Eight months after youve got your second shot. It will make you safer and for longer. I know there are some world leaders who say america shouldnt get a third shot until other countries got their first shot. I disagree. We can take care of america and help the world. At the same time, president biden discussing the plan for booster shots for americans, starting in september. The recommendation comes as the u.s recorded more than 163 000 new covid cases, thursday the highest in nearly seven months, but the pace of vaccinations is also increasing. Over a million doses reported administered on friday, 60 percent of all eligible fully vaccinated for more lets, bring in the surgeon general dr vivek murthy good morning to you doctor those pfizer and modern booster shots will become available. The week of september 20th walk us through what americans should know about that and what to do well, thanks martha. There are several things that americans should know about. The booster announcement we recently made number one is that the vaccines are continuing to work remarkably well for preventing people from ending up in the hospital and theyre saving lives, so thats. The reason we are not recommending boosters today, but what we are seeing, is a decline in the protection against mild to moderate disease, and so we are anticipating. There may be an erosion in that important protection that were seeing today down the line and thats. Why to stay ahead of this virus were recommending that people start to get boosters a week of september 20th.

It will start with people on their eight month anniversary, following their second shot and by necessity that will end up prioritizing those who are at highest risk, including long term. Health care workers, long term care facility residents, rather health care workers, as well as the elderly, and should individuals who got the johnson and johnson shot expect similar guidance soon yeah. So we anticipate that people who receive jnj will likely need a booster as well. What were waiting on right now is some data from the companies about a second dose of jnj. The fda will then look at that data and to assess safety and efficacy and then well be able to make a recommendation for people who receive j j. In terms of their boosters – and we know that taking three shots is safe well, this is why the plan that we announce is actually contingent on the fda and the cdc advisory committee doing their full and independent evaluation. Safety is absolutely essential in this process and we would not execute a plan if the fda. I did not weigh in and say that that third shot was in fact safe. So the plan is contingent on that. But again, keep in mind this that we have a tremendous amount of experience with these vaccines. So far, theyve been given to hundreds of millions of people here and around the world. The safety has held up well, wait for the fda to weigh in on the third doses and with their blessing.

We will then proceed with that plan for boosters and dr murthy. You heard president biden address this, but the world health organization has asked for a temporary pause on boosters to help developing nations. The administration has said we need to do both, but can we really do that? There is a limited amount of these vaccines. Well, martha. We dont have a choice. We have to do both. We have to protect american lives and we have to help vaccinate the world, because that is the only way this pandemic ends and if we assume that the pie is fixed, so to speak, that the supply is not changing, then yes, taking more vaccines for americans in The form of boosters will take away from the rest of the world, but our focus has been on growing the pie, its been on increasing the supply and thats. Why, in addition to donating more than 120 million doses of vaccine and moving out on the commitment of 500 million doses starting this month, that the president announced earlier in the summer were also working with the companies and with other countries to stand up manufacturing capacity. So we can really scale up production, the vaccine. We have to work on both fronts. That is the only way the pandemic will end and the new york times was first to report that the fda is trying to give full approval for the vaccine. The pfizer vaccine tomorrow is that going to happen and what difference does that make well martha? The fda certainly has been evaluating the application for full approval from pfizer, and you know i wont get ahead of them.

But what i will tell you is that i wouldnt be surprised if they issued that full approval soon, and the reason is because they have so much data now and we as a world have so much experience with these vaccines. Its actually unusual for an application for full approval to be submitted with this much experience with hundreds of millions of people having received the doses, and there are two things that weve learned during that time. One is that the vaccines are remarkably effective in keeping people out of the hospital and saving lives, and the other is that their safety profile remains remarkably strong. I anticipate if and when this does come from the fda. The full approval, two potential things may happen. One is, you may see more people coming forward, those who perhaps were on the fence about getting vaccinated, and this may uh tip them toward doing so. But second, i think youll see more universities and workplaces that were considering putting in requirements for vaccines to create safer places to learn and work. Youll see more of them likely moving forward on their plans to require vaccines in the workplace in school and dr murthy. Just just finally, i want to ask about kids at the beginning of the pandemic, covert largely didnt affect them were now seeing hospitalizations rise. What should we think about when we look at children going into the fall? Well martha? This is really heartbreaking to see whats happening with our hospitals filling up with children.

We have more uh kids, hospitalized now uh than we have in earlier points in the pandemic, and you know, as a parent of two young children who are too young to be eligible for vaccination. I i really feel for parents out there whose kids are ill and i really feel strongly that it is our moral responsibility as a society to do everything we can to protect our children, and that means that number one all of us getting vaccinated as adults as Adolescents is important because kids, who are too young to get vaccinated, they rely on those around them to shield them from the virus, but its also, why making sure we are taking every measure possible in schools to ensure that our kids are safe is so important and Those include masks, improving ventilation, doing regular testing and ensuring that our children are outdoors as much as possible. So these are the steps weve got to take. We have a responsibility to protect our kids and i cant think of anything martha thats more important than that.