, MEOWING, SQUISHING, SOUND. Welcome to my office. I have absolute peace and quiet in here.. There is a cat in here.. I dont know Wait the cats missing. TIM. Is it graffiti Argh? Now he is just That is called urban camouflage.. No one is going to notice you guys. That happens in Ratchet Clank all the time. All the time., But if you really want to fix it, okay. Im kidding, we got ta fix it. I dont want to come off as like. Oh failure is not an option, But we really do like Like its got. Ta be good., So we keep working on it. OLIVER Uh the issue goes away, but so do some of the you know actual graphics that go along with it. But um … LAUGHTER OLIVER. So thats one way of fixing flickering right. You just remove the graphics. GEOFF Problem. Solved. I mean on the high level the way I see this phase of the project, specifically where its more like about you know you get bugs and you need to fix them its. Like you spend 90 of the time, investigating. Like just researching what is actually happening. And often when you know whats happening, the actual fix is pretty easy., And so what it comes down to is just a lot of like detective work. TAZIO, Like somehow a Regret dies Under a figment and that that transfers the burnt state to the figment., I cant, I havent reproduced it yet but thats my current operating theory.

. Being in that, in that, what is like, the home stretch … Because, like its just been its been just out of reach for so long., And now that we are finally here its like …, Its sort of its so normal. But at the same time, its also very surreal., Like the idea that this is going to be finished. And that there is a life on the other side of Psychonauts 2. You know. DAN, I did it., You figured it out Dan. You were right.. I had to get a Doubt to run over the figment. And then, when I lit the Doubt on fire, … …, it swapped the figments material. TAZIO Okay., But what the hell TAZIO The fire propagation system is causing things that arent supposed to burn to burn. DAN Genius idea Tazio Overall, like I, am feeling knock on everything like pretty confident about where things are. ASIF. We were really just looking for like critical, bugs that completely crashed the game or blocked progression in some sort of unrecoverable way., So its been fun to do. That. Playing the game at home and trying to break it in as many ways as possible. PAUL I mean people have called out that you are like one of the bug finding superstars.. I think when Naoko told people to start breaking it, you know like it was almost like a call. Like accept the challenge or not you know., But its just a feeling.

Like you get the feeling of Raz and you are like Yeah. I see a distance and Im judging in the game like Im, pretty sure I could make that. MUSIC CLAM One instance Ill make it and Im like Okay, well, its possible., So you know there. You go., Then, maybe its time to report this and just see if the team wants to fix it or not.. You know thats how I found some of the CHUCKLES, the worst ones, where you can jump out of the world and see a lot of crazy things.. Raz Ahhhh Ugh Ahhh Ahhh Ouch. No, I mean I want to credit like production for enforcing you know and Kee. You know our Lead Programmer and our Lead Producer, Kee and Naoko are pushing for …. You know real rational approach to how many tasks we are doing.. The only thing Ive been told that I have to I have to figure out is like It has to be done and we have to submit it. This date. Im, like … N not later And Im, told No. So … LAUGHS, Just trying to find a path to whats the responsible, action. TIM In the old days. We might have fixed everything, but now we have these daily triage meeting where we like really fight over what we are gon na All right. We should fix that.. Oh, we dont need to fix that.. We can fix that in a patch. TIM. I think I noticed it in the this.

Is the suitcase huh. What Why its this shape? Chuckles Eh. Oh weird., Taking that very seriously so that we dont destabilize the build. And so the build is more stable. And as we come into a landing, it feels It probably still feels really chaotic for Naoko. But for me it feels a lot less chaotic than Im used to.. I do really appreciate that folks are a lot are very mindful of each bugs kind of relevance in the whole scope of the game., Otherwise chasing down every single one of these would cause. So many other bugs when you try to fix them. TIM Shes, also respawning inside the bad zone, though. NAOKO This wont happen anymore. GEOFF. That was the bug that was fixed. NAOKO Yeah. TIM. So what can you still do? Geoff? You can walk behind the counter because they didnt put the counter against the wall. TIM Okay, but you cant get stuck there GEOFF You dont get stuck. TIM Okay, so we are done. TIM. We are done., NAOKO, Thats, all of them for right, now.. Until tomorrow. TIM Bug free, I think right now we are trying to keep an eye on the things that would distract the player and prioritize those over the little things that annoy us that we wish we had time to go back to, but arent necessarily going to Stop or distract the player. I mean there is stuff in like in the HQ that, like I wanted to fix, but Ive kind of, like Ive, accepted the fact that we cant fix it anymore.

. There is like we are at the point where we just got ta get the game. Out. Part of this whole like process is learning. This is like the ultimate test of learning to let go. Like Let it go its okay. RUSTY. Probably we are so nitpicky that 99 of people wont even notice that thing that we are spending a half hour talking about whether we should fix it or not. So, but its great to be at that point, where you are nitpicking, just the teeny tiniest things to See if you want to actually do something about it., I think its great., But you do Not being in the office. You do miss um …, a lot of the just the energy of being in the room and seeing people work like …. You know wed walk by Kees desk and, if Kee is holding a can of cold soda to his head from the fridge. That means that its hes got a really bad bug and a headache., And so you kind of pick up on these signs that you miss. When you are, when you are doing it over a video conference. SETH, But why is she just popping to her shake attack. KEE? These are? These are questions. KEE. These are questions. SETH, Yeah. KEE, Its very separate., Its very physically separate. Um, so it doesnt kind of quite get the same feeling as it would be in the office. Its a really strange way to to close out a game.

Ive. Never done it like this before. In my life. Im, not sure if I ever ever really want to do it again, this way. KEE. So my hope is that you know we are at a place where we could just kind of leave the build alone through Wednesday and Thursday., And then we submit on on Friday.. There hasnt been anything that pops up. That has been like super super concerning., So thats. How, where the build feels like it is at right, now., Eh, Eh, TIM Great Sounds fantastic. Its a weird mix of emotions.. You have um … relief. Wait. Let me check the bug: channel, again., Okay, you have relief, … …, that things are going LAUGHS And then just even typing out Release Candidate felt like such a weird thing., Because you know its been a long. Road. And weve been doing this for a long time and its been its been really hard. And just calling something as being the thing that we are done is …. It was it was. It was oddly … Um, just …. That was the most triumphant thing. I felt in typing out two words before., But this is the product of the last five years of our lives, of all our collective shared experiences together and …. Knowing that those five years culminated in this thing, its … Yeah its more about the making of it than what weve created., And I think it is just its a bonus that what we created is something that we feel is is great.

MUSIC Im amazed at how It has come together.. I cant believe we made a real game. CHUCKLES. It feels great.. It honestly feels great.. Excuse me if I curse its a fucking, beautiful game LAUGHS. I was gon na say that straight out., It looks amazing Im. Definitely gon na be like Day 1 hopping into Twitch streams and just …. I want to see peoples reactions.. I think people are going to like this. And I think people who are fans of the series are really going to like it., Because I was worried.. I was really worried. Im, not as worried anymore.. I was really worried. You know., And I may have mentioned this. You know when we started this new game.. Are we going to be able to recreate that feeling that people had when they played the first one.? There is a lot of people with a lot of fond memories of of the game., And they want that again. And thats. Very, I think thats really hard to um give people. And you think about some of the some of those people were just kids that played it like really young kids, that played it., And now they are adults. Uh …. I think its going to fit very well with that audience., So Im pretty excited for people to to see it., But Im, hoping that theyll see … that just as much love and attention went into this one as the first one.

. So hopefully, itll just feel like … …. They just picked up the day after Psychonauts, which is exactly where it starts., Probably just retire after this. Like financially Ill, be pretty set.. You know Im expecting a lot of royalties, um … TIM Great.. Thank you, Caryl. Uh, on the project. Naoko, do you have any news since last Friday? I think our last meeting since our last meeting. We did something … Like ship or something. NAOKO. Well, we submitted and it TIM Shipped Done Done, Go home. Everyone go home, Its all over Its easy. TIM Games are easy. NAOKO, No news is good. News. TIM Games are easy., BERT, PLAYS FINAL FANTASY VICTORY, FANFARE ON A PIANO TIM See. If you, if you delay your game enough its always on time, … … in the end., Its always on time, when it ships. LAUGHS TIM Today is the week of, I think the Tommys party right. We are going to celebrate our anniversary of still being around … … after twenty … … one … … years., ASIF Tommys, the Double Fine birthday, party. Yeah, I mean Im, definitely looking forward to it. Like … Its a … CHUCKLES. You know there is nothing like a pandemic and working from home to make you realize how much you miss people. MUSIC. Are you documenting right now, Hi TIM, So Tommys was great., Seeing, of course, all of our old friends and uh … … and then Raz walked by.

, Raz doesnt even work at the company anymore. He was just going to get food, he lives in the neighborhood. And so … TIM CHUCKLES Raz out of the blue. I havent seen him in years and uh …, So he was hanging out., So it was very surreal., Uh and Ray flew out. You know. RAY It was nice to hug people., Gave a lot of hugs and um … Yeah. It felt good.. So like going back, you know to old friends. A lot of longer and grayer hair., Which was interesting. TIM. It was really nice to be together. Still, like I said in my toast this company likes to be together. TIM, Even though, over the years a lot of forces have tried to … … make us not be together, but we are still here. Um. We have survived 21 years in the games industry., We have survived COVID 19. CHEERING Yeah. And we have survived Psychonauts 2. Cheering. I feel, like weve, really made something thats going to matter to people that really people are going to like and and are going to come up to you, 10 years from now at a trade show and say You worked on that game That game. That game meant a lot to me. And I think that is because of all the hard work of this team. And not just one magic thing, but a million things that everyone did every day. Not just surviving but making it great.

And um uh …. Thank you for 21 amazing years.. Thank you. Everybody Cheers Happy Birthday, CHEERING Cheers MUSIC. How did you make it sound genuine? It sounded so genuine. I dont. I know you are not used to this. Emotions. Clapping MONICA LAUGHS Well done well done.. Some people afterwards were like Wow. That was a very sincere toast you made.. I was like What Im always Im, always sincere, Why? Why was that one different LAUGHS Im playing through it now and Im … … thinking about early early early ideas, about the story about Ford and about your um family and and its its unbelievable, that um …, these old old plans, um …? Finally pay off. You know years later., I just hope. People like it. Im, not afraid of people playing it. Thats a good position to be in when you are shipping, a game.