before you then try and progress. It was a frustrating feeling and it made it feel, like many of the battles were unwinnable until youre a higher level. This is certainly not a new concept when it comes to rpgs with them, often forcing you to grind before you can move on, but in kings mount his defense. I did find that shuffling up your army or changing the types of troops usually meant. There was a way to win things like using a load of ranged troops against trolls who were insanely strong but really slow and then theres the free respecting of the skills tree. This looks to be another method through which the developers want to empower the player to be able to overcome some of these more difficult situations. I totally respect to the power class filling my army with trolls and bears and was able to overcome a couple of the previously unwinnable fights that, in my opinion, isnt difficulty, but it can be frustrating as at no point does the game come close to explaining it.

Finally, then weve got the world itself artistically speaking its quite strong. There are some striking vistas, theres, a good bit of verticality, but theres. Also too much restriction for the player you cant go hopping over that fence and explore whats behind. You certainly wont be setting your horse off a gallop to explore kings. Bounty 2 is such an interesting game because, despite its flaws, i still found myself compelled to play it. I love the system of having the different side. Quests really affect the court army, morale and the types of troops. You could then choose youd formed the character, but you have to have the core mechanics right. You need to have the run speed, so you dont feel frustrated. You have to balance the difficulties or at least explain to the player, how different systems work and that for me, isnt in place as it stands in kings, bounty 2, but would be so easy to fix story and story. Telling plays a big part in the game and it lifts up the experience story and gameplay combined then currently score 15 out of 20.. The controls are okay, it would have been really nice to have a jump button and a real run. Function, control score 15. Out of 20., when it comes to visuals performance and audio kings, bounty 2 is once again a mixed bag. Clearly, the art direction is decent with the structural designs of the buildings, all being supplemented with tons of handwritten notes and lore theres.

A great contrast between the different areas, youll visit and some of the characters look great, but on the flip side of that youll encounter several that look half baked as if the developers ran out of time. Making their faces. Animations in combat are strong with some really nice spell effects, but then what on earth happened to that run animation? Why does the horse keep glitching out, as it turns against an object, and, oh goodness, that frame rate now in that first area, its stuck about 30 fps? But as soon as you enter the first major city, youll see those frame rates drop right down at times it will stutter down to 20 22 frames per second, and it seems to be entirely uncapped. This fluctuation between high and low is where most of the problems come from, but as scenery, pops up in front of you, things loading slowly. You begin to notice the aliasing and jaggy edges on the sides of all the objects you can see. The developers struggled with the nintendo switch hardware. We are promised in the review notes that there will be a number of patches following launch and there are some areas where the developer put in the extra time. Theres a text size option here, which is something we always ask for, but bafflingly it doesnt, actually change the size of all the text in the game. As far as sound design and audio goes, kings bounty has a beautiful soundtrack, Music and its very reminiscent to skyrims the ambient tracks that play as you move about the world are great theres lots of environmental sounds the world feels alive in that sense and hats off To the developer, for taking the time to voice act, every single line of dialogue in this game, it really does make the difference and, although my main character had a slightly annoying personality, the voice actor did a good job of creating that character, visuals and performance, as They stand on switch scored, 10 out of 20.

. The sound and audio design are excellent, with only occasional inconsistencies that scores 16 out of 20. Music. Finally, weve got value. The game is, in my opinion, ultra premium, its 54 pounds 99 in the uk eshop or your regional equivalent. As far as content goes its massive. This is a very large game. Indeed, you only need to throw a stone in any direction in the world, and youll have a side quest to perform, and before you know it, you will have a bulging log on your hands quest log. I do fear, though, that many players will turn off before they can overcome and truly experience what the full game has to offer. The map is vast and the law is really well handled. If you can get that far without finding yourself frustrated and obviously when youre paying premium, you expect premium performance and thats, not what youre getting here overall value scores: 13 out of 20. Music. So there we have it for kings bounty as it stands, theres so much potential for greatness here and with a few simple tweaks, they could make the game much better increase the run. Speed by 50 do the same for the horse and try to articulate some of the nuances of combat a little bit better earlier in the game. With those three alone, my gameplay scores would be much higher, but then theres the performance which needs a lot of work. Its definitely a game ill be mentioning in the next all patched up video, in the hope that the developer put in the effort needed to bring this where it should be, it scores an overall switch up score at the moment of 69.

Its funny, you can probably hear that i like the game, but i am quite frustrated by some of the choices its made. Let me know in the comments what you think of this one. Personally, i wouldnt be purchasing it in this state id be waiting for a patch or a sale, a big thanks to the developer for the review copy and also a huge thank you to rode microphones now i let them know that my past microphone was absolute trash, Which it was, it was like an amazon bargain basement job and they offered to send us across a couple of their new nt, usb minis, which are delightful to hold and use, and hopefully they sound. Okay, thanks to our patrons who support us each and every month, and to all of you who leave comments down below it is one of the highlights of making these videos for all things switch. All the time.