I can fix this for us. Its been 16 years since psychonauts came out and secured a spot as one of gamings most memorable action platformers, but for rasputin aquato, its only been a couple days, psychonauts 2 picks up right where the original in its vr follow up the rhombus of ruin left off. Modernizing the first games formula, while maintaining everything that made it so special from its strange but lovable characters to the fantastical mental worlds inside their heads. Well, thats. You screaming sure its brought a little of that clunky mid 2000s action along with it, but even still psychonauts 2 is pretty much everything i could have hoped for. From this long awaited sequel, uh come in Music. Those who havent played the previous games will have to get caught up through a charming animated recap. Does an entertaining job of providing the important info needed to make psychonauts 2 work well enough as a standalone story, but this sequel is also littered with call backs easter eggs and juicy backstory that all hit a lot harder as a longtime fan 10 year old protagonist Raz arrives at psychonauts headquarters to learn. He hasnt been made an agent like he thought, just an intern to truly earn his stripes hes got some more training to do and, of course, without spoilers things quickly escalate from there into an excellent story that simultaneously high stakes and deeply personal developer. Double fine has done a phenomenal job of expanding the psychonauts world, while still recapturing the signature vibe of the original, the high tech spy headquarters is balanced nicely by the open areas around it, which offer a heaping helping of whispering rocks.

Folksy feel not to mention loads of collectibles side activities and supporting characters. One rank up for me. Every person in psychonauts 2 is delightfully unique and well written whether theyre razzs fellow interns. I can hear you rolling your eyes, mrs thatcher or members of his circus troop family. That ladder group is a particular highlight, giving raz more depth than offering a different perspective on the events of the first game. You know when he ran away from home. Literally, a few days ago, i think, hes put on a little weight. Facial animations can be a little stiff at times, but its hard to overstate how fun it was to simply explore these platforming playgrounds, picking stuff up and talking to people. This is no death machine soldier. This is a machine of peace. What do you call your peace machine, the psychomech battlebot, the real action of psychonauts 2 takes place inside the creative and surprising mental worlds of the more troubled characters you meet. They do tend to follow a bit of a formulaic three section structure, but their wild themes and diverse gameplay mechanics are so different that each one is still a refreshing delight. One moment you might be playing life size pachinko in a neon hospital casino. Well then, next youre, cooking, anthropomorphic food in a timed game show there isnt, really a bad world among the roughly dozen or so youll enter with a real standout being a psychedelic world, where youre, accompanied by a hilarious ball of light voiced by jack black.

Is that a fish i think its a fish or a bus? I forget, which is which these stages also tie more meaningfully into the story than those of the original game, with one even forcing razz to reckon with the responsibility of being able to alter someones mind a significant conversation. The first game never really had. I thought this might be a good place to talk about the incredible access we psychonauts have and the trust that goes with it. Platforming and combat have also been made deeper and more satisfying, though they can be a little clunky at times too, in classic psychonauts fashion. Youll navigate exciting jungle, gyms full of grind rails, trampolines and trapeze bars, all of which are fun to use, even if they occasionally didnt behave. How i expected them to none of its moments of imprecision are so bad that i ever stopped enjoying myself, especially since checkpoints are largely forgiving but psychonauts 2. Definitely doesnt have quite the same level of polish as a fellow 2021 action platformer like ratchet and clank rift. Apart either whats that sound lets see how tough everybody is now, this sequels roster of enemies quickly grows past the original sensor, baddies pitting you against flying regrets that can be shot down. Goopy doubts that need to be burned, lightning, fast, panic attacks that have to be slowed and plenty more dodging and spamming attacks can still be effective at times, but i like that most mental adversaries have a specific ability designed to answer them.

Pushing me to swap up my strategy, i want to use clairvoyance on this bad move, but it looks immune to it. On the other hand, only being able to equip four of your eventual eight psychic abilities at once does add some obnoxious menu management to later fights, and that restriction is especially silly given. One of them is the all but essential levitation that youll frequently use to sprint and hover jump, but all the abilities are good fun to use with one of my favorite new additions being the mental connection power that can jump you between points when platforming or pull Enemies towards you in combat psychonauts 2 also deepens character, progression grabbing. Certain collectibles will rank raz up as before, but your citanium currency can now be spent on equippable pins to modify your abilities in neat ways and points earned from ranking up can alter them permanently. Thats. A nice bit of simple but noticeable customization, though i did end up wishing the pin system, was more generous. Overall, you can only equip three at a time forcing you to choose between fun, cosmetic options and actual power. Upgrades and titanium is earned. Surprisingly slowly. I didnt end up really fully getting to take advantage of pins until pretty much the end of the roughly 13 hours. It took me to reach the credits thats a shame, but the door is at least left wide, open, afterward to keep playing and check all the boxes.

You might have missed good job rasputin. Unfortunately, i cant find a way out of here anywhere uh sasha. How long is that golden door been there golden what psychonauts 2s weird and wonderfully written story is full of characters. I loved getting to know most of its new ideas, successfully modernize the already endearing psychonauts formula, even if its enticing pin system can be a little stingy. I need more pins. Double fine has also done a great job of expanding this universe toward both grander and more intimate threats without losing the joyous childhood adventure vibes of the original, and while it may bring some of that mid 2000s action, platformer clunkiness, along with it psychonauts 2, is just About everything i could have wanted from a sequel to one of my favorite games for another excellent action, platformer check out our review of ratchet and clank rift apart or for a far far worse one.