Its got like nes games. Super nintendo games, uh 64 games theyre all under the masterpieces menu which uh youre gon na see right here. So this is in brawl. These are all the masterpiece demos. You can play theres a lot that i havent unlocked. Ive only really spent the time to unlock uh ot. So i can do the speed runs on it and its a yeah, its a five minute timer and it has built in save files, and the built in save files have just enough stuff on it for us to uh uh, to beat the game with it in Under five minutes using srm, you should be able to beat maybe like uh one of the super nintendo mario games. Those have like really fast credits works. I remember correctly yeah thats what i heard as well, so you could beat super mario world 42 seconds. Okay, yeah! You should be able to beat them Music good run so far. Music could have lost my way there, Music, no sploosh. Would they still work out? No haste doesnt work in this. None of the uh the functions get uncached, so you can only ace functions that have literally never been run before, which is really hard to do Music in a useful way. At least Music. I have no idea, maybe for uh, that emulator itd be fine. Generally, super nintendo emulators are much more fine with that kind of stuff hes, looking like a really good run so far: Music, Music, hmm Music.

Hopefully that worked feet shuffle looked a little weird, so i dont know if it did Music. I dont think that worked. I dont think it works. Well, well still keep going for it: Music, breakfast Music, Music, thats, it thats, absolutely it. We just beat the brawl demo for ot each ease wow. Finally, its been uh been talked about its been hushed about what if it was possible to beat for all oot, and we finally did it hey whats up keita, you got exactly here on time. Awesome perfect! Oh and i forgot about the demo. I was like im ready to see the credits and i forgot about the timeout screen thats, so funny, thats great nice, excellent, im very happy with that im. I think i just wanted to get the one running show that its possible and uh ill, let other people run it as well if they want to, but yeah im really happy with that. That was uh four golds in the run for uh for doing that. Maybe like 10 times today, or so so, yeah 15 times or so, Music yeah ill ill upload it to youtube. Yall can watch it. Folks can can enjoy it. The really cool demo show how far s room has come and thats. Just like all the heaps are custom heaps specifically for the flags for the uh, the files and uh for the items that we have so like the hook shot stuff uh the the wrong warp to those specific rooms all based on the limitations of the file.

So its all super custom stuff thanks to uh all the heaps are pretty much thanks to mr cheeses, uh heap finding tool very, very amazing, stuff, its able to like literally search out heaps given uh scenarios that you put into it that one this would not have Been possible without that Music, but yeah very happy yeah. We can definitely say this is a masterpiece, a masterpiece demo that uh turned out to be a little bit more than a demo. It was the the full game we were able to beat the game within the dimming. All right, i i would assume danny is still streaming. Any percent runs unless that was a while ago and my sense of time has been lost otherwise well see.