First, up weve got the enthralling 12 minutes available across all xbox game pass platforms from august 19th, a man voiced by james mcavoy is enjoying a quiet night in when his wife surprises him. With the news that shes pregnant, then a police officer surprises them, both by bursting into their house and accusing the wife of murder just a very surprising evening, all round really after the attempted arrest, goes tragically wrong. The man wakes up to discover that time has been reversed by 12 minutes and that only he seems to be aware of this fact. So begins a groundhog day style time loop, where youll need to use what you learn on each go around to try and figure out a way to guide the evening towards a happier ending with a glittering cast rounded out by hollywood, big shots, daisy, ridley and willem Dafoe 12 minutes could be one of the most emotionally intense games you play this year, but since its a day, one game pass title. At least you wont have to sweat about the price strategy, fans and people whove really always seen themselves, as god. King material might have their eyes on age of empires 4, but they might want to turn their attention to another sprawling rts which is arriving on game. Pass for pc even sooner humankind in this massively ambitious strategy game. You start out as a pre. Agricultural civilization were really just a bunch of hairy folk wandering around trying to forage enough non poisonous mushrooms to stay alive and without getting scared by willy mammoth thats.

Where you start out, where you end up, is entirely up to you as you move your civilization through the different eras. Youll have to choose whether to build a society of rugged, individualists or compassionate progressives to huddle inside one four to five mega city or spread your population amongst many settlements or to become explorers. Scientists warriors or something else entirely. The face of humanity is in your hands and lets be honest. You cant do a much worse job than other people right right, while double fine die. Hards have been waiting on a psychonaut sequel for an agonizingly long time. They might just end up glad that it took this long once they see what the new consoles can do with tim, schafer and coes wild ideas set in a stunningly animated world of psychic secret agents. Psychonauts 2 picks up right where the first game left off with raz and his friends trying to track down the real villain threatening their world and, while hes doing that, raz also has to try and make it through his internship without becoming a complete social outcast or Accidentally, breaking his teachers brain and were sure hell do his best as a bonus, xbox series x and s, players will have exclusive access to the truly next gen version of the game, with the option to run it all the way up at a mind: melting 120 Fps you dont need to break into our brains to know how much we like that idea, and from august 25th, you can find out for yourself from trons luminescent light cycles to the matrix digital rabbit hole all the way up to the server verse which lebron james Recently found himself dunking on looney tunes in weve always been fascinated by what life inside a computer might look like and recompile has some ideas set inside a system known only as the mainframe recompile has you playing as a shiny? Little fella whos been tasked with repairing the system and piecing together enough of the remaining data to figure out what the whole thing was originally for and how it fell into such a sorry state in the first place, featuring a mixture of puzzle, solving platforming and evil.

Ai spider, blasting, recompiles, stylish retro tinted digital world should make an incredibly fun place to explore, especially with that jamming techno soundtrack. In the background, just be careful of that giant, robo tarantula thing he looks a bit nasty trains are pretty much the best thing on rails, outside of roller coasters, helping people all over the world get to where theyre going with speed and comfort, and if the occasional Murder, mystery should break out somewhere around the orient thats. Not the trains, fool really. Is it whether youre, a veteran trainspotter or just looking to complement microsoft flight simulator with something a little more grounded? Trains in world 2 offers an incredibly detailed look at the world of railways featuring lines from all over the world, as well as the officially licensed trains which chug along them. It lets you ride the rails along famous routes like londons, bakerloo or glasgows cat cat circle. With more tracks being laid all the time via add ons, and so long as youre an xbox game pass member, you can ride for as long as you want without even buying a ticket. Finally, weve got another 90s classic making a brand and fraser esque return to the spotlight. Mist set on a mysterious island missed immediately enchanted players upon its initial release. Despite its technical limitations, the world it immerses you in is so idiosyncratic and atmospheric. The puzzles are so clever and the story at the heart of it all is so intriguing that even back when it was largely rendered as a series of still images mist was a big hit.

So, just imagine how compelling it is now with a gorgeous 3d world for you to explore complete with totally overhauled visuals and enticing new sounds, and if youre, a longtime fan looking to really spice things up this time around, you can even randomize the puzzles to present You with a fresh challenge and make the island of mist feel brand new all over again gamers on the go will also be psyched to find need for speed, heat star wars, battlefront 2 and jedi fall in order. All joining game passes immense list of cloud friendly titles on the same day, so you can drop into an illegal street race or a battle for the soul of the galaxy. While waiting for your morning, train need for speed heat even has some sweet new touch controls to help you make it round those trickier bends and nine other cloud ready. Titles have gotten the touchscreen treatment too. That includes everyones favorite, godlike roguelike hades, the original psychonauts and the entire apocalyptic ex commish wasteland trilogy, plus theres peggle 2, going under farming, simulator 19 and the wonderfully barbaric blood roots. Of course, even xbox game pass isnt immune from the circle of life. So the arrival of hot new games means a few past. Titles need to make way horror fans looking to have their nerves. Jangled will want to check out blair witch and stranger things: 3, the game before they vanish into darkness on the 31st. While double kick, heroes will also be flailing.

Its last leg on the final day of the month and finally, nba 2k21, will be having its jersey retired on that day, as well, so thats a wrap on the xbox game, past comings and goings for the rest of this month.