We have a few heavy hitters hitting the platform this time around, which is super cool, so leave a like subscribe and lets check them out. Im really excited about the games that are hitting xbox game pass. This time around weve got humankind which is available on pc Music. We have need for speed heat, which is also available now on the cloud star wars, battlefront 2, also available on the cloud right now: star wars, jedi, fallen order is also available. Now on the cloud and coming on august 19th, weve got recompile train sim world 2. 12 minutes, which we also have a really cool interview with william defoe on our website right now, if you want to check it out, why are you doing this? My father died of a heart attack. Oh, i i i didnt have anything to do with any. Second. Now hes gon na knock on that door. Help me this isnt happening. This cant be happening. Psychonauts too. My name is razz and today is my first official day on the job and missed a very, very popular game. Cant wait to check it out for myself, because ive heard nothing but good things about it. As far as whats leaving the platform on august 31st, well, youre gon na have to say goodbye to blair witch double, kick heroes, nba 2k, 21 and stranger things. Three, the game now for my favorite segment of this episode. What have i been playing well to be very honest: ive been playing zoo tycoon, its not a new game by any means its been out for quite a while, but in the middle of all these other games, im playing and other games that are a little bit Stressful its nice to have a game i can play and just relax with.

I can feed some animals grow. My zoo into a massive empire, collect all the all the species and just having a nice chill time, its super cute, but its also really buggy. But i think that adds a little bit to the charm, but one of my favorite things about it is that you obviously get this overhead view of the park just as any other tycoon. But then you can also go into like this third person view and run around the park and do challenges that involve you running around the park to raise certain animals and take pictures, its really fun, its really relaxing and ive been enjoying it. So that is what i have been playing this week on. Xbox game pass now its time for our pick of the week and my pick is going to be the master chief collection, the technical preview, the first one is over now and i guess ive been feeling like. I need to play some more halos, so having the master chief collection has been super useful. We also have some really cool content on the way for more halo, stuff and being able to hop back into all. These old versions have been super convenient. Obviously, halo 5 is not in the master chief collection, but i do have it on my xbox and ive been able to hop into that too. But the master chief collection has pretty much every other version, so its been released, make sure you like and subscribe.