I mean server transfers, They are looking into long term and in their words, large scale, solutions. Yoshi P, who is the producer and director of final fantasy 14? I know a lot of newer player. Viewers might not be super familiar yet just issued a brand new letter to the community that once again proves that the final fantasy 14 developers are really the final fantasy 14 advantage and a blessing. Lets get into these details. So, first off he begins with thanking all of the players of 14 for the support, including newer players.. Unfortunately, though, this caused NA and EU datacenters to be maxed out., This lead to a lot of queues. I know for me on the big Gilgamesh, which is still the best server, no bias. every single time, Ive logged on even at like 200. In the morning He now dives into details of his approach to tackling the problem. First off. He talks about EU servers. During the 5.58 hotfix that is going to occur literally today they are diving into operating system settings to expand the capacity of the servers.. There are also plans to upgrade equipment in late September., Which is honestly exciting as heck to me, because hardware is badass, but on a more related to 14 note, this speaks volumes towards the dedication toward the longevity of the game. Now is North America server times.. Officially, all north american worlds on Aether have been classified as Congested., Because Aether is obviously amazing.

. No bias., Yes, Gilgamesh for the win., No bias.. I can already hear the sporks and spatulas being pulled out., But yeah, apparently, in spite of expanding max capacity and doing everything they could, the log ins still were too much. And as a Gilgamesh resident logging into 30 person queues at like 300 in the morning. I believe it. Now, what does suck is that you are forced to make characters on different datacenters., But If memory serves me right because Ive had to do such shenanigans in the past with friends, you should be able to make a character on a different, datacenter and Transfer them over to an aether server., Such as the glorious Gilgamesh., But before you think that the developers are trying to be shady and sell more boosts, I mean tokens, God darn it I mean server transfers, They are looking into long term and in their words, large Scale solutions.: They have addressed this directly in another recent letter, but reference again that the problem with simply getting large scale expansions is that there is a global shortage and increased demand for semiconductors and getting the equipment is difficult.. As someone who is still on a now almost 6 year old GPU wanting to get a new one holy crap is this hashtag RELATABLE., But further than that cases have been increasing in Japan and on site, implementations have become significantly more difficult., But Yoshi P did assure Us that they have every intention to implement whatever solutions they can in the meantime.

. My main takeaway from this letter is that the developers are keeping their finger on the pulse of the game very attentively and that beyond lipservice they are going and trying to implement whatever solutions they can. Further than that. The long term future of final fantasy 14 seems to be sealed in support and success, which is a continuously positive feeling for me, as someone who has spent nearly a decade in this world., It brings me immense happiness to see this., Even if, in the present current Day servers might be going congested in Aether if youre truly needing to come to Aether. You can always transfer Im pretty sure, but that this is just a temporary thing and long term. Permanent solutions are on the way.. As always, the level of care and communication from our developers is beyond anything. You could expect anywhere else.. I love our developers so much seriously. Tho.