Music, asteroids and comets are space rocks that orbit our sun theyre leftovers from the formation of our solar system 4.5 billion years ago. The main difference between them is their composition, thats. What theyre made of asteroids are made up of metals and rocky material. They formed close to the sun in the main asteroid belt, where it was too warm for ice to remain solid. This is located between mars and jupiter. Comets were formed further away from the sun, where the ice would not melt. They usually originate from a disc shaped band of icy objects, known as the kuiper belt, beyond neptunes orbit, or the oort cloud out at the far reaches of our solar system. They are mostly composed of rock ice and dust, so are sometimes called dirty snowballs. You can tell when its a comet, because they have a tail and these tails can stretch for millions of miles, so lets have a go at making our own comet to make our comet were going to need a few things. Youll need a lollipop. Stick a pencil. Some plasticine or blue tack, some tissue paper and a pipe cleaner or anything similar that you might have at home to begin our comet. We need to make the nucleus. This is the main part of a comet, and it consists of rock ice frozen gases and dust to make. This were simply going to draw a circle onto the top part of our lollipop stick.

The next thing we need to do is make the coma now the coma forms when a comet gets closer to the sun and starts to heat up. At this point, those frozen solid gases start to melt, but we cant have liquid water in space, so they go straight from a solid to a gas, and this process is called sublimation so to make our haze of cloud of dust and gas were going to get Our plasticine or blue tac and wrap that around our nucleus to make our ball of our coma like this. Next up, we need to make our comets tail, but did you know that a comet has two tails, a dust tail and a gas tail, and these tails are created as that comet gets even warmer, and all of that dust and gas is pushed back to form The two tails, but a comets tail, always faces away from the sun and thats, because the sun creates something called solar wind and that gets pushed out in all directions. So no matter where the comet is its tail will always be pushed away from the sun. So to create our dust tail were going to use our tissue paper and were going to stick back straight into the back of our nucleus and finally, we need to add our gas tail. Now. The gas tail is a little harder to see and isnt white, like our dust tail. So today, im going to pop in a purple gas tail were going to sit this just above our dust tail to finish off our comet.

So now youve got your own comet, but did you know that you can actually see some comets from right here on planet earth? One of the most famous comets is halleys comet, which returns to earths vicinity every 75 years. The last time it was here was in 1986 and its projected to return in 2061. comets can cause meteor showers when they pass by earth dust and other debris from them burn up in the earths. Atmosphere creating meteors, but meteors can also come from asteroids. Sometimes one asteroid can smash into another one. This can cause small pieces of the asteroid to break off and those pieces are called meteoroids when meteoroids enter earths atmosphere, they are meteors and when the meteor hits the ground, it becomes a meteorite. We have some meteorites here at the national space center. The best way to find a meteorite is with a magnet and thats because they contain metal. Now they may look a little bit darker on the outside and that would be from when they get burnt up in earths atmosphere on their way down to the ground. So maybe one day, youll find a meteorite id go and check your back garden Music. So, whilst were waiting for halleys comet to pay as a visit lets, turn our knowledge of asteroids and comets into dance with darcy so make sure youre all warmed up and have plenty of space to move around Music hi everyone. My name is darcy and im from moving together dance company today, while we look at asteroids and comets were going to be focusing on how unpredictable asteroids are and were going to be using that element of chance in deciding what movements were going to create and do Music, so to join in today, we are going to get creative and youre going to need a pen or a pencil, some post, it notes or some little bits of paper and a dice Music so for our activity today were thinking of lots of different action.

Words. Now what i mean by action words, we have some examples here on the board, so our space cadets came up with some great ones and they were reach, run, balance, roll, stomp and hop. I thought of some others, just in case you would prefer to use some of these weve got curve, jump, gallop, drop, bend, turn, freeze, leap, float and kick. You might be able to think of some for yourself. So with these words today, what were going to do is were going to think about what the words make us want to do with our bodies, so, for example, for reach, i think straight away id think about reaching with an arm i might reach up. I might reach down, you might use both arms, but how about reaching with a different body part? Maybe you could reach with your leg. Maybe you could reach with your knee, have a little think about all the different body parts you could reach with moving on to run. This is quite self explanatory. You might just want to think about how you can travel as fast as you can. It might be that you choose one little bit of a run, maybe its that youre just doing the arms, maybe its that youve got the space to have a little run around in a circle again its up to you. We then have balance think about all the ways in which you can balance. You can balance on one leg: you can balance with that leg out to the side behind hold on to it.

Okay, you dont have to balance just on one leg. Think about all the different balances you could do maybe still sort of completely grounded. You might want to try and tilt a little bit to the side using your head. You might want to tilt forwards and sort of balance in that way, theres lots of different ways. We can balance you can balance on the floor, have a little think and play for yourself. Our next word roll again, so many different roles im sure. The first thing you think of doing is a forward roll, a roly poly, a sausage roll on the floor. But you can also have a bit of a roll with your hands. You can have a bit of a roll coming upwards. You can roll your head, roll, your shoulders theres, so many different ways in which we can roll stomp again quite self explanatory. Maybe this is something you want to do with your feet. Maybe this is something you want to do with your hands. Maybe you could get down on the floor and stomp with your hands stomp with your elbows. Think about all the different ways in which you can stomp and lastly, today weve got hop as one of our main words so hop once again were thinking about hopping on one leg, but again there might be loads of different ways. You can heart think about. Can we hop with our hands? Can we hop with our head its quite difficult, but have a little think, so these are the main words that im going to be using today.

If you would like to use any of these extra words or some words of your own, that is also completely fine. Music. Okay, so you at home are going to choose six words to use for your activity. Ive chosen the same six as our space cadets, but you can choose whichever action words you would like to do once youve chosen your words. I would like you to pick a number for each word. It doesnt matter. What number is which so, for example, balance im gon na put as number one roll im gon na put as number two hop is gon na, be my number three reach four run five, and that leaves stomp to be six once youve chosen, which number goes with, Which word its time to introduce our dice? So this is where our element of chance comes in, because the dice is going to decide the order of your movements so im going to roll my dice and see what number comes up. So i got number four, which means whats number. Four reach is going to be my first move, so im gon na put four reach over here then im gon na roll, my dice again and ive got six. So six is stomp, which is my second movement. In my mini routine, so you just need to keep doing this. Keep rolling your dice until all of your numbers. All of your moves are in a lovely big order. Music.

So once youve finished rolling your dice, you should have a lovely long list and that is going to be your routine. Your routine can be as long as you like, and it just depends on how many times you roll your dice. As you can see, i rolled my dice about eight times to get about eight moves, so i had reach come up twice because i rolled two fours and i had stomp come up twice because i rolled two sixes its completely up to you. How long you want your routine to be Music? Okay, so now youve got your routine written out in front of you. I would like you to use your routine as a set of instructions and youre just going to follow them. Remember all of the different things you can do with all of your words ill. Give you an example and im going to have a go at mine, so mine starts off with a reach im going to reach with my arm. Then ive got a stomp im gon na do a big stomp with my foot, then ive got a balance. Then ive got a hop. Then im gon na run with my arms. Then ive got another reach and this time im gon na reach with a leg, then ive got a roll im gon na roll with my arms and im gon na finish, with a different kind of stomp im gon na stomp with my hand, okay, im gon na Try that again, are you ready, so i reach i stop.

I balance i hop. I run i reach i roll. I stop fantastic now id like you guys to have a go at yours at home, Music, Music, Music. So the random order of your movements mirrors the random movement of the asteroids within the asteroid belt. Our space cadets had a little go at doing their random order of movements wearing motion. Trackers lets have a little look at how they got on Music, Music.