Every innovation impacts our lives, but some innovations do much more than that. They transform our lives. One such innovation that has literally transformed lives is cellular mobile phones. The first ever cellular mobile call was made on 3rd april 1973 on the streets of new york. Martin cooper made the first ever call using a handheld cellular mobile device, which weighed more than one kilogram. It was 23 centimeters, long, 12.7, centimeter deep and 4.44 centimeter wide looked almost like a brick. This historic moment changed the way humans communicate in less than five decades. The device has transformed the way we live. Martin cooper was an engineer researcher and executive at motorola. The prototype of dynatac mobile phone was later mass produced by motorola during 1983.. It took almost 10 years for the first model, dynatac 8000 x, to hit the market. This model offered a talk time of 20 minutes and required 10 hours for a recharge coopers. Thought of a mobile was something that would represent an individual, so you could assign a number not to a place not to a desk not to a home but to a person. There were many companies working on making wireless telephones and cellular technology. Many companies had achieved to provide mobile services, but the devices were heavy and most of the companies focused on providing this technology in a car that allowed users to communicate while driving motorola team worked on making a handheld device without wires. This change of strategy made the difference.

The technologies in hardware and software have evolved ever since, and innovations have made the cellular mobile what it is today the smartphones emerged later to dominate the communication industry. Complementing to this, the internet helped mobile technology reach billions of users worldwide. The idea of making the device handheld and eliminating the wire to make it mobile is a classic example of tool. Eliminate in the functional innovation toolkit eliminate is a very powerful tool that can help generate radical ideas and create disruptive innovations. Once in an interview with martin cooper, he was asked: did you ever think the phone would ever be available to everyone to which martin cooper answered, and i quote? Well, we knew that someday everybody would have a cell phone, but it was hard to imagine that that would happen in my lifetime and now we have got almost 5 billion phones in the world. Wow encode one innovation, touching billions of lives do join us for the next interesting episode of inner frames till then stay safe and take care.