You all are good. This is the second episode of space telescopes, a series that brings you tweets and observations by space observatories in a single package, Music, nasa universe to the unaided eye. The orion nebula appears as a tiny hazy spot within the sword of the constellation orion, but its a vast stellar nursery of roiling dust and gas, where vast number of new stars are forming. Music, stargazers, young and old alike, enjoy finding constellations in the night sky, but are there more to these star patterns than meets the eye follow along this week, as we explore some of the incredible and mysterious cosmic objects and constellations constellations are named patterns of stars that Look like a particular shape. Finding them can be challenging, but think of it like a game of connecting the dots. In this case, though, youll be connecting stars in the night sky Music. As we begin exploring some of the super cool cosmic objects you can find in constellations, we want to know what you think, which of these constellations. Do you like best pisces, orion, ursa, major draco? Let us know in the comment section: Music, the stars and constellations. May look close together from our view on earth, but they might actually be really far apart in space this mind, blowing visualization shows the true shape of the orion constellation in 3d. Music. Did you know a substance. Thats rare on earth makes up 99.9 of the observable universe, plasma isnt common on earth, but it is elsewhere in the cosmos.

Listen to this weeks, episode of curious universe and learn more about this mysterious substance link is in the description. A black holes gravity is so strong that light bends around it, revealing things that should be blocked from our view. For the first time, astronomers observed light from far side of a black hole using our new star and esas xmm newton. This infographic shows how the light echoes were captured by the x ray observatories, a black hole, 30 million kilometers in diameter and 10 million solar masses with corona 60 million kilometers high producing bright x, ray flares that last for 2.5 hours. These x rays are reflected by the disc around the black hole and are bent by its extreme gravity. Music. The constellation orion is a favorite among stargazers, though over a dozen stars make up orion two take the center stage. Beetlejuice orions right, shoulder, rigel orions left foot. Both of these bright superstars reveal clues to us about the life cycle of stars. Music beetlejuice is a red supergiant, leading a fast and furious life. Its destined to end in an epic explosion called a supernova. Dont worry. The star is about 550 light years away. So this event wouldnt be dangerous to us on earth, but it would be a spectacular sight. Music rigel is a blue supergiant thats, much hotter and brighter than its companion. Beetlejuice rigel is so luminous that, even from over 800 light years away, its the brightest star in orion and one of the brightest stars in our night sky, Music among orions best known features – is his belt consisting of three bright stars in a line.

But did you know that the star on the far right is actually five stars in a complex system, Music known as delta orionis? A the inset image shows the complex five star system in x, ray this system is made of three components: two individual stars and a triple star system. This artists, impression of the triple star system, delta, rhines, a shows, the main star and a much smaller star orbiting. Each other every 5.7 days, while the third star orbits this pair every 400 years, the twin spacecrafts both carry a golden record, bringing time capsules of 1977 earth into interstellar space, though not vinyl. These records hold sounds and images from earth Music. The red sphere is the heliosphere region of influence of our star, the sun. The blue represents the bow shock as material from solar wind collides into interstellar gas and dust constellations like orion have more than stars hanging around thanks to nasa observatories, uniquely positioned above earths atmosphere, including tess, chandra x, ray and nasa hubble. We can see these awesome cosmic objects with incredible clarity. Music did you know you can see a nebula from earth. The fuzzy star in the middle of orions sword is actually the wondrous orion nebula. It can be seen with the unaided eye, but a telescope can get you a better view of the vast cloud of cosmic dust and gas where stars are born Music, its also possible that a black hole lives in the orion nebula.

These bizarre cosmic objects are invisible, but we can detect them by seeing what happens when material gets too close. For example, intense x, ray flares shoot out into space when black holes eat stuff. Scientists have also discovered planets orbiting stars within the constellation orion one of those planets. Hd 37605b is a giant gas world three times more massive than jupiter. Think of all the worlds you may be seeing when looking up at the night sky Music. Let constellations guide you to some of the most incredible objects of the cosmos, young stars, nebulae new worlds and even galaxies find the tumblr link in description Music. A neutrino that had traveled 3.7 billion years was detected by icecube neutrino observatory in south pole. Antarctica and our fermi telescope helped trace its source to a flaring blazer, a type of galaxy powered by a supermassive black hole and the constellation orion looking for comics today. This one by artist, higgs tan, shows power nicer telescope on international space station detected x, ray surges from crab pulsar that accompany giant radio pulses observed by ground based telescopes in japan. Are you ready all right? Radio waves become brighter, we detect giant radio pulses x rays. Also become brighter, we found that x rays become brighter coinciding with the giant radio pulses. For the first time we were looking for this. More energy is emitted as x rays than in radio as giant radio pulses. Hubble isa, isa, hubbles giffy account achieved 2 million views.

Last week, congratulations hubble keep rocking. Are you seeing a quintuple? There may be six luminous spots of light in the center of our picture of the week, but it actually features two galaxies and five separate images of a single quasar. The culprit gravitational lensing, Music, isa, hubble flashback. This image shows something spectacular, a massive galaxy cluster that is warping the space around it Music hubble space, telescope Music, observations of hh 47 taken between 1994 and 2008 by hubble, were pieced together to create this time lapse. Video showing a long jet of material bursting out of a dark cloud of gas and dust that hides a newly formed star. This jet found in the southern constellation vela is roughly 10 times the width of our solar system and moves at more than 440 000 miles per hour or 700 000 kilometers per hour twins occur on earth and space. We present hubbles double bubble of dust, also known as a reflection nebula. It surrounds a cluster of young hot stars and is more than one hundred sixty thousand light years away for bonus. Nesting doll facts visit the link in description Music. When we hear field of dreams. This is what we think of hubbles 1995 deep field image at the time it was the deepest ever view of the universe, a variety of colors and shapes to help us understand the evolution of everything, Music, examine able383 in more detail and youll find many examples of Background galaxies, whose light has been distorted by gravitational lensing, learn what a lens supernova taught astronomers about this cluster from the link in description, Music, hubble nasa.

We heard its book lovers day. Hubble has a huge collection of ebooks ready for you to dive into tweeted. On 9th of this month, the ebooks talk about hubbles journey and discoveries over the years feast, your eyes on the hundreds of star clusters in the starburst galaxy, ngc 3310. You can see them in this hubble classic view as the blue bright clumps that trace the galaxys spiral, arms Music, a stellar entrance into the universe. This hubble friday features afgl 5180, a stunning star forming region in the constellation gemini, a massive star emerges in the center blasting cavities and illuminating its cloudy dusty surroundings, Music, nasa exoplanets, six new planets. We are at 4461 confirmed worlds beyond our own solar system. These exoplanets are fascinating and strange. Many are, unlike any scene in our own planetary family check out the nasa exoplanets database for updated numbers for more than 30 years. Hubble has brought the cosmos down to earth. It also discovered far away worlds and told us about them. Get our new free poster celebrating nasas intrepid explorer Music chandra observatory its cat day, and we are feline it. This space kitty is the result of the catastrophic explosions of two unrelated stars. The first unit alignment of their supernova remnants is claw fully amusing. This post litter ollie just scratches the surface Music nasa solar system, asteroid bennu, the destination of our osiris rex mission is classified as a hazardous near earth. Asteroid data gained from the spacecrafts visit to bennu has significantly improved models of its trajectory through the year 2135.

Music. Thanks to osiris rex, we have learned more about the variables that affect an asteroids path through space, including factors youd think of like gravity and factors you might not like sunlight Music space telescope science institute. Just friends on a voyage astronomers have tried to determine if giant, elliptical, galaxy, m60 and smaller spiral. Galaxy ngc 4647 are interacting, but have yet to see evidence of it. Learn about how this odd couple drifts through space together through the link in description Music. Have you ever wondered what is spectroscopy anyway? If you said yes, and even if you havent, we have just the thing for you – welcome to spectroscopy 101, where all your questions from how it works to what it tells us are answered, description in honor of world elephant day. We are featuring the elephants, trunk nebula. This stellar nursery was imaged by spitzer space telescope in infrared light, giving a preview of what james webb telescope will provide Music. You wont find this ghostly face at camp crystal lake, but instead 704 million light years away what appears to be jason a psychopathic killer from friday. The 13th in space is actually two galaxies in a head on collision, Music, isa, solar orbiter. Last week, isa, solar orbiter nbp columbo, a mercury probe partnered with jaxa had close venus flybys for orbital adjustment. Solar orbiter made its closest approach at 7995, kilometers or 497 miles, while the colombo went as close as 550 kilometers or 342 miles Music.

A first look at our magnetometer data from venus. Flyby shows the magnetic field increasing as we traveled past the flanks of venus, then a sharp drop as we cross the bow shock into the solar wind again full report, including bp, columbo, first impressions link in description Music.