So you saw the title: we have another package to go and unbox um, no idea whats in here that ive got no clue if i have to guess its most likely related to dying to know episode three um thats. My best bet this package is a lot bigger than the other ones um the last one. It was like a t, shirt and a couple other things it wasnt in a box like this and then the one before that was like a like a little tube or something i dont know. Whats going to be in here lets: go and uh unbox. This hero thing now by the way, if you havent, noticed weve added someone to the background now hes going to be chilling here, hes going to tell us some jokes when we need it: yeah, good old, danny devito, oh its its a box in a box; okay, Yeah, look its uh, oh its its actually just like, i think its. Just like the last box. There we go its a dying to know. Look at that, okay dying to know what is that? Oh theres, oh theres, like a little like confetti sort of thing in here, lets, take a look. Shall we oh thats, so cool? Oh, my god wait! No! My things messing up! Oh my god! Oh oh thats, so cool, oh, the ultimate swag! Oh my god. Dude, look at that. Oh i love this. This is amazing this this is.

This is really nice. Okay, i like this im, not like uh. I dont really wear hats that often but um. This is a nice one. I feel like im about to go and drop a tecla and mix tape right now. Can i pull it off in the back i dont know. Can i pull that off? Probably not! No, no, i dont see it take off, take off the tag. Of course. This is really nice. I i do like this im gon na have like full clothing of dying light 2 by the time this game comes out. We have we have this, we have a shirt. Are they? Are they slowly sending me each piece that i can customize in the game when it comes out? Is this? Is this piece number one and the shirt is piece number two six piece outfit system am i on to you, tech, wind, thats thats. This is awesome. I do like this a lot. This is great so also in here. There is a note, well well, read it in just a second but uh its also just like um confetti stuff, which i need to pick up before the dog eats so starting out with this side. I might have to take pictures of it if it doesnt focus. Oh, my god, its actually focusing so thats the first side, uh dialect to stay human. You we have a craftable weapon on there and then we do have the embargo date right at the bottom, which is august.

19Th, 4 p.m, cest, which i dont know off. The back of my head to eastern standard time, and now, if we go and flip it over, we have a nice little message. Maybe itll focus there. It is. You can go and see that for yourself and see exactly what it does say. If you didnt want to pause, it ill go and read it for you, of course, hello survivor. I was a night hunter and im gon na teach you how to survive in the city, be swift, be smart, dont get caught by the infected ive. Seen you youre, quick use that run jump, stick to the roof cobble, something together to defend yourself. Most importantly, do not hide in the dark for too long understood. The night is pretty tough, but i will help you tune in to gamescom studio this august to catch our dying to know gamescom edition, by the way my names hulkin. Look at that look at that are you excited. Are you excited? I mean like this is really cool im pretty satisfied with this. I i really do like the hat a lot. Should i change into the oh, no, the shirts, dirty. I cant change into it. Right now, im not gon na lie. This is a good way to stay fresh and to stay human huh. Look at that! One look at that, but uh yeah, a new dying to know episode at gamescom. I i dont know the dates of gamescom.

Let me google that real, quick, so gamescom 2021 starts on august 24th and it ends on august 26th. It goes from a tuesday to a thursday. Now, if i had to guess, i want to say, were going to get it on that thursday, just because the previous episodes that weve gotten have only been on thursday im putting my money on this coming out on august 26th, but wait for techland to further confirm The story but yeah thats everything that i have for you guys today. This is this – is really nice im slowly accumulating all the six pieces of my outfit, its great but anyways. Thank you all so much for watching this channel is doing amazing and you will all to thank for everything. I love you guys so much. I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you all so much for all the support. It really does go a long way. I can go and buy things like danny devito seriously, though. Thank you with all that said, stay fresh stay, human, have a good night and, more importantly, good luck.