Yes, now we know what it is uh when you boot up your dying light game at the moment, youre gon na see this on the home screen and its a low gravity event theres, also a dlc but im going to cover that in a different video. I just want to talk about the event for now mines. A little bit bugged out. Um ive only got one community event showing and thats the the global one for this youre going to get three king mods and uh yeah. I didnt actually get the personal bounty for some reason: uh, which is to get a gold version of the new dlc sword. Im not too bothered, though, because i do have the dlc and ive used a gold machete to make the blueprint so its essentially the same thing for me and yeah its called the shifter. I think because it basically shifts its elemental effect during chain attacks, which is pretty cool and, of course, im gon na have to put on the v9 defender suit for the event because uh. Why not also stick around till the end of the video, because ive got some great stuff to show you uh with this zero gravity event? This is awesome so before you venture outside, go and see the quartermaster, because for the duration, the event hes going to have a double barrel, shotgun and a pistol for you every time you go in there and also every time you go into a safe zone, its Going to replenish your ammo, so you dont have to worry about buying ammunition.

So once outside. The first thing youre going to realize is that this is also a viral rush, type event and yeah. All of the zombies are going to be coming at. You left right and center the minute you step foot outside uh, yeah, pretty hectic. You may not like this kind of thing, but its great fun, i think, and also as you saw there, the low gravity means that the zombies will actually float away, like balloons as soon as theyve been killed. Also, when you jump it takes a little while for you to float back down as if youre on the moon and theres no full damage during the event. So, even if you could fall from a great height youre, not gon na die and yeah simply barge in these zombies also will send them flying into the distance hilariously. As you can see, even the demolishers will actually float away as if they weigh nothing its uh. Its pretty funny, to be honest, i tried to grapple my way onto him and fly up with him, but that didnt work but yeah he just carried on going and going and going until he just disintegrated and the funny thing that happened then is the pack from Him just fell to the ground, never known anything like it. So in the dlc trailer, the bad aliens were sort of made out to be zombies wearing a funky suit, but in actual fact they are just bandits um.

Ever since the rust crossover event, these bandits were dotted around um for that event, and they were basically in a yellow and green hazmat suit. These guys seem to be wearing the new alien suit and also have yellow and green details, but they behave in exactly the same way as the rust crossover event. Bandits do and uh yeah there. You can see it kind of lights up in the dark as well. Its quite a nice effect theyre always tied up by these virals for most of the time, but once youve helped them out and killed all the zombies, they will turn their attention to you. So quite a lot going on. In this event, uh its action packed and great fun, but we havent got to the best bit yet uh, okay, the rewards arent exactly out of this world, but uh look at this. If you have the paisa suit blueprint uh, i will explain what that is in a minute and then you can literally fly now. Ordinarily, the pisa suit is a great way to sort of leap off of buildings. Its like a wing suit but gravity does still bring you down. You know relatively fast, but during the low gravity event it seems that you can literally just fly as far as you like, without really descending at all its great. Although i did find out to my peril that you can still get jumped on by volatiles and get killed if you get too close to buildings, etc, so yeah watch out there uh, it looks lovely at night.

The pizza suit blueprint can be found here in the old town and basically once youre. On top of this building. Look for this green chimney and when you manage to step on top of it, which isnt easy and low gravity, theres a prompt for world 1.1 and once youve selected that youll basically just load straight into this really weird mario type kind of easter egg level and Yeah, the paisley suit blueprint is hidden on a secret block um. I dont actually have the footage at the moment, maybe ill do another video theres plenty of them on youtube to be fair but yeah. But look look at this. This is incredible. Um get high enough and you get such a fantastic birds, eye view of the old town. There i mean as great as it looks you can tell the limitations of the ps4 version it really wasnt designed to be. You know for you to travel across the map. This fast and at this height – and you can see all the details struggling to pop in as you uh, you know, move over the map, but but still its its an amazing thing. Ive not seen that before and it then begged the question just how far you might be able to fly. So i come up with a couple of little challenges in my mind. The highest point on the map in the slums is the top of the bridge there and yeah. I flew pretty much from the buildings just behind the tower all the way to the bridge and over all of the virals.

You can see the cars popping in there, but you know its its still pretty amazing if only it had been sort of better realized. It would have been so much better, but hey look at this ive never done this before and my nemesis uh, probably everybody elses is the gap between the bridge. There um you cant, actually jump across. You cant use your grappling hook to get across the only way to get over. There normally is to jump down to the sea and swim over to the next platform and then climb up inside the kind of tower. But there you go, the paisa suit in low gravity has enabled me to soar straight across the gap without um. You know as much as having to fight a single zombie amazing. So anyway, my ultimate goal here for this challenge was to get to the top of the tower, which i did eventually and uh line myself up nicely with brecken tower uh. The aim here was to see if i could literally jump off and land on top of the tower now it does take quite a while so ive trimmed the video down slightly for you. But yes, that was just that was the perfect height and if you time it right and open the the wingsuit up in time, you can maintain the height so that youre level, with the top of brecken tower. Obviously the details there arent as great um as they would be if youd actually gone up in the lift, because there is a separate load screen to get to the top, and that is why, when you try and land on it, you just fall straight through the Building and all the way down to the lower levels, however, it does kind of break the tower.

As you can see, you can see the dynlite 2 banner from the inside. All the walls have disappeared and you appear to be hovering above the ground floor uh, which is pretty cool, although amazingly, that guy seems to have spotted me, uh yeah, so yeah, it was just nice to have a little walk around ive. Seen a glitch like this. Before that could be triggered from inside the building, but ive never managed to trigger this glitch. Um from you know the roof theres the hail raid arcade machine and theres the quartermaster over there in the corner, uh its brilliant. I love it um its fantastic ive had such fun flying around the map. Ive also tried it in the countryside as well in the following dlc um. But again that is a pretty big map. I did manage to fly literally from one end of it to the other, though, but that would have been pretty boring for you to watch and you can see there that i actually managed to fall back through into the the proper level and uh yeah the game. Isnt broken right, as far as i can tell there, doesnt seem to be any information as to when this event is over. I think that they dropped it kind of early. For some reason, the dlc came out before theyd even released a trailer for it and uh. As i showed you the other day, the ufos turned up in the map before we even knew what was going on.

So i think something kind of went wrong along the way and uh yeah. I think they just dropped this event. Basically, because the uh, the cat was out of the bag, uh im enjoying it, though um its a little bit bugged, as i said, but im sure youll have lots of fun with this one.